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Memory's Diary

First entry- 13 October

Something, there's something there, in the back of my mind. Its lingering there... waiting.
How am I suppose to relax with it eating away at my thoughts? Even the butterflies hanging over my head, dancing in all their glory wont make it go away.

Everyday seems the same... I sit alone and watch the world go by, never feeling apart of it. Oh how I wish to be. Others pass me by usually without even a glance in my direction, I'm of no importance while they have their fun.

Strangers sit with me sometimes, we sit in complete silence, enjoying the fact we're not alone. Toughs are the best times, having someone to sit with, together both are lonelinesses gone. However they never stay long, maybe I'm boring? Oh how I long for a shadow, that will never wander from my side.

A trickle of wax is slipping its way down my forehead, a gift, a gift that made a smile grow on my face. The feeling was almost foreign, I couldn't remember the last time I had been happy. This was a gift of warmth and light, to keep me company. To comfort me while again I spend the night alone.


Yes, I got bored. Its a bit too short but I've got a lot of writers block at the moment. Also maybe its a bit depressing... well maybe I'll make her really happy in the future.
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Aww...poor Memory

Aww...poor Memory <3
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Yeah, it made me feel a

Yeah, it made me feel a little sorry for her when I was writing it ..... Shocked I'm such a cruel person! But... how to make her happy? Lol I think my crazy characters I've done in the past are much better then this. Haha they've actually made people laugh when reading about them. Oo maybe I should make one for TEF?
(Omg look at me twittering on)
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Lol well, my doe Nerri would

Lol well, my doe Nerri would love to play with Memory if she ever came across her...we love to play ^^
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Yes I'm sure she'd love that

Yes I'm sure she'd love that <3