A Very Brief Recap

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Starting somewhere around New Year's, Bell was in love with all of the flowers and mushrooms.

After waking up to find the Forest had been gifted with a makeover, Bell ran to the nearest set of tulips and tried to be as picturesque as possible- moo pretty! There were many dance parties beneath the wide brims of mushrooms and it seemed no one was in a bad mood. Had it already been three months since she arrived in the forest?

One of her favorite activites, so long as she is mindful of her boundaries, Bell and Demon Gazelle danced the day away atop the pond. She fought the urge to laugh, for she knew that it would be her literal downfall, but it was hard! Fawns and stags alike were succumbing to the magic-ripping powers of the pond in their attempts to mimic the pair.

Through a fit of spell casting, Bell found herself with the bright 'tiger' pelt, and trotted right over to a stag with a matching one. She sniffed him, perhaps they were related? But the moment was ruined as he went to stand. She quickly reverted back to her former self, identity crisis avoided.

More pond dancing! But this time, Bell played the part of the audience. Though, she did join Cyric for a few moments, she thought it was safer behind the makeshift barrier. She joined the other stag behind the fallen tree, and they watched in silent amusement while other deer hopped into place on top of the pond, once they figured things out.

Red. Bell woke up to find the forest quiet and dim, while thoughts of danger lurked in her mind. There were few deer about, and the eerie silence got to be almost too much. This day in the forest reminded her of her short days as a fawn, during the midst of the Day of the Dead festivities. However pretty, the undertone of something amiss never quite left her.

With no other deer to play with, Bell turned to the lightning bugs, allowing them to chase her through the flower patch while she taunted them with a friendly hoof. Maybe it was just the comfort of something light around, but she amused herself with the friendly things for quite a while.

Montage over!
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It looks like she is trying

It looks like she is trying to smoosh the firefly in the last picture. xD

-Valero, BTW-
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I'm a fan of the mushrooms

I'm a fan of the mushrooms myself. Smiling
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Quad sat next to you two at

Quad sat next to you two at one point at the pond because he is afraid of the deep water.