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Rannie Concepting

i'm brand spankin' new, so i'm still concepting my first deer, Temperance ;w;
honestly i'm a bit out of practice drawing human faces and i almost never draw deer, so this was pretty educational for me. for his design i wanted very warm colors and for his face to have that new hipster aesthetic of, like, gay lumberjacks with man-buns and a starbucks coffee. while i really like his neck fluff and back(the speckles are so cute!) i'm very unsure about keeping his fawn coat color on his legs once he's a stag. i also haven't included a mask here, simply because every time i put one on him it didn't look right...?
if anyone has any constructive criticism or ideas/tips for Rannie's design, feel free to let me know. thank you for looking at my art !
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Adult Dragomir Concept

Don't know if I'll keep this specific design but here it is anyway ~o3o~
featuring the crystal necklace Helmut made for him
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[ X X I I I ]

[ 0 6 / 2 4 ]
[ c h a r a c t e r ]
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Pretty red lady concept!

New deer! I know have two already, and a third I want to make, but I really like her.

She needs a name, and I cannot for the life of me think of anything.

I also need to fix the colors and make them better, and clean up everything, but I am happy with the concept a lot.

Possible names:

Progress Here!
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exactly the kind of terrible idea

hello, friends. i am not sure if this is a viable rp character (not sure who'd interact with her, haha),
but this is richard. her head changes sometimes. it happens!

i'm totally done with my doodle spree now. |D
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muddy boy

he is a star-nosed mole. his momma told him he's very special.

(i wonder if he should have claws on his hind legs, too?)
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it's been a little while! ♡ here's a small warm-up.
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concept for my OOC character that i now love too much
I haven't decided on the flowers? Ipomoea for sure but i might change it to night-blooming species
the Kabuki antlers always remind me of these flowers aa
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Vidente reference

I've had this sketched for some time now but I avoided posting it because I actually wanted to make a proper ref/bio, but this will do for now!

much thank to Archangelus for the picto and inspiration for the design
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