Xylon's Diary: The First Days

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Day one wasn't exactly "interesting". I thought to myself, "I'm in a new place with many new deer to meet!" But of course, my failure at life got me lost in the forest within seconds. 8D So yes, wandering and wandering some more and I found what the deer in this area called the "playground". No one was there though, bummer. So I just sat on the biggest rock for the remaining hours of sunlight and went to sleep, hoping the next day would be better.

Day two, I wake up and wander around to get an idea of where things are when I walk in certain directions. It's like this forest's endless! Half an hour later, I walk to the pond, my new favorite area to just sit down and watch life pass by. It's a long while before anyone comes, but some fawns show up and invite me to play, and I gladly agree! We start dancing not too long after and some adult deer that are drinking from the pond come and join us; it lasted a while, too!

This was when I realized that people seem to have taken a liking to giving me flower crowns/hats. Yes, they're so manly. 8C After like 5 hats, I just gave up and took them; maybe it's some type of thing to identify who I am? But, after the dancing ended we just lied around, the perfect way to calm down. Why'd some have to leave? 8(

The rest of my day consisted of meeting different deer, just trying to make some friends, honestly. Some deer danced with me, others walked away when they didn't see me mooing for their attention, but most were very nice and came my way anyway. Some even stuck around when an awkward silence started.

Anyway, I hope to see the deer I met once again one day. I just hope they'll recognize me! If you've seen this name then you've probably met me.

(Sorry for no images in this one, but if I do any diary entries in the future, I'll be sure to include them.)

This was a very charming

This was a very charming read; I miss being a new player, sometimes ^^
The picto kinda looks like xC *found that hilarious*
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Thank you for reading! It's

Thank you for reading! It's nice that someone found my usually random writing interesting. And trust me, it's no fun being a newbie most of the time, since people still love putting flower hats on me. 8C

And yeah, I picked that picto specifically because of that. xD

Btw, I was loving the Magikarp in your sig. lol