Sterre's Diary 4 - Scared

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She is:

Rather confused.

Of being a big deer.

I feel big!

The snow is quite pretty.

I got on top of the mushroom!

… I had this.. Dream…

I don’t.. Know…

We had fun that day.

Big group!

Weird day…

I did something wrong…

And some chatting:

”Well I grew bigger once again! Now I can look others in the eyes. Cool huh? They all keep saying I look pretty, so I think I do.
It was night there. It looked like a dream, that place. Virgil was there too, later. Was I dreaming? I watched the stars there, up the hill Virgil sleeps at.
It was peacefull there.

I got on top of a mushroom!

The other night I slept. I dreamed of stars, and rain, and of being alone. But of being in company, too. But it was cold. Alone. I did not recognize myself in that dream. I do not know if I was me.

When I woke up I saw a figure in the distance. And then I got scared… I don’t know.. I can’t explain.

Hm… But the other day I found Otis asleep with Trees.. So we played a little, a group came. Zach, a doe named Ammy, Ourania. It was fun!

The next day was fun too. I was playing with Virgil, whom walked to a big group of deer! So I joined and played with them. Mostly does, but they were nice. I noticed Virgil had a bit of an issue with some big stag with red horns and a skull on his face. I thought they were playing..
And then suddenly, the big stag turned his antlers on me, and as I wanted to get away Virgil’s antlers were on my other side..

I escaped and Waarhijd followed me.. I didn’t know he was angry with me. But she said it was an accident.. Still I didn’t want him near.. The big stag neither but they all followed! They kept following! He was going to hurt me I was sure!

..After a while they left me.. Virgil came back and said sorry. The big stag didn’t return again..

What is wrong in the forest?”


The stag Virgil was fighting with was Gustiro <3

Awwww Poor sterre.

Awwww Poor sterre.<33

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Dream. We still feel really


We still feel really bad about that fighting incident.. Poor Sterre...

*gasp* Poltergeist is a

*gasp* Poltergeist is a ghost! D: Huh, how ironic...
I find it kind of funny that her art skills don't seem to have improved much. |3

I love the second and third screenshots. ♥
And the one of Polt is neat, too.

*JUST got around to

*JUST got around to commenting on this, pfft sorrysorry* *shot*
I'm sorry that Sterre seems to be having some not-so-fun times. D: But that picture with Sterre on the mushroom is quite adorable~!

*is unusually curious about her nightmare...*
And geeze, what was up with that deer? D: Glad to see Sterre is alright, though. What a meanie butt-face. D<

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I like, Sterre is really a

I like, Sterre is really a beautiful doe (: Gnh, the dream <3

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