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Scratchings on the Cage Floor - PAN ERO QUAMAR

Okay, because of the absurd amout of pictures that cam in with the rain, I am selflessly bumping them.
check the picture thread
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His Presence

(This won't make much sense unless you've read the short story draft on the Updates and Information ~ Liëka)


There He is.

Just as before.

The deer all crowd round him, and He sits there, lapping it up.

"My Lord?"

"Don't you remember me?"

"Is it all these people? Is that what it is?"

"Just acknowledge me, please!"

"No! Don't leave! Don't leave me again!"

I wander.

With the Festival of the Dead, I am free. I have my own mind. But what freedom is this, to be hated and yet the one person I thought I could count on abandoning me.

I wander.


" Lord?"

"My little wolfhound."

"My Lord, I cannot carry on. Please, take me back with you again. The Gods, they punish me endlessly, and I am not allowed to die. Please, I'll do anything."

"That is not your choice to make!"

"What do you mean?!"

"That is not your choice! You are nobody! You are mine! You say you'll do anything? This is what I choose!"
"But it hurts! You know I have phases, it's fine when I don't think, but I can remember everything later!"
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Oi Sarie B

You can ONLY let her out if you hold a bar aside (scratch it) whilst a dove is present. This can be an NPC dove randomly flying past, ar a transformed deer. I'm making this more strict, as Hunter was spending more time out of the cage than in, which just isn't right. XD

...just thought you ought to know, as you obviously missed the update.
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The moments of sanity come round once more

[=red]...and I tell of my recent story.

I see you


*nibble nibble*

*om nom ear nom*

Get away from my meat!

All Of You!


Mini-deer aren't quite as tender, but still very sweet

....I thought I told you to go away. I'm busy eating stomach.

Getting *right* in there. Up to my eyes, even.

Ruling the Rocks

Tracking Emiva on a random impulse. I do that sometimes, random deer-stalk.

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On the subject of my cage floor scratchings... may notice some irregularities.
For one, the markings will be changed and possibly some odd things added due to how I view the deer. Seeing as I only scratch deer that I remember, then they will only be deer that are a character that have affected me, in one way or another.
The reason shall not be revealed.
The symbolic irregularities will not be explained. (Don't expect them to be the obvious.)

Another thing will be that they will have is a bleeding cut on the neck, which is litterally how I see. How I see whilst I am Hunter is blurred and hallucinogenic anyway, but blood is in sharp relief. The sight and scent of the bleeding cut hallucination is a catylist to attack, and focuses me on the jugular vessel on the neck, making for the best kill. This is something I only just recently worked out; before, I thought there must've been some war leaving everyone bleeding.
But I digress.
Those are the reasons for the peculiarities. If there is anything else that I failed to mention, just yell.
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Hunter just found a whole new way to be foreced back in the Cage...

...starvation. Puzzled

(Where is everyone! It's not a bug, as I watched first Tabithaa, then Seele, then a random fawn leave. )
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My unfortunate zombie party experience... (Pics in a Photobucket album)

My Lady Liëka has finally let me see what went on the other day.

And I'm not happy.
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Scratchings on the Cage Floor - Vein

>> Reposted, as I know a lot of people don't go to the picture section as often as here, and I want Vein to see.

After a long time, I managed to get together this. My attempts were smudged by myself during bad periods many times (as you can see), but I got there in the end.

I do intend to do more of these. Deer I have seen more than others by the bars. ...It just takes a long time to gather materials for enough attempts.
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Note from Artemis

In my saner moments, I find I have need of something to distract me from my memories. I have begun scraping and collecting dirt and clotting and collecting blood, rather than washing it off. I intend to attempt to scratch images of deer that I see more than others, or that I have heard of. Currently, I am trying to scratch Vein, but I keep smudging it out again whilst feral, and the boodlines run. Still, I am hoping to have something to show soon.
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Is it worth going on?

EDIT: Please, no sympathy. Stay away from me. I'm losing myself again, this will be my last entry for a long time.

Today, I tried to kill myself. I could remember everythng I'd done, I saw the blood in my mind, the tears and pain I had caused. I knew that this mode of thought would not last. I knew this was my only chance.

Standing, I saw two deer watching me. I saw the fawn, cowering, looking so young, so tender, so tempting....

And I lost the battle. I went for it, and lost my mind.

The fawn fled, and ran where I could not follow. I went as deep as I could, mindlessly roaring, the water up to my neck, but I could not swim, I would drown.

So instead, I left. I went, and killed another.

Only when I was washing the blood from my teeth did I come round.

I stared at myself in the red, red reflection. Then I passed out. The Gods had come for me, as they always do.

Back in the cage. I see the others.

I see their happiness, and I long to smash them, to reap them, to dine in the chaos of sacrifice...

...and I dent the bars, again and again, in madness.

Weeks, months later. Another rare period of normality.
I had hesitated before, too long. I did not do so again. Desperately, I did all I could with the only thing availiable to me: the cursed bars themselves.
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