Fjara resting amdist foxtails, alongside the playground; it's sunny, and his favorite place.

A gift for Friend

Sorry I disappeared! I hope you weren't too lonely and made lots of friends in the forest. It was fun playing together. Take care, friend!


Commission for Ahinna!

Opal is growing up!

Rather than illustrating the immediate jump to adulthood, im settling for the process of growing antlers and experimenting with spells while Opal goes on the journey of discovering himself that we all do as we age! I experiment with allot of different software and brushes so forgive me for my art possibly being inconsistent! and thank you for the kindness on my last doodle !


My friends called him Opal! I dont know what he will grow to be, but we will see soon enough


Commission for Zehnya!


Commission for Sapphire!


Commission for Tzvii!

schlorp schlorp

tw eyestrain


left fawnhood behind and still not sure what they should look like
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