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the late spring leaves shudder outside,
the shutters rattle in the wind,
the sky the same grey as before.
my feet are covered in dirt, nails
grow long, untrimmed. i sharpened them
a little while ago, when i thought
a partner sat along my side.
they may have been the wind, un-licked
lips parted for a kiss present
wherever i stray with weak legs.
spring is closing before its--
my affection has stopped its
lingering for an imagined
life among my love. this is a
life where they hug my quiet sighing.
this is a curse because it repeats.

Programmer Deer sharing a code

In case you have csv files and due to events or just life need to organize or move things to the cloud

A regular csv file with Python can convert to Python language and you can manipulate data

CSV looks like this
1,United States,39,41,33,113
4,Great Britain,22,21,22,65

With dictwriter command in Python
import csv

medals_table = [
{'country': 'United States', 'gold': 39, 'silver': 41, 'bronze': 33, 'rank': 1},
{'country': 'China', 'gold': 38, 'silver': 32, 'bronze': 18, 'rank': 2},
{'country': 'Japan', 'gold': 27, 'silver': 14, 'bronze': 17, 'rank': 3},
{'country': 'Great Britain', 'gold': 22, 'silver': 21, 'bronze': 22, 'rank': 4},
{'country': 'ROC', 'gold': 20, 'silver': 28, 'bronze': 23, 'rank': 5},
{'country': 'Australia', 'gold': 17, 'silver': 7, 'bronze': 22, 'rank': 6},
{'country': 'Netherlands', 'gold': 10, 'silver': 12, 'bronze': 14, 'rank': 7},
{'country': 'France', 'gold': 10, 'silver': 12, 'bronze': 11, 'rank': 8},
{'country': 'Germany', 'gold': 10, 'silver': 11, 'bronze': 16, 'rank': 9},
{'country': 'Italy', 'gold': 10, 'silver': 10, 'bronze': 20, 'rank': 10},
def sort_key(d: dict) -> str:
return d['country']

columns = ['country', 'gold', 'silver', 'bronze', 'rank']

filename = 'country_medals.csv'
with open(filename,'w', encoding='utf-8', newline='') as output_file:
writer = csv.DictWriter(output_file, fieldnames=columns, extrasaction= 'ignore')
# for row in medals_table:
# writer.writerow(row)
writer.writerows(sorted(medals_table, key= sort_key))

Where the hash tags are you can take off the last line and it does it a different way on a separate file
you load a csv file and then create a Python file

Kid Sceptic

Help: Information on TEF Community for Fanlore Article

Hello! I am gathering information on The Endless Forest fan community to expand its Fanlore page. Seems there is plenty about it's history, but not a whole lot of community meta. So please, if you have some time consider answering a few questions for me! Especially if you have been a long-time TWF player. You may skip and answer questions at your leisure. Your responses may be used on the Fanlore page, either as direct quotes, snipped quotes (edited for brevity), or indirectly as footnotes. You are of course welcome to skip this all together and edit information onto the page yourself as well.

1. How long have you been playing on The Endless Forest?

2. What do you call your community? (For example, "Furry Fandom" for furries, "Creatures Community" for fans of the game Creatures, "Potterheads" for Harry Potter fans, etc)

3. Is there any unique terminology your community uses? (Example: "Hexies" is what the Petz fandom call game mods- this is unique to them)

4. How has the community changed from the early days to now?

5. What other places do you congregate to enjoy TEF's community/fandom? Other forums, websites, chatrooms?

6. Describe how roleplay functions in your community, and what it is about. Imagine you're explaining this to a newbie or outsider.

7. Have there ever been any major controversies in the community?

8. Would you say you are a "deer person?" If so, how do you see this as differing from other species-based communities? (Example: such as communities focused around lion characters, or around horse characters, etc)

9. Do you know anyone who has played TEF who has gone on to do something else note worthy? (Example: Ehtere making the Fawnlings ARPG in 2012)

10. Anything else interesting you'd like to say about the community or game?

March of the Winkies

Community service for a time became important around the twin gods. I would only observe. When no one was there theano deer would get in the crack between the twin gods and twirl as she explored the sculpted carvings on the ivory like figures. Then would do shake the booty dance with the tune and leave.

Sometimes upon coming back groups of deer with the red and white masks would be gathered and charge up the hill at the twin gods. Other groups of deer would gather around and watch. Like knights of old it seemed some infarction had happened and a long conversation went on with some pacing back and forth. Once in awhile the whole group would charge the twin gods. For weeks afterwards they would hang out with different masks around the twin gods like Romans during recreation between military campaigns just friendly, snatching up fawns and swaying in pairs and groups scattered across that plain.

After years and hours observing theano deer never did figure out why. For years it occurred regularly and was part of the play. Like mind control take over of which art philosophy will be in control. Most of us liked a smattering of all and theano deer would go to playground because it reminded her of the good part of India which for the moment has nearly ceased to exist or is in hiding. Art seems to be an issue there now. What once was shared so freely has been laid to rest. Some winters have no snow but after winter comes spring at some point.

At times hiding inside the rocks of the playground while viewing Harappa and Mojen Daro petroglyphs seem to help decipher symbols of an artist tribe long ago and a 5000 year history much of which is metaphorical and full of double innuendos. Dharma/karma cycle rapid. Hoping the deer there survive it.

Is art ever really lost? Those symbols maimed and destroyed does it ever appear again? Part of a cultures conscieness and identity so it rebirths for the era it reappears.

Lady Luck Readings: Landan's Tarot

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