Seed's Story: In Which Community Aid Is Called For. [No, Really, Community Aid Timez! Please help!]

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Chapter 5: In Which Seed Meets His Shadow

Seed's Story, Chapter 6: In Which Community Aid Is Called For

Seed could feel his body changing, the knots of his muscles become the grain or green wood. He didn’t care. All he could think as he listened to his own voice writing his faults into the clear night air, pounding him with all the things he had always worried were true, was
Please…Payton, Twin Gods, Anyone… Help me.
He opened his eyes into the darkness.

A poppy fell very slowly from the heaven, light as a feather. The wind caught it and cradled it in its arm. Even in the dark night, it was blindingly red – the sweet red of a rising sun, or clouds at sunset. It was the red of a tongue, or lips ready to kiss. The petals were soft and thin, lit by a light from within so each thing vein glowed. Seed didn’t know how to interpret it – poppies had always been flowers of hope to him, hope and first love, new life, sweet kisses. But poppies, as he always said, were funeral flowers – the death of hope, the end of life – for funerals and ghosts. Poppies were the flowers of dreams, the younger brother of death. As it fell, teetering this way and that, he couldn’t decide what it meant that it was.

As it reached the ground, it exploded into a bomb of poppy stalks, into a circle of red light that banished all the shadows and made the forest lit by day once more. Standing there were two great deer, one delicate and red, one masculine and gold, but somehow also exactly one deer larger than either.

“You have called,” said The Red. “We have answered,” said The Gold.

“What is this?” “what?” “what?” The trees chorused in surprise. “He has already surrendered!” “Surrendered!” “Surrendered!”

“We will decide that.” The two gods said in unison – the image of them blurred for a moment, and the Red became the Gold and the Gold became the Red, masculine and feminine trading roles, or places, or just masks.

“Thank you…” Seed whispered. His voice was hoarse, and thin as a butterfly’s wavering wing.

“If you must… We propose a challenge.” “We propose!” “A Challenge!”

The Gods smirked at one another, as if sharing a thought. “Do you accept their challenge, little one?” They looked down at Seed. He shook his head.

“I don’t care! I just want to be safe, it’s all I want, I’ll do whatever it takes, just…please....” He trailed off, the panic leaving him breathless. He gulped for air and nodded.

“Very well,” said the Gold. “The testing grounds, between all worlds…” The Red one said, smiling faintly. The world faded to black.

It was the void again, black and cool and endless. Seed stood there, no longer quite deer and not yet quite tree, the scales of his fur replaced with bright green leaves, his mask replaced with bark, his eyes wide and uncertain.

There were no longer names in the void, but trees. A forest of trees, set against a field of black. All of them were the sort of tree he had once been – small and thin, pushing out against ground occupied by the roots of flowers, with clouds of purple blooms on the branches.

“Well, then, little ‘deer’…You are somewhere out here… Can you find yourself in all these trees? Or not?” “Can you?” “Can you?” “You can not," the Trees sneered.

“Somewhere in this void is you – all you have to do is recognize it, and you will return to the forest. But make the wrong choice…and you will truly lose to them.” The Twin Gods explained.

“…Ok.” It had been a long time, and he had never seen himself as a tree. The answer was very simple – and maybe the Seed of the day before last would have found it immediately… But now he wandered out among the trees, lost in the forest between forests.

The Twin Gods glanced at each other.

“This may take longer than expected…” The Gold one said.

“Perhaps you can speed things along.” The Red one looked out at you, across the worlds, and met you in the eyes. “Will you help your brother deer?”

(( You heard, right? We have officially caught up to the story: as of right now, the story up to this point is happening to the In-Forest version of Seed. It's canon now. So he's going away until this is over...

and he needs your help getting back. Your responses (in-character, for preference) will reach him, and if there are enough, guide him back to the forest safely. If there aren't, he'll probably still make it back...but his emotional and physical health cannot be garunteed.

So, how do you respond and call him back? Well, to find himself, he first has to know himself -- and with the mind-beating he's been given, he's not exactly sure anymore. So here's the question, to be answered in a comment here: Who is Seed (the character, not me, the player) to your deer? It can be a positive answer, a negative one, short and descriptive, long and emotional, whatever, though the best ones may make it into the ending. And if your deer isn't up to answering that, but you still want to help, just have them mark off a tree to make his search easier.

Saturday, I'll post the end of the story, as decided by all of you. We'll see what becomes of him then...
Edit: Well, as of this typing, it's near enough to Saturday that the final chapter is written. Thank you all very much -- hope you like the ending your deer, your posts, and Seed have earned!))

"Seed, my brother, you are

"Seed, my brother, you are one of my oldest friends, an old companion. You were the joyful reason that so often balanced Walter's aggression. You taught me what it was to stand up to a friend when they were wrong and showed me it could be done."
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The bloodied prince was not

The bloodied prince was not sure what everyone was searching for, calling, pleading, their cries, why? who was missing...
He rose to his hooves.
He must have searched the forest for hours, but nothing he knew of seemed misplaced.

But it must have been important.
More important to this forest than...
could he?...

he paused before hanging one of the delicate hearts in his tines from a high bearing branch, watching it beat, sun glimmering from the ruby flesh like a beacon.

He prayed they would find what they searched for.

Seed is a being that matters.

Seed is a being that matters. From a seed to a tree; a fawn to a stag...

[ I don't even know what to type :ccc ALSO your writing makes me go 'AAAH <3' ]
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Peppa: Unc' Seed! Needs

Unc' Seed! Needs helps? Yes? Okay, Unc' Seed. You ah'ways so sweet. And now I dun' have mom and dad, I need you. I's small. But Unc' big and sweet, Unc' ih nice and my best Unc' I ever ask for. Also you's green! Favor'te culluh. And...I luhff you! Unc'. Oka'..."

(I haven't been reading this :c But I saw Seed needed help! So I hope I responded correctly. ^^)
(PS I hope my little deaf one isn't TOO hard to understand >>')
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((All responses are correct

((All responses are correct ones ^^ Also, she's never too hard to understand; she's just very sweet.))
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(She's hard to type for

(She's hard to type for honestly XD Rowan speaks in intricate words and Peppa's vocabulary is incredibly limited. But I'm really glad it's right. <3 Glad she could help.)
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I'm more visual artist than

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Seed. She had met him here


She had met him here and there, but they were brief encounters that hardly produced anything.

Still...these thoughts, these feelings...she had felt them before.

And, oh how she dreaded them.

These thoughts, these feelings coil 'round, like a snake closing in on its prey. They're frantic, intense, her skin crawling. She feels a sense of panic bubbling under the surface, ready to erupt.

With a sudden motion, she slams her hooves into the ground, refusing to cave. She was the stronger, she would be the winner of this round.

Carefully, she steps back, looking at the imprints, embedded deeply into the earth, tufts of shed white fur resting inside the impression.

Her greys glance upwards to the sky, wondering if this will be enough. Looking back down at the ground, she nods.

Yes, this should be plenty.


I hope it's okay for her to leave footprints...

Sir Seed...I don't know you

Sir Seed...I don't know you as well as I'd like. I do know that you are a good friend to my father, and that is enough for me. I have enjoyed the few times we have had together, and I hope to know you well enough one day to call you a friend.
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(( @OokamiAzura: All

(( @OokamiAzura: All responses are good responses. I'm really impressed by all this, actually.))
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Footsteps upon trampled

Footsteps upon trampled earth; a rapid heartbeat; a searching, restless gaze; and hope, certainty.

The world but a blur: flying hooves, fallen leaves scattered in their wake, aimless—

Dyana never once slowed.

"Where are you, Seed?"

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Her tall ears flick in

Her tall ears flick in confusion, as the voices of the twin gods pass threw her mind with their simple yet complicated question. Typically, she is not one known to be good with words, and usually could express her thoughts in either one-liners or drawn out rambling, but to awnser something like this... required something of the heart.

"Seed?" she asks, then smiles. "Seed is..." She trails off, grasping mentally for the right words. "The one who is always there, in all my best memories. The one who mustn't be left behind. He's both a brother and buddy, and without him, the forest really wouldn't be as bright or fun. He is a thrill to be around, and always has been. I can't even immagine a forest without him."

She looks slightly worried by the question she just awnsered. "He's... like a big brother... and I'm estatic to know him." she trails off for a moment. "Please, tell me he's alright"
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Red Hill. The place where

Red Hill.
The place where near every whisper of the forest ends up, no matter the distance.

"Seed..." Came forth a soft quiet masculine voice.
A deer stood at the edge of the hill; overlooking the pond in the distance and the twin gods even further away.
A healthy young Hart just physically entering his prime, while his mind held elusive wisdom of a Stag twice his age, if not more. His ears stood erect as they listened most intently. Todays whispers had his full attention.

He started to speak again. "Seed is a dear friend, one of which I had known for a long time.
He is also a true inspiration - some of his poetry, I would not deny is the best I had ever heard.
His past amazes me...
Oh but only a day ago we had relished in one anothers company. Games of tag, and chasing giant hares.
I would not like to see these afternoon games with Seed come to an end..-
Come home safely my friend."

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Here is 21 to speak on behalf

Here is 21 to speak on behalf of the deer who've read his poetry but don't really know him, I guess. Laughing out loud
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.. Seed. My darling. I-... I

.. Seed. My darling. I-... I can't put it in words what I feel nor what I think about you. But if I had to I guess it'd sound something like this.

Nevilly takes a deep breath and looks at the ground her ears flicked back. Her eyes start to fill with tears while she thinks how she could express her feelings the best.

I'd trust my life in your hooves no matter what happened. I'd do the best I can to get you back home safely, even if it meant I had to sacrifice something what's important to me. There are no one like you, Seed. You are-... t-the one who means a world to me.
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‘Seed be fun no fussy fuss

‘Seed be fun no fussy fuss yes?’
The tiny fawn looked up expectantly hopeful that her words would be understood. Seeing that this was not quite the case she wrinkled her nose in disapproval of having to come up with a more complex verbal response.
‘Seed be play and dance and lots of happy’
She chirped while dancing and hopping around to emphasize her point,
‘When go chase the others be grumpy stay but Seed come, Seed always find us no matter where has run!
She grinned breaking into a run.
‘Seed eyes see lots what others can’t, Seed understand, yes?
Giggling she ran off without waiting for a reply.

(I hope I don't fail too much at this XD)

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"S-Seed.. We might n-n-not

"S-Seed.. We might n-n-not know e-eachother v-v-very w-well.." The old stag stuttered, whispered his words. "B-but every d-d-deer is a f-f-friend of m-mine, so s-s-so are you.. I k-k-know you as a w-wonderfull p-poet, a t-t-talented stag.." Seele nods for a moment, untill he caught his breath again. "You'll find your way back."
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Iaurdagnire was resting under

Iaurdagnire was resting under his tree, as always.
He knew this tree very well and could recognise every branch, every groan and crack it made under the pressure of the world. But today it was perhaps a little dull and listless; there was no wind, and it was very hot and humid.
"Such a fine old tree." He looked up and mumbled with a smile,
"But you know... I have yet to tell a story under you. In fact, just the other day an old friend and I were reminiscing about the time I told them a story under the Oak. The funny thing is that he confessed to being flattered - that he was my one and only audience, - but...-" the giant shifted and pressed his cheek up against the tree before whispering,
"-just between you and I, it was me who felt a great honour."
Dag leaned back and had the widest smile on his face,
"He's the forest's poet, you know. Seen far more many things than I, and is far more eloquent with words. Yet, he wanted to hear me tell a story."
The tree creaked pleasantly as if agreeing with him.
Dag laughed to himself. If it was one thing he loved, it was happy coincidences. It happened once when he was talking to a dandelion; a drop of rain hit its flower-head just after a question had been asked, and because of the droplet it looked as if it had nodded in reply.
"So you do know who I'm talking about?


March 25th 2009

He was already a Grand Oak the very day a new seed was sewn.