wandering heart [complete]

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"The doe lept into the Endless Forest pond.
That was all that was known that day. She had left the forest,
free from her purpose and burdens to find the lost pieces of herself,
passing through a portal at the bottom of the murky pond."

15th July 2012. 10:11am.

For a small moment, the only sounds heard by the doe were murky nuances, flowing like the gentle turn of water. Colours that filled the does eyes were soft pastel blurs with gentle rippling edges. This place was calm and still, like a blur between worlds and planes, and it was within the clear pond that the doe stayed submerged. Once afraid of bodies of water, now embracing it. Ravenflight remained at the bottom of this pond for some time, but it was not the forest pond for she had passed through it. This pond was clear and free of dark corners that the doe had learned very well and through its body she gazed at the sky above. Ravenflight had held her breath for some time, reluctant to pass through. She had passed through many gates in her time and in another time and place would be known as gate-walker. Whenever a gate was crossed, turmoil would await at the other side. The doe was old and very very tired, but as a free doe, she could make her own choices and be held responsible for her own turmoil, and it was in this way that the doe was liberated. Ravenflight was eager to make a journey to find the pieces of herself, and it was within this out-world pond that she would find the first.

Ravenflight's heart slowed into a meditative state as her lungs did their best to hold on to the precious air. She reveled in the ambiguous ambiance and closed her eyes, smiling to herself. The cool touch of the water surrounded her very being and she reflected on many things. Her mind drifted back to the friends she had left behind. She thought back to her tattered heart, her hiding tiger. Even though Ravenflight seemed strong, she was afraid to let go. She hid in the thought that Rajan would come back, and that he would be there, but he was not. And sure enough, the doe would find her heart adrift in a pond in a forest she came to know.

She opened her eyes now and with a powerful thrust of her legs she flung herself out of the pond, beads of water parting from her side. The cold air touched at her wet fur and she gasped for every ounce of precious air. She had emerged to a small forest, lit with dapples of golden light and clumps of ancient trees as old as the fairy. Ravenflight stepped forward, looking at her hooves. She halted, noticing the change in her colouring. The doe walked back to the edge of the pond to see herself staring back. Feathers of Lady Amherst pheasants now crowned her head and she had gentle stripes of a tiger. Tears filled her eyes as she saw her scars had faded; shreds of herself that were stolen had now returned.

The doe reared up and laughed with delight, trotting towards the ancient glen. Her heart was weightless and the sins of the past were washed away. She smiled, carefree, and walked into the thick undergrowth making her own path.

The first piece;
Freedom was found on the 15th of July 2012.

"The doe lay resting in the afternoon warmth
on the edge of the ancient glen. Curled amongst field plants
she let her mind wander to times long past
as light and dust danced together making illusions."

5th August 2012. 4:03pm.

"I will always love you"

She could not answer.

They stood atop the sunny hill, the dusky warmth gently dancing off her pelt of blue, the auburn hues highlighted in her plumage. The atmosphere was almost falsified; the sky was too colourful, the sun far too warm, it was all too perfect and for a doe as old as she, such perfections were a farce. His tiger eyes stared to her own and in the back of her mind, scenes of youth played out almost theatrically in her head; The tale of two star-crossed lovers who could not live without each other, and both sacrificed themselves to be together. The old doe scoffed at the scenes, such young notions far fetched from reality. The doe had experienced first hand the nature of such love, and she knew that no matter how much she tried, Rajan would always hide. He was her tiger and stripes were made for hiding. The pair remained standing on the hill for some time, simply staring, his golden eyes determined and hers simply drifting past him.

"Do you love me?"

"For years I had loved you. But that was a long time ago."

Suddenly the dreamlike atmosphere shattered and Rajan faded from view. The doe was alone in the false field; the temperature began to drop and colours began to subdue. Ah. Pain, this was a feeling the doe knew well. Suddenly, things became realistic and at once the doe was roused from her daydream at the drop of rain. Ravenflight had been travelling for many days through the ancient glen where she arrived, and had finally reached the other side, where a great plain stretched out before her. Her muscles ached and the doe was weary from her pathless wanderings. Slowly, she got to her feet and set out through the plains as the rain began to fall, creating a mist that obscured the distance. The doe wandered in reflection of her years with others. Many times when she was younger the doe was subject to her wandering heart, always giving it but never having it taken. It had been taken once, but the doe refused to be bound to a being who was no longer here. For months Ravenflight had waited for him, wondering where he would go and when he would return, hanging on to some small sliver of hope that they were always to be together. But it would never be, and now it was her time to end it, no longer would the doe be subject to a caged heart. Perhaps in worlds beyond this, there would be a stag that would wait for her. Perhaps she knew him all along? Time could only tell, and she was not going to wait on it.

Ravenflights gaze turned hard and she took off into the mists, heading eastward to where the sea was.

She was done
and Ravenflight and Rajan were over.

The second piece;
Heart was found on the 5th of August 2012.

"Ravenflight reached the seaside,
galloping along its foreign shores before
racing into the deep surf
and vanishing."

12th September 2012. 6:13pm.

Play and Read Along.

The final piece;
Choice was found on the 12th of September 2012.

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This will be updated over

This will be updated over time. I wanted to do some writing about Ravenflights small journey. First image is by Mothtail on deviantART!
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I love her new look.

I love her new look.
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Thankyou <3

edit. Fixed the music player too..
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Track track track. Mah, it

Track track track. Mah, it will be lovely to hear about her journey and the text you've already written is wonderful. Can't wait to see more!

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OH the art here is lovely and

OH the art here is lovely and I love the look of this page.

Definite track Laughing out loud
You do not have a soul. You ARE a soul. You have a body.
~ C.S. Lewis
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This is simply lovely... and

This is simply lovely... and Mothtail's art is very gentle and beautiful.

tracking this.
Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo

This writing and css is

This writing and css is wonderful.
I'll be staying tuned for sure.
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Eeeeeeee thanks guys

Eeeeeeee thanks guys <3
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What a beautiful image!

What a beautiful image! Loving this so far, can't wait to read more c:
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I loove the light colors you

I loove the light colors you picked for this.. And your writing style is really good too, keeps my attention. Love her new design btw. Excited about this!
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Dag: It is beautiful isn't

Dag: It is beautiful isn't it? Ah thank you C: I cant wait to write more. <3
Mis: Ahh Im glad that people can access the writing, its something I always worry about. <3

Second chapter added.
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Whee, more! So glad I decided

Whee, more! So glad I decided to check in randomly on my phone, haha. I've been listening to Florence and the machines 'Ceremonials' a lot recently and the album reminds me of Ravenflight for some reason. She's all... raw ethereal whimsy and coolness, but still very real and relatable in the way you write about her. I'm liking this blog a lot (:
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Ooohh, tracking. I'm loving

Ooohh, tracking. I'm loving the colors of this blog.
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Oh my this is a wonderful.

Oh my this is a wonderful.
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Dag; me too! I have a

Dag; me too! I have a playlist that has all my 'Ravenflight' music and most of florences stuff is on there. I really do relate her well to a lot of her music and voice (even though she has a cute voice already), like her soul? IDK. IF HER LIFE HAD A VOICE, it would be florence. Hahahaha.
Im glad you are, and glad to hear she is relatable. <3

Okami; Thanks!

Teffy; thankyou!


Image credits, in order of appearance;
Mothtail, Datick & Apeldille

Thankyou guys!

I've been keeping an eye on

I've been keeping an eye on this for a while.

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Glad to see her home. (:
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I forgot to end my bold,

I forgot to end my bold, whoopsies...

fixed c:

Thanks Lung, it means a lot <3

bit of a bump too...
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This looks so good butbut I

This looks so good butbut I need to go to work now fffff. I'll be back to comment in 10 hours 8] love the images, anyway :3


The images are even more perfect now I can sit and read along to the song! Which is beautiful by the way. You always make great song choices to go with your work XD me gusta. So is this it for Ravenflight? Finito? Because if so I like how her story has "ended", in blog form at least. Accepting where she's meant to remain with her life, without having to struggle for it anymore.

I've said it 10 times over I'm sure, but fuck do I love her new design. She's so prettyyyy.
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Oh wow, that was wonderful..

Oh wow, that was wonderful.. Great work. The song is perfect too. ;;
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Dag: Aaahhh thankyou

Dag: Aaahhh thankyou <3 I must say, I was inspired by your Spring 11 blogs, the merging of RL images and forest as well as drawings is really effective. Its "crisp" (CHIIIPS)
In terms of major plot and bloggy things, yes <3 Thats it for her. Shes here. Unhindered and free. Im glad you get that sense from this, I was worried it wasn't quite translating.

That isnt to say Ill stop making things surrounding Ravey, she will always be inspiring to me and Ill always make blogs for pivotal moments in her life to come, whenever they may be C:

Starling: Thankyou lovely <3
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Hee, Ravey! Good to see her

Hee, Ravey! Good to see her back. And awesome stuff as always, I love how you do these. wonderful work.

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This turned out so pretty

This turned out so pretty ♥. Love how the images flow into eachother!
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Thanks guyyys

Thanks guyyys <3333