Some Silly Things

Hello again. I just wanted to share some silly sketches I drew today. I may add more in the future. Enjoy.

This screenshot is from the day that I came back to the forest, a month ago as of yesterday I just realised (18/11/22 was when the above screenshot was taken). I believe the player with me is Pink. Thank you for helping me decide on a pelt! The result of our silly spell-fest ended up being Turi, so I am happy for that.

The endearing capiteux, mid-hop in the forest.

Lastly for now, here is Piaf as a bunny. Whenever I see her design I imagine her mane as a rabbit's dewlap (fluffy chest), and it always gives me a chuckle.
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Oh my god, ahahah, making me

Oh my god, ahahah, making me blush again, you have such lovely lines, I'm already instantly in love with that style q-q
Regarding Piaf's fur, yes, I think if she had a favorite animal to transform, it would be a big fat rabbit.
As it is, her muff is a big bottomless tuft of fur in which more than one unfortunate soul has been lost...

these are very fun! thank you

these are very fun! thank you for sharing them

MariaCanker: getting lost in downy dewlap doesn't sound like such a bad thing, ha ha!
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@capiteux Haha, then you're

Haha, then you're welcome to get lost in her mane as much as you want, if anything, just run the signal rocket and you'll be rescued ~

Yes to the silly. I like the

Yes to the silly.

I like the take on the tef deer anatomy. Looks true to the source, but a touch more regal. Until I notice the wild manes and the fun faces. Wonder where they got that static electricity charge, and I think they're wondering, too.

This mix of sharp and soft curves fits cap's curious personality, imo. Plus I appreciate the brush-like texture of those feathers.

Didn't think there were animals with built-in pillows (besides monkeys). Nature is lazy. Bun Piaf is the ultimate laze, there.

@MariaCanker I liken it to


I liken it to an endless void of fluff.


Of course.


I can only imagine where you have gotten your take of "regal" from, haha. And yes, I am known for my electric-shock fur style, it is always fun to draw. You can never go wrong with a bit of added fluff, anyhow.

Now that you mention it, yes, the lines are quite curious aren't they. I tried to capture the fluid movement of being mid-leap, so maybe it came from there.

"I can only imagine where you

"I can only imagine where you have gotten your take of "regal" from"
The general shape/weight distribution of those bodies reminds me of lions and those are considered regal-looking by most. The manes may've also played their part, now that I think of it.