Seed's Poetry Corner: The Mushrooms

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The Mushrooms

they rise like bread
full of old, earthy smells
they rise one by one,
devouring the trees.
They rise great and small
as tasty snacks or high perches
They rise bright red
but turn out white below
They rise strong
and wilt within a day

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I really love reading your

I really love reading your poems; you really are a great poet.

I remember this one quite well; I like the first two lines the best. Such vivid imagery. <3

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As much as I love looking at

As much as I love looking at the art in the posts of others, I enjoy poetry even more. I really enjoy the poems you have posted today and I look forward to reading more of them.
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LT: Thank you! I wrote from

LT: Thank you! I wrote from that line in particular.

Lordslttldeer: I didn't really post them today: but yesterday, the idea occoured to me to go and put a link to the collection in the poems I've posted; I started going back and editing them, so they got bumped.


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