Suggestions for an OOC character...

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So I decided to create an OOC character. He will be based off of an old friend of mine, someone very special to me before I came to TEF and met Quad.

His name is Victor and he is a goat plush I found at a thrift store many years ago. Whether it was destiny or just chance that I found him, I will never know...

I was walking toward the back of the store where the toys and things were at when a lady that worked there was putting stuffed animals on the shelves. I saw her put a goat on the pile and walk away. He immediately caught my eye, and I quickly took him.

Ever since then, goats had become my favorite animals, and Victor was my protector. I even wrote old stories about him. Here's a brief summary, along with some other stuff after:

He was born mute, and after finding a Native American shaman, he was given healing powers. He was eventually captured and taken to a testing facility (I named it "Diamond Labs" after the company that made him, Diamond Toys), where he was a subject to cruel tests. Due to his own healing ability, he would recover from the experiments, but still would suffer. Kind of ironic that Quad is much like that too.

I never wrote the stories but that was the gist of it. He met a female goat at the facility, who had also met the Native American shaman and was given her own healing powers, and the two of them attempt to break out, only to be easily caught and made an example of. They are both about to be killed when the military discover the cruel testing that was going on and halt their plans. The two goats' powers are eventually discovered, and they have a happy ending by being able to heal the sick together at hospitals.

I used to collect a lot of artwork of him back when I played Gaia Online...

Such as this
yes, he is pooping in this one
And one where he's standing by my Gaia character

and even got a few anthro versions...

Such as this one
And this one (the hair was based on my Gaia character's hair)

And yes, he is named after Victor the goat from the cartoon show Ed, Edd, n Eddy

So you may be wondering, "Wait, Quad! I thought you liked deer! What's with all the goats?" Well finding Victor at that store sparked my interest in goats, and eventually deer. I still love goats, especially going to zoos and getting to feed them.

Anyway, enough rambling...I'd like Victor to become my OOC character for TEF. I'll keep my cervi pictogram for him. I just need help designing him. What set do you think would look most like my goat plush? I'm using this at the moment to think of possibilities.

If I can, I'd really like to stray away from using the real deer mask. But I'm not sure what mask would that may be tricky.

Thanks for any help guys. I'll eventually have a bio for him.
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You could probably use the

You could probably use the orca mask and antlers. The two together reminded me of a goat when I first saw them (which inspired Scape's name Laughing out loud ). And the brown and tan deer pelt seems closest to his fur pattern.
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Thoughts so far... Masks -

Thoughts so far...

Masks - antelope; no mask
Pelts - real deer with tan belly; kabuki; noh; argus
Antlers - ram
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I used to have a goat as a

I used to have a goat as a fursona type thing eue

aaanyway hmm

Antelope pelt
orca antlers
whistling mask? Noh mask? Maskless?
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mhmm...I thought about the

mhmm...I thought about the antelope pelt too. But I thought it looked a little too light, where the real deer pelt fit him really close to his colors. The orca antlers look nice on him though, and I did consider both the orca mask as well as the whistling mask.

I may have to try them out in-game sometime and see what seems to fit the best. Thank you for the suggestions!

Edit -

I tossed him in-game for now, if anyone's passing by the Pond and see a deer with this picto sitting by a tree, please feel free to give him a spell or two. Don't feel like you have to get him the exact set, anything will do for now while I'm trying to decide what he should wear. Thanks guys XD

I think this is a great idea.

I think this is a great idea. I love goats! 8D
I think either the orca mask or whistling mask would look good.

I hope to see him around Eye
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Guess I should start taking

Guess I should start taking votes Eye

The other thought I had ~ Is he a real goat...or is he himself as a plush animal?

He's in the Forest right now sitting by a tree at the Pond if anyone doesn't mind giving him a spell or two.
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I really like #2. And I

I really like #2. Smiling

And I would make him a real goat, based off of the plush, but that's entirely up to you.

Numbah 4! 8D

Numbah 4! 8D
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Alright Syon got me the #2

Alright Syon got me the #2 set, which looked really good. But then Alinaquil came by and gave him the ram/kirin antlers, and they actually look pretty good with the brown and tan real deer pelt and the orca mask.

So I'm absolutely stuck on what antlers to pick. I like them both.

So a vote please!

Real deer pelt, orca mask, orca antlers?


Real deer pelt, orca mask, ram antlers?

Kirin!!! 8D

Kirin!!! 8D

Orca antlers look more

Orca antlers look more goat-like to me, so that would be my vote.
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Orca. Smiling
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Decided on the orcas. So

Decided on the orcas. So he's wearing the #2 set above.

Thank you all for the help! I'll make him a bio real soon Eye