The silver doe [Shika] with a golden heart

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Physical oooooooooo oooooooooo Psyche


Feeling: curious, relaxed, asleep.

Ventured upon a small herd of deer, and joined in on the fun for a moment. She observed a strange, lonesome creature near the river statue. Shika interacted with him in a reserved manner; he seemed to be introverted and disliked any sudden movement from her. He was finally able to approach her, so she invited him to lie down. Perhaps she encouraged the situation because of her own weakness of loneliness.

Awakened by the beautiful calls of fawns. Shika was perplexed to see so many around; however, their presence brought her joy. Unexpectedly, a deer came forward, raising their hooves to Shika. Shika became angry, and tried to scare off this deer. It was made clear that they must go.
The fawns went on their way, and Shika found her new friend, Kerosene, near the pond. She lied down next to him, then drifted off to sleep peacefully.

Shika awakened in the evening and began to travel. She greeted a few deer but they did not want to stay around. After walking alone for awhile, Shika felt afraid. The forest was in a desolate state; every noise was silenced.
Awhile after, Shika's ears perked; a familiar call was heard. She wailed many times-- in an attempt to gain attention. She followed the scent brought to her by the wind. After walking for some time, she came across the strange deer from the day before. The deer was as friendly as they were yesterday. Their presence reassured Shika. Shika remained by their side during their time in the forest.
Unfortunately, the deer was summoned and vanished while Shika slept.
Shika lingered by the bed of flora, hoping for their return. The scent of the blue flowers induced peace. She laid down and positioned herself to feel comfortable, closed her eyes and sighed. It did not take long for her to sleep.

Sex › female, doe
Age › young adult
Species › TEF deer, Sika deer, and Whitetail deer
Diet › herbivore
Scent › smells of lilacs, and early spring
Voice › calm and soft spoken

Speaks in #99B2B7

Appearance › Silver pelt that comes in different shades of silver-grey. Long grey antlers (3-4 point) that hold common lilac flowers. Tall, slender body structure. Light brown eyes that represent her kindness.
She has a humanoid or deer face depending on your interpretation of her.

In game set › Gray pelt, RD mask, default antlers with purple flowers

Personality › Shika is playful and very kind-hearted, a little oblivious too. She tends to trust strangers too often. Anxious when she can't find a friend in forest. It's uncommon that she prefers to be alone, but will if she feels resentful.
Shika finds beauty in every aspect of the enchanted forest she resides in. She cannot stay in a single area for too long, for it bores her. Shika has a keen desire to explore, because she yearns to find him, and to understand herself as well as the forest.

Current Relations
Cypher › best friend, father/elder brother figure, the one Shika trusts, adores
Kerosene › fond of, excited whenever they're summoned
Mag › curious of, enjoys his company

Arts and Gifts

Silver Lullaby

Remnants of a broken dream
Tattered shards of endless stream
Recount the days, all would seem
The lullaby of silver gleam

Oh how fragile she had seemed
Thunder flash from metal beam
Don't look back, run downstream
It is too late for those who scream

Run my child, doe of silver gleam
Run from terror, from death and ream
And without warning, you shall see
Peace, beauty, Forest for thee

And this is the lullaby of silver dream
Remnants broken, endless stream
But a happy life ahead, so it seems
Fear no longer, for you are free

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tracking this heh ^^

tracking this heh ^^
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Thanks ^-^

Thanks ^-^
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aaaw, cute history :3

aaaw, cute history :3 btw..Sorry! Anogelia was busy! D: But now it's fixed :3 And I'm back Online! : D Sorry for ignoring Shika D: SORRY SORRY SORRY Are ya mad at me? D:
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Its quite alright, Shika

Its quite alright, Shika understands and has nothing against you
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I picked some characters at

I picked some characters at random to draw the other day, and Shika was one of them. Not sure if you saw, though, so I'm posting it here.
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I can't believe I never

I can't believe I never responded to this.

Of course, Shika's got a special place in the big lug's heart. No worries there.
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@Pegasicorn: OH Thanks so

@Pegasicorn: OH Thanks so much! Im glad you picked my character Smiling

@Kumiko yes Chyph makes Shika feel quite loved :3
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It's no problem. =]

It's no problem. =]
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There deer that you got upset

There deer that you got upset with was my Nightmare, the reason he got upset with your fawn was because said fawn pelted him. Nightmare responded as he always does ICly to state not to do it again (Taunt/Shaking his head no, and then shaking his head again)

Suddenly you came in on this character and went berserk. Nightmare did not wish to fight, he actually was refusing to until Shika antlered his adopted Daughter Sonan (The doe that was also trying to state no, and got between them). Nightmare was already suffering from A Fractured bone and lacerations to his leg which was also his reason for refusing to take anything.

When he was shaking his head during the fight he was actually trying to bite your doe, whether or not this had happened is up to you. I just thought I would share my part of the entire thing and let you know who it was that got to your doe so badly.

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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*Sigh* Im sorry its just that

*Sigh* Im sorry its just that Shika wasnt feeling well and she saw that your deer scared Sandpiper, she went crazy. Shika didnt realize what they were doing all she thought of doing was to attack. Shika didnt know what to do so she just kept fighting and taunting.Shika actually hates fights.

Im not sure if your deer would want to be friends for what Shika did, but she regrets it and would probably stay away from everyone for awhile. She betrayed herself, Shika was just frightened so she went beserk at that time.

I understand if your deer, Nightmare totally hates Shika, she apologizes to Nightmare and Sonan.
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Well his first impression is

Well his first impression is certainly not the best, after all he was trying to avoid a fight and she continued at him for no true reason. He refused the fight, and continued refusing. He's not thrilled about her continued taunts and anger towards him. That's how he is (That and if you took a look at his bio he is not exactly a 'deer' per-say), and he's kinda used to others being scared of him (Big, scary monster of course things are going to be scared of him)

It'll take time for him to do anything, due to his injuries and such from this and he's likely not to trust her for awhile since he doesn't understand her persistence to fight him over something he felt he was doing to show that it wasn't acceptable to change his fur color (Thankfully it wasn't the Devout pelt, because Nightmare himself goes NUTS if anyone uses that on him)

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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Even if Nightmare still

Even if Nightmare still dosent trust Shika, she is willing to help him heal, even if he'll refuse, Shika has to do it, it is her fault. Shika understands if he tries to make her go away, so she may watch him sometimes from a safe distance. Im sure Cypher would want me to do this also.

Shika bows respect to Nightmare " Please let me help you, I will regret this forever if I don't. Hurt me as much as you wish at this point, I deserve it. "
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~Track I didnt know you made

I didnt know you made another bio for Shika ^,^
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Lol thanks for the track, and

Lol thanks for the track, and its alright. I am going to edit it more soon with CSS codes
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Np I hope to do a CSS for

I hope to do a CSS for mine too but I'm in the process of figuring out how it works.
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There was just a soft hiss to

There was just a soft hiss to come from the giant blue, as he was licking over the fresh wounds on his right leg "Not like I can hurt you much given my condition... just go, you've done more than enough as is." Shifting his attention away, the stag continued to carefully tend to his injured leg.

It might be best if she kept her distance and watched, he will refuse, that's in his nature to do so and right now he'd rather have the company of friends. It's nothing against Shika, Nightmare just doesn't enjoy a whole lot of company unless they are close friends is all. And well if Nightmare attacked her again, that's just not something that would go well, again HE is a monster (of sorts) and his jaws are designed to bite, grab, rip and tear things apart ^^;;;;;;;;;;

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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And to clarify for the sake

And to clarify for the sake of clarification since everyone is clarifying (How many more times can I use that word in a sentence?)...

Cypher hopped on because despite not knowing Nightmare personally, he could easily tell that Nightmare could overpower Shika if he had turned on her. Adrenaline caused the stag to jump between the two to try to break them apart before things got out of hand. That is why Cypher was taunting and saying "no" to her. He wasn't mad at her; he was just desperate to prevent her from being harmed, because to him, an injury to himself is far easier to deal with than an injury to her.

On top of that, he was confused as to why she came out of no where to attack Nightmare.
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Shika no longer trusts

Shika no longer trusts herself by others, not even from a day in her childhood. Shika is scared and is lost in her thoughts, she will stay away from everyone.

" ...I.... " Shika stops there and runs away.
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The white stag stood a short

The white stag stood a short distance away from the pair. His vest was coated with a thin layer of dust from the scruff and his tie dangled around his sagging neck. His crystal blue eyes followed the silver doe as she trotted off quickly in the opposite direction.

With a sigh, Cypher groaned, "Oh for the love of... Shika! Come back here!"
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Shika runs until she sees the

Shika runs until she sees the little bridge, then she jumps under it and stays there, panting and taking deep breaths. Its only little shelter from the rain, and Shika can see through the foggy atsmosphere. Shika ran out a breath so she just lay there...

Sigh Shika said to herself " I cant keep running forever.. "
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Cypher slowed his pace as he

Cypher slowed his pace as he watched Shika's shimmering pelt disappear into the shadows as she slide down the muddy slope in the creek. A lump developed in the stag's throat as he realized where she choose to hide. Beneath the water. Peering over the ledge of the stone bridge, he could see the faint silhouette of her figure in the shadows. The water came up to her chest she she rested on the bank.

He stepped back a bit, as his vision began to blur. The sound of the water slapping the land began to lure him closer to a panic attack, "You had to hide there, didn't you?"
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She stood up, backing away

She stood up, backing away and then Shika went on the other side of the bridge and shook off the water. Shika didn't realize her health got lower, but she didn't care anyway.

Shika had her head and ears lowered.
"What do you want?" Shika said as she kept stepping back.
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"Well for starters... How

"Well for starters... How about you come out from under there before you catch a cold?" Cypher scratched at the ground with his hoof, urging the small doe to return to dry land.
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Shika slowly comes onto the

Shika slowly comes onto the dry land and walks near Cyher. "...." Shika still had her head and ears lowered.
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As he watched the weaken doe

As he watched the weaken doe climb out of the cool water, he could not help but fight back the urge to smile. The side of his lips twitched slightly as the unknown sense of relief embraced his sore muscles, "That a girl."

Her body slumped with her step as she seemed to crawl towards him. Stepping forward, Cypher shortened the distance between them as he began to unbutton his soggy vest. The cloth was heavy from the rain water seeping into its fibers. He flung his head, causing the vest to fly over Shika's shoulders.

"It is a bit wet but, it should help keep you warm," he stepped passed her, trying to avoid her gaze as his eyes searched the tree lines. "Now let's find somewhere dryer to talk than the middle of this field."
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Shika appreciated the vest

Shika appreciated the vest but she was too weak and still frightend to say it. Shika came close to Cyher yet there was a few feet of distance between them. Shika waited for Cypher to go so she could follow him.
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Cypher tilted his head

Cypher tilted his head towards the trees, motioning her to follow him. The bleached stag led her towards a large oak standing not far from the stream. It's wide branches spread out high above their heads. The rain quietly pattered on the fresh green leaves as they welcomed the summer storm. A droplet of water ran around the brim of his fedora before dripping off onto the soft soil beneath their feet.

Again, he scratched towards the ground, "Come. Sit. You need rest."
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Shika slowly walks under the

Shika slowly walks under the big tree, at first she stands there then she just collapses on the ground, from being so weak and tired.

And of course I ad to draw this. I can redraw them on my tablet if you'd like.

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"Shika? Shika!" Quickly,

"Shika? Shika!" Quickly, Cypher leaped to the collapsing doe's side. Her frame was small, but weighed heavily against his own light body built. He spread his legs out wide in attempts to brace himself as he carefully lowered the silver doe to the ground. "It seems like... you had a wild night..." His voice strained as his words seeped through the heaves of his breath.

Using the bit of strength he had, he pushed her lifeless body closer to the tree, to where the ground was the driest, "There we go, my dear." He let out a sigh as he rolled his stiff neck. "So now why don't you tell me what bloody happened to you?"

(And that's adorable, Shika, but also so sad. Poor little Shika looks so beaten up.)
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Shika still layed on the

Shika still layed on the ground but she opened her eyes and started to talk. Shika took a deep breath and looked at Cypher.

"Well... I was so confused that day and I saw Sandpiper, a fawn getting scared of that deer what so named Nightmare. I was really confused and the only thing I thought was to attack. I was so furious I went beserk attacking him no matter what until you and Darcy broke us up. I was still taunting and trying to attack then until I saw all the wounds I got from that huge powerful thing, I was too protective and well.. this is what it got me. After all that I blacked out and now I want to stay alone because I got no one but you to go to..." Shika looked at all the scratches and bruises she had for a second, then she put her head back down.
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In a stern, serious voice the

In a stern, serious voice the stag spoke softly, "Shika... Take the fawns and move... I don't want anyone getting hurt with what I am about to do."
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Shika is confused, and dosent

Shika is confused, and dosent know what's going on. "What do you mean, what's wrong, what are you going to do? Who are they??"
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Shika, I just wanted to

Shika, I just wanted to apologize if it seemed like Cypher was ignoring you or just disappeared.

My game glitched very hardcore. It wasn't showing anyone in the Forest moving; I thought everyone just laid down and was resting. Then when no one (and I mean no one in the Forest) moved from their spots in over an hour, I realized that it had frozen.
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Its alright. I was playing

Its alright. I was playing with another deer at the time so don't think I was bored or anything ^^ I layed down by Cypher for awhile until I had to go so I spent a little time with him.
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Shika, Ive missed you 2 ^^

Shika, Ive missed you 2 ^^
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I think my Awentia met her

I think my Awentia met her yesterday.She was the mini with the magpie feathers,Nightfall pelt,and Noh mask ^^
Even though the encounter was brief,I enjoyed their time Smiling

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I believe I saw her also,

I believe I saw her also, haha I'm glad she liked Shika
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Track. : )

Track. : )
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Thank you Gustiro, I forgot

Thank you Gustiro, I forgot to mention it but I meant to say Track on yours too Dx Just know I will be looking at Gustiro's bio from time to time x)

Also tracking~

Also tracking~
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Cypher? Family? I'm curious

Cypher? Family?

I'm curious as to what the relation is. Sticking out tongue
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Yeah I am still thinking of

Yeah I am still thinking of what Cypher is more like to Shika xD

Maybe its father-like?

Idk :\
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Such a pleasure to meet you!

Such a pleasure to meet you! *bows*

(the mini with the Secretary bird pelt was my Waterstar)
I have a Master's degree in Wumbology.
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Aghh, my computer went byebye

Aghh, my computer went byebye on me:P Thanks for playing with Caden! It was so much fun:) I'd like to see more of this doe^ and I think Caden would too Laughing out loud
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Its okay, and Shika would too

Its okay, and Shika would too ^^
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haha sorry about today, i

haha sorry about today, i don't think gustiro understood who you were. there was a birth going on and he was being over-protective xD
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"I'm back mom! From

"I'm back mom! From vacation!" Anogelia hugs Shika and smiles, Anogelia is happy 2 see her again.
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"Welcome back, Anogelia! How

"Welcome back, Anogelia! How was your vacation?" Shika said softly, nuzzling and hugging her back. Shika is happy as well to see Anogelia, Shika hopes to see her in the forest.
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I apologize for what happened

I apologize for what happened down there at the pond. xD; The doe with the real deer pelt / deer mask / antelope antlers was Jade, she was protecting the other doe with the crying idol pelt. That's Natali, she's really hurt right now so all of them including mine ( you might have seen him before, Crucio, beluga pelt / skull mask / doe nubs since he shed his antlers recently ) are very, very protective of her around deer they don't know very well.

Even though it's IC stuff I wanted to explain. Lol aww, poor Shika. ;; Must have been pretty confused.