Who To Bring Back...? (Interest Check of Sorts)

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So, I've been thinking that, with the new pictogram generation around the corner, there will probably be a good many new characters dawning. And, under such an atmosphere, there'd be no better time to try and revive and find some company for some of my older characters I've abandoned. So I thought I'd see who people would be most interested in seeing (possibly again).
For many of them, this would involve some sort of reboot, soft or hard depending on the circumstances, but...It likely wouldn't be too hard to manage. Our candidates are...

Faris A self-styled old-fashioned knight, self-proclaimed preux chevalier of the forest. Enthusiastic when confronted with battle, tries to be gentlemanly but is hot-blooded. Loves competition and sparring, and views his opponents as like brothers. Or sisters. He's not 100% sure about that part.

The Witch She may or may not have a name, but she's a vain, efotistical, megalomaniacal deer who specializes in shape-shifting spells and various pranking spellcasting. She views herself as a great evil witch, but... Given how easy it is to clear up magic in the forest, she's really more of a vague pest. This drives her nuts. Enthusiastic but easily frustrated, wearing her emotions of her sleeve.

Nimbus A cloud sort of 'possessing' a deer body, Nimbus is unfocused and has trouble emoting. He doesn't understand many aspects of fleshy life, but N's stuck with them. N's got sort of a weirdo perspective, going off on odd tangents and approaching things from strange angles. Nimbus likes flying around and following people.

Hyacinth Honestly, I don't like much of Hyacinth's original premise anymore, though some parts of it are still kind of interesting. A sort of "damaged innocent" character, much of her backstory will be thrown out or re-written to suit my feelings, so it's hard to say how she'll end up exactly. Probably sweet and jittery, though. She may or may not still be mute.

I'm not sure about this myself, but I figure other people's interest will help fuel my interest the best.


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Honestly, the only character

Honestly, the only character listed here I never interacted with is Nimbus. But I found all of them interesting. Whoever you choose to bring back, I'd be cool with it. =]
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I'm inclined to agree, but I

I'm inclined to agree, but I don't think I could handle them all being re-introduced at once, ha...
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I must admit, Nimbus sounds

I must admit, Nimbus sounds very interesting. My vote goes to the floating weirdo!
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Nimbus sounds fun ^^

Nimbus sounds fun ^^

.: My vote goes to Faris! But

.: My vote goes to Faris! But they all sound so interesting nngh
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