Scratchings on the Cage Floor - Vein

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>> Reposted, as I know a lot of people don't go to the picture section as often as here, and I want Vein to see.

After a long time, I managed to get together this. My attempts were smudged by myself during bad periods many times (as you can see), but I got there in the end.

I do intend to do more of these. Deer I have seen more than others by the bars. ...It just takes a long time to gather materials for enough attempts.
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What a unique and beautiful

What a unique and beautiful art piece! Very awesome work.

Rowan. // Emrys. // Ark. // Kuroshika. // Giftarts. // Look.
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I thank you for the

I thank you for the artistry, Human Creature. *bows head politely*

Sorry, he's not much of a talker ^^;

I feel stupid. I saw this a while ago, but didn't see 'Vein' x3 Hehe. I've been away for a week, so yeah, heh. Thanks for the picture of Vein, mwahahaha.

I don't have much to say, either :x Sorry, lol, I'm still kinda braindead.