Commission for Hellsbells.


Commission for Alcinda.

new here + art!

Hey there! I go by fedya, and I use to play this game a lot some years ago! Recently remembered it and decided to check it out again, and I’m glad to see it’s still going! The community here seems very nice Smiling

The art is just something I did of the barn owl pelt, since it’s very pretty!
(+ my pictogram looks like a snake getting ready to bite something, which is really cool!)

Hope everyone here has been having a great week! <3

oc ref redraws

i don't remember how but -i guess i never did forget about my tef oc, but i came up with downloading game again and nostalgia hits me OOF since it's been around 5yrs of being inactive... gotta say it's really nice to see that tefc is actually alive, seeing familiar faces gives me serotonin lol enough of this speech i guess. in conclusion i think i'll forever be tefc member lol just how much love i have for it...
well anyways here is redraws of my characters cain and sara, maybe i should somewhat rethink them yk...


I packed all my deer friends into suitcases and went to hang out with Piaf.


Commission for Ahinna as a gift to Sapphire!
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Here is an ink drawing I made for a lithograph project. This is dedicated to my precious friend, Koronix, the Wintry Spirit. I hope she will come back again soon.

Rothane, the White Stag

my bebe

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Morda &
ft. glowfrog
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