Your sitting buddy, 21

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I'm back at home for the week, on an older computer that's having a bit of a hard time running TEF. So out of necessity I'll have to keep my deer kind of antisocial this week. I tried to run around and play and cast spells but it really slows things down...sorry to that deer who wanted me to help them with their set! Sad
So most of the time I'm around this week, I'll have to just park my deer in a pretty, isolated place. I don't mean to look like I'm ignoring you, but half the time my game's too slow to show anyone else emoting. You're welcome to sit with me though. I'll fill the time doing art or editing screenshots, probably. If you've got any nice screenies you want me to mess with, I'll see what I can do - I can't really take any myself right now. Laughing out loud
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sitting with Ephra is

sitting with Ephra is probably one of Kaoori's favorite things to do. <3

can you help me? i can't

can you help me? i can't start the game, i installed it downloaded it , gave my deer a name, and tried to set it up as my screensaver, but it didn't work! it wasn't there!
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I don't know if the game's

I don't know if the game's even set up to be used as a screensaver anymore! But there should be an icon on your desktop of a yellow leaf, and if you double click it that should start up your game. Smiling