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Happy Angelic Noises

comes out from lurking

Some art I did for Malakh's birthday feat Jehoel and Eliel

Eliel being the murderhappy Ophanim that they are

goes back to lurking
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and after that, the upwards fall

we'll be angels after all

comes back several months late with zave's adult design
should really make him like, a blog
with updates

but, yknow, im lazy, so i'll just keep drawing him instead
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Art after being away a long time

Haven't been here in a couple years, and I finally have some time to redownload and enjoy some endless forest! So was inspired to do some art of my second deer Esheia.
I couldn't find the original art of her sadly but she's definitely changed. Next I'll have to redraw my first deer sometime. exciting to read and hear about second decade! So great to see the community is going strong, super looking forward to see what the future holds!
See you all in the forest and take care! Smiling

fun times

I had a fun time today
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artblog! requests closed

Disclaimerthis page may contain gore art, but i'll hide and tag them with TW!

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who is bacc?


upd: i don't know why i can't add new comment, but thank you all Twisted
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The emo not-so-much-a kid anymore

A rough ref for current Corvus
...minus his mask cos lazy
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Curtain of night

Hey guys. S'been a while since the last drawing.

Here's a gift for forgetmenot, Titilayo into her sphinx form.

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In Grace

image heavy

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