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My character (fawn)

I wanted it to look like the painting I did .But I'm limited by the digital >.< , that's why I only get to make a sketch. I will gradually move forward
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Seirios ~ Overgrown [WIP]

A WIP of my spindle leg boy c: No mask. Need to take a bit of a break from it. Not sure if WIP's are acceptable but once it's finished I'll delete this one and post the finished version. This is just kind of a test for now! Thoughts and feelings are encouraged! c:

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Hungry, Hungry Hekate [image heavy]


I've no idea how people make these amazing character bios but I can make a sleepy 5am drawing of my character, at least! He's still little, so he doesn't have a lot of pretty colors and whatnot yet. He likes wearing flowers, though!
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A time that never was...

random babe that needs a name

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Fallen Beast

Blood Warning.
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I did not make the art, obviously. But this is pretty much the idea I have for Upkiv's future appearance.
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Cydae Reference Sheet

After... five years she has a reference. B)
I don't procrastinate at all.
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expressions of a sad boi

I doodled these awhile ago, and decided that this would make a pretty decent ref even if they're just dooodles. i tried to capture his ANGST AND SADNESS but also his cocky sass side. hopefully it worksssss.
im like pretty happy with how it came out tho tbhhhhhhhhhh

and i animated one woowee
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