i really suck at making friends, I'll just see a group of deer someplace and I get to shy too talk to them.
I want to but I'm not really sure what to do. Sit? Stare? Hop around? I probably just feel a little nervous because I'm just a fawn right now and they've probably been here for yeaars.
Social anxiety lives on in my deer form

You're always welcome to sit

You're always welcome to sit with my deer. ^^

It can be daunting to

It can be daunting to interact with other deer! Although I don't have social anxiety, what I do to "warm up" when playing in the Forest is to start interacting with Nameless since they're less likely to be an experienced player, and then go onto fawns.
Playing and interacting with fawns and Nameless is not only fun, but the new players (or new characters!) get some experience with the Forest body language, along with you, so everybody benefits C:

Your deer is more than welcome to interact with mine! I'm mostly on Haroten and Emmy, so feel free to pop on over and say hello. If they're sitting down, I may be tabbed out of the Forest doing something else, so don't fret if that happens.
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As a fawn you can walk to any

As a fawn you can walk to any one and hop around , they don't mind .
They will know you are a new player .
You can come and hang around with my fly anytime you want Smiling
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I don't know what to do

I don't know what to do sometimes as well. The forest body language can only let you talk so much.
When I meet a group of deer, I usually don't hang back, but I don't bounce around and possibly annoy them. I bow as a greeting a lot of times, and then nod, tilt my head, dance, or rear up whenever I think I need to. Body language gets simpler as you go along, and because I admittedly roleplay my deer with a voice and everything, I can imagine an entire conversation, though it can be choppy. Smiling
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Hey, its okay sometimes its a

Hey, its okay sometimes its a little hard to confront others. I understand that. You are more than welcome to say hello to him.

Yes, I found the body

Yes, I found the body language a bit confusing! I think I'm slowly getting the hang of it, though. I'll keep what you said in mind. Smiling

Yes, thank you!

Yes, thank you!