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oh hai

Apparently I have a habit of forgetting about TEF until winter comes around. Any oldies still about? I bought myself a fabula new computer soooo I'm going to test the forest out Laughing out loud
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Big Zombie Deer Etiquette, lest we forget!/bump'd

It's that time of the year again!! And as a TEF oldie I can shake my cane at you wippersnappers and suggest a few things. Namely, when dealing with the BDZ, it is much appreciated if you cast your respective spells and then remove yourself from his immediate side if other deer are trying for spells. Too much crowding means spells go array and while sometimes this is fun, I think that those fellows around the big guy have the same goal in mind as you do. To put it simply, take turns, or something.

And fawns, I hold you especially accountable! The Halloween season is a great time to learn more about the forest, but even the young and naive need to learn the rules of respect Smiling!

/end short rant.

and some pretty zombie scenes for the sake of showing them off!

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The Return of Bell (image heavy~)

So since about Friday or so I've been trying to remember to grab some screenshots of the fun I've been having so far! Unfortunately, I forget a lot because I'm distracted by emote mashing or pretty forest noises or otherwise. STILL! I think I've done a decent job. And now, to narrate!

After marvelous misadventures in the ways of spell casting, Bell had Quamar to thank in returning to her original pelt. The stunted antlers, the old gold fur and the crack whore voice of a mask were the ingredients fit for a grand romp around the ruins. And, nothing was complete without dancing! Bell found herself playing conductor, but with so many new faces her usually bubbly self seemed overloaded. No worries, she was soon joined atop her pedestal for some help from the recently introduced!

Sometime later, days infact, Bell found herself in the midst of a rut-riddled forest (and I definitely have a short story for that, later). Seeking feminine comforts, she opted for a more rambunctious set in the hopes of attracting some stud or another, or maybe she just wanted to show off. Whatever the case, Bell was quickly immersed in her fellow peacock-flaunting fellows. They all quickly learned that the bright turquoise and gem greens looked best when paired with the stark contrast of the Devout pelt, and spell casting ensued!

Lately, Bell had seldom found herself in the comfort of old friends but on one such night, this wouldn't be the case. The original doe, if you will, was quickly discovered by a very enthusiastic Bell. She and 21 (Ephra now?! I'm behind) attracted some fawns, but Bell had to retire early.

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Much Needed Introductions!

Hunchback is a fawn. When Hunchback grows up, he'll be an awkward stag, or something. Think Quasi.

Drew's a stag. I need to gather up some spelldata to get him all fixed up!

Bell's a doe. She's been my most active since I've come back. She likes gold pelts and the peacock and "doe" antlers and the real deer mask, even if it makes her sound like a chain smoker.

Feline's having an identity crisis. Blah, Feline.

Elphaba is a fawn. She'll be quiet and a little mean and a little off-standish. When she grows up, she'll certainly like the dragon pelt and the magpie mask, though knowing her, she'll grow a grand set of antlers just because she can. Definitely going to be a well-used character.

I'll add more later!
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Newwww deer

I'm sort of on a wicked kick right now.. so.. I'm going to make a little fawn and name her Elphaba and when she grows up she'll enjoy things of the green taste Smiling

Now, to find an appropriate pictogram!
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Holy crap, it's been like two years- almost, since I've been in TEF.

I'm sorry!

I was reading my old blog posts and sadly, I don't remember half the deer I mentioned, I'm awful.

Sooo here's the beginning of my excuses! First and foremost, WORLD OF WARCRAFT. I've been a naughty night elf. In my defense, they have very pretty graphics and even some deer! Except.. generally the goal is to kill said deer...... umm. I'm also starting college in four days, so I probably chose a really inconvenient time for myself to come back, heh. I can assure you, I'll be fighting with my procrastination demon to decide between writing a paper or frolicking in mushroom circles and making new friends.

I was in the forest a little bit this morning, switching between my, erm, four deer. I made a new little fawn, Hunchback, whose pictograph does, indeed look like a hunchback Smiling!. There is Bell, of course, my tricky little doe, my first deer under the account Drew, named after myself though he is a stag by all means necessary. And finally, there's Feline, seldom used and sort of a secret, his/her, it's, rather, pictogram looks like a laying cat to me. I'm sort of in a stag mood, so I'll probably be using Drew for my romps. His pictogram is like a tree with a backwards L in it, if I remember.

I tried logging in last night but I got some funky error message so I ran around unnamed. I saw 21! But everyone else is a stranger. Sad day!

In less fun news, I work this evening, but I might be on later. /end of ridiculous update.
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So today is my seventeenth birthday! I started the morning by logging onto Bell and asisting Run with getting her adult pelt, congrats to her for growing up, too!

Bell was very excited to see the snow and mushrooms, almost like it was a special occassion, ha.

I got my cartiledge pierced Laughing out loud it's very red.

Ehe. Anyway! I'm going out for the night, so have fun in the forest.
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C'mon Magic Mushrooms

Bell and Vala are currently engrossed in a mushroom circle, mini deer is the goal.

Vala's got hers, but she's being extremely patient with Bell who can only seem to attain the shapes of forest critters. Think small, Bell, just not that small!

This blog will put my nuzzle points at 95, I'm excited. However!, I can't tell where I'm at, rank-wise, because the players list now goes by recent log ins. Woe.

I also doodled a little picture of Bell using her avatar on the forums as reference. I'm.. attempting to make it into pixel art, but jpeg keeps blurring everything and I don't have the patience to do it all in one shot :(~, yes that's drool.

Also, I dropped a can on my nail at work and now it's a slightly purple tinted color and hurts when I type. Thankfully, I've mastered chicken pecking and only use it occassionally :B, but it's still super painful whenever I use to it backspace and hit enter.


EDIT!; Two seconds after posting this, Bell got mini-ed. Also, I decided to screw pixeling because it takes too long, so down below is a very rough outline of Bellll, based on her forum avatar. Excuse the bad art, I took all of five minutes to draw it, lol :,(

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Forgive, Forget

Bell was sorely unhappy to find that she wouldn't be able to make the Abiogenesis. At the moment her eyes are glued to the forum, feasting on all of the screen shots and giving me the occassional glare.

I had to work tonight, my time anyway, and I'm sad to admit that the occassion didn't even cross my mind as I dealt with soccer moms and their $200 grocery loads >.>

So I convinced my mom to let me stay up a while longer, despite finals tomorrow, so Bell's going to see if there's any after parties and pick her way around empty beer bottles and the such. Maybe Watermelon and Ghost aren't passed out.
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A Very Brief Recap

Starting somewhere around New Year's, Bell was in love with all of the flowers and mushrooms.

After waking up to find the Forest had been gifted with a makeover, Bell ran to the nearest set of tulips and tried to be as picturesque as possible- moo pretty! There were many dance parties beneath the wide brims of mushrooms and it seemed no one was in a bad mood. Had it already been three months since she arrived in the forest?

One of her favorite activites, so long as she is mindful of her boundaries, Bell and Demon Gazelle danced the day away atop the pond. She fought the urge to laugh, for she knew that it would be her literal downfall, but it was hard! Fawns and stags alike were succumbing to the magic-ripping powers of the pond in their attempts to mimic the pair.

Through a fit of spell casting, Bell found herself with the bright 'tiger' pelt, and trotted right over to a stag with a matching one. She sniffed him, perhaps they were related? But the moment was ruined as he went to stand. She quickly reverted back to her former self, identity crisis avoided.

More pond dancing! But this time, Bell played the part of the audience. Though, she did join Cyric for a few moments, she thought it was safer behind the makeshift barrier. She joined the other stag behind the fallen tree, and they watched in silent amusement while other deer hopped into place on top of the pond, once they figured things out.

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