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Current status: Lurking on the forum.

Updates will be in this colour


28-09-2011 (A little time later):
Mental: 78%
physical: 67%
Emotional: Recovering. In good company.
Was catapulted into Rage Redd-mode, but got calmed down by Spyrre.
Met Saosin and felt excited and nervous.

Ah... I don't know w-what happened... I'm so sorry, I didn't hurt you, did I?!... I... Gods, I'm so ashamed...

Mental: 0%
Physical: 100%
Emotional: Rage Redd
Something bad happened.

Thoughts: Ngh... Arh... AAARRRRRGGGGHH!!!!

Mental: 100%
Physical: 74%
Emotional: Normal
Still recovering, but feeling much better.
Met a hummingbird with a mysterious power

You must be my guardian!... I'll help them grow, I-I'll do my best!...

Mental: 65%
Physical: 40%
Emotional: ...
hurt, injured, tired
Was attacked by Illrose, spurred on by Raleigh.
Heavily injured, he's recovering, but only slowly.

Why... Why did you have to do that?... I... I-I never hurt you, ANY of you... Argh, it hurts... I-I c-can't breathe well... M-my side... it h-hurts so bad...
S-s-someone... H-help me!...

Mental: 98%
Physical: 90%
Emotional: feelin' fine
A little excited
In love with the summer-scents.

I love this season, i-it always makes me smile~...

He is:
-Friendly but shy.
-A fawn at heart.
-Finally opening up.
-Always ready for a good run or a game of jump-the-river.
-Protective and brave when he needs to be.
-But mostly a coward.
-Good at relating to shy deer, and quite understanding.
-A spellspammer.
-Very good at confusing himself.
-Slightly clingy, but with massive abandonment issues because of his fawnhood.
-Single, ladies!~
-But prolly too innocent/naive to take a hint...
-Living with a bad stammer. Some scars didn't heal and left him in such a state.

Magpie pelt.
"whisper" mask. (sometimes magpie... because magpies = LOVE <3)
Magpie antlers.

Colours: (because consistency? In my images? WHAT'S DAT?!)
Eyes: Very blue.
Base fur: Dark grey.
Markings: Light grey, black and auburn.
"Antlers": Black with metallic gleam.
Scars: pale skin-colour.
Mask: Light brown with red.
Hooves: Same auburn colour as some of his markings.

RP guide

Scenarios which I am comfortable RP'ing Redd into:

Injuries (nothing fatal)
Dismemberment (only if naturally led there by the "plot" aka: please allow him a chance to get out of it!)
Mental manipulation
NSFW-content (exclusively off-site; contact me privately)

Off-limit topics:



Rage Redd

Rage Redd is a form of his manifested through every negative emotion he ever had and repressed. It happens when I use him to get my frustration out. In this form, he'll do nothing but run. Whatever he does, he'll be running while he does it.
He tears through the forest blindly, mindless from the rage filling his body.
He has no regard for anyone else and is driven mad by the pain inside.
He will stop to gather strength once in a while, maybe even fall alseep in this form, but is unfriendly and aggressive towards anyone who approach him. He'll even hurt his friends in this state.

He CAN be coaxed back to his normal self through kindness, but whoever tries it WILL be attacked. Best bet for doing this is to wait until he's laying down, exhausted from running.

While he runs, he will gradually calm down if he feels someone running beside him. It'll help him gather his thoughts and snap out of it.

He WILL pick a fight in this form. But he's not a very good fighter, so it's likely he won't do all that much damage.

~A small interview~

H-hi! I-I guess y-you want to know a bit about m-m-me?...
W-well... M-my name is Redd and, uh...
Geez, what can I say? I... I l-like laying in the sun and, uh... F-fawns are cute! A-and they make for good play mates!...
Uhm... I-I really don't know what to t-t-talk about, I mean... Heh, there isn't much to say, really, I-I'm just... just me!...
S-s-sorry about th-the stammer, b-but it's something I c-c-can't help... I-is it annoying you?... I h-hope not...
Uhm, I-I guess I like r-running too and jumping... A-and my l-little friend! H-he's sitting in my antlers, c-can you spot him? T-that's him, right there! Y-you don't see him?... W-w-well, he is awfully small... Ahem, a-anyway!
I-I'm very peaceful a-and dislike fighting. I don't wanna hurt people... B-but sometimes they just keep picking on m-me... I dunno why...
Argh, I-I'm boring you, I'm s-s-sorry!
Uhm, my past? I-I honestly d-d-don't remember, i-it's all a blur... L-like when you're trying to see into d-deep fog, right?...
Uhm, I... g-g-guess there isn't anything else t-to say about me, I'm... k-kinda uninteresting... S-sorry to have wasted your time!...
Have a nice day?...

Extended explanation:
His past is a mystery to him, though he seems to recall something about big, black shadows and constant darkness. He's pretty timid around black deer with the skull mask, almost bordering on him being afraid of them. He can't explain this either.
Under his thick, fluffy fur he hides a gallery of scars, not big enough to affect his coat, but quantity makes up for quality. Had he been furless, he'd look like a trainwreck.
He wears the magpie antlers to symbolise how passive and how bad of a fighter he is. He'd rather run and play than fight, but he will take a stand if his friends are being threatened.
He hasn't got a human form that he knows of, and prolly won't get one.
As he did back when he was still a fawn, he's still looking for a father-figure, even if he doesn't quite know it himself. He enjoys peaceful walks with calm deer, though if he's by himself, he'll always run to get to where he wants to be. Life's too short to walk alone.
He has a rather short attention-span and will sometimes leave the party if the company bores him. No, he hasn't got ADHD or ADD, but you'd almost think it!
Oh, and his last little kink from his fawnhood... Be nice to him even once, and he'll follow you around like a puppy-dog and do whatever you say until he falls asleep again. This has something to do with his past, and maybe those strange scars around his eyes that he normally keeps hidden behind his mask...


Favorite place to sleep:

The oak generally is too crowded for him.


Because he so happened to grow up and gain his big-boy markings.
Mai gawd, what happened to his legs/head/mask?! And why's he shaking so much?

The, erhm... "fanservice" that suddenly materialized on Odosketch...

Rage Redd.

Thanks to Spyrre, Redd recovered from his first Rage-state.

--------------Images NOT made by me------------
By Sonata <3

By Swifttail, from ages ago XD

Quadraptor made this for me after I guessed his card in five tries! XD

<-- made by Doe! Man, I luv you for this! <3

by Nopje ~<3

Arttrade with Kaoori, who is lovely and wonderful and fantastic.

FFF, Kittyo8, I was so surprised and happy to see this! >w< Thank you so much, mate! >w< *wuvs juu*

By Midnightrose!

By Spyrre! It was a Christmas-present, and God DAMN, do I love it! >w<

This was a birthday-present from Eyestrain! Ffffff, I just love it so goddamn much!!

A few of the actions he uses and what they mean:

Bow: "Hello."
Sad + Bow: "I'm afraid I have to go."
Jumping around you in a cirkle once: "I'm happy to meet you!" / "Let's play!" / "It's you! (for people he knows)" / "I really like you! (For strangers)"
Tilt head: curious/interested/confused/the thing he does when no-one's "said" anything for a while.
Scratch ground + nod + head tilt: depends on what he's scratching next to. Next to trees/mushrooms/sleeping deer: "wanna spell-spam?" next to the stream: "Wanna play jump the stream?"
Scratch ground + lie down: "I'll be right back, hold on..."
Walking/trotting/running a bit away from you, stopping and looking back: "Follow me!"
Running around you and jumping: "Run with me!" / "play with me!"
Mooing: Calling out to you, distressed. He does this if he's afraid of the deer you're getting close to. Otherwise he practically never moos unless he's mask-spamming and thinks his voice sounds funny.
Listening: When spell-spamming, showing off his pelt/mask/antlers. Mostly always humouristically.
Sniffing: He only does this after having bowed to you, as a way to get to know you better. He may do this once in a while to show affection.
Standing facing your side and nodding/shaking head: Grooming you. Very affectionate.
Standing over you: Sheltering/protecting you. Mostly done to fawns.
Sitting next to you: Enjoying the view with you. (very affectionate)
Sitting opposite you: Talking to you/generally relaxing with you. (Not as affectionate)
Nuzzling you: The most affectionate thing he can do. Only does this to deer he's been with for a while and he feels like he knows.
Cowering: He's afraid of you. He might do this if you moo at him. He doesn't like loud deer/sounds.
Backing up: Same, but on a smaller basis/avoiding contact or conflict.
Walking slowly towards you: Showing that he wants to get to know you, and that he means no harm.
Cowering + listening: Petrified by fear.
Cowering + running away: RUN AWAAAAAY!! (either from you or a possible loud noise/scary deer)

This site is certified 26% EVIL by the Gematriculator
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yeah im a little shy but when

yeah im a little shy but when i talk ti them they just smile and looks away but thats fine ^^

EDIT: i own the 4 page ^^
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Hmm, it sounds a little

Hmm, it sounds a little sad... aren't they avoiding you?...
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don't know

don't know
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In any case, it doesn't sound

In any case, it doesn't sound all that nice...
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^^ still i got good friends

^^ still i got good friends
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And thank God for that >w<

And thank God for that >w<
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^^. when can Redd and

^^. when can Redd and Nightmare met

or rp
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Well, I might be able to

Well, I might be able to today, as a matter of fact >w<
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^^ but first i need to get

^^ but first i need to get home from tennis ^^
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Okay, meet ya in-forest! >w<

Okay, meet ya in-forest! >w<
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now i'm back from tennis but

now i'm back from tennis but it may take a while i have to get the devoet pelt and that can take ages X]

EDIT: now she has the devoet pelt and will be sleeping in the old oak
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Alright, I'll come find her~

Alright, I'll come find her~
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ok ^^

ok ^^
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will you rp with me and if

will you rp with me

and if you will can you please start? ^^

*stomps in* ChickenWhite!

*stomps in*

ChickenWhite! You're awesome, 'kay? So here.

*stomps out*

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I love REDD. He's so totally

I love REDD. He's so totally cool!
You will meet someone awsome tomarrow Smiling

omnomnom O3O I believe it

omnomnom O3O

I believe it is Redd that helped me get the Noh antlers and is sitting with Archie(Skull mask, Noh antlers, real deer pelt) right now OuO

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Oh, yes, that's him! >w< It

Oh, yes, that's him! >w< It was a pleasure to help out, not to mention being helped as well, thanks for spelling him the magpie antlers >w<
He really enjoyed your deer's company and was sad to leave so early T__T

Aww, how come I missed so many of these messages? *shoots self*

@Kittyo8: Ffff, I dunno what to say! thank you so much!! >w< *nuzzlefest*

@hmarmstrong: Aww, you, you flatter! >w< *moar nuzzles* We gotta meet in-forest one of these days, if we haven't already >w<

I was glad to help C: And I

I was glad to help C: And I hope they can meet again soon 83 <3
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Me too! >w< I'll probably

Me too! >w< I'll probably send him in-forest again later today, once I'm done with this essay... *why I had to log out T__T*
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Click here. =)

Click here. =)
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FFFFFFFFFF, I love it so

FFFFFFFFFF, I love it so much! TwT *giant-hug* I can post it here? >w<

x I don't think you've seen

I don't think you've seen my note there?
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Of course you can if you

Of course you can if you want. Do what ever you want with it. <3
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@Mini: Oh! yeah, sorry, I saw

@Mini: Oh! yeah, sorry, I saw it, I just forgot to reply TwT;;

@Spyrre: Thank you!! >w< I seriously love you, man, you're wonderful! TwT Merry Christmas >w<

aaand track xD

aaand track xD
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You sneaky, little

You sneaky, little re-tracker, you >w<
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*nodnodnodnodnod* Nice! I

*nodnodnodnodnod* Nice!

I didn't realize he stuttered that much though. Would you like me to add that into the story so his speaking would be a little more accurate to how you portray him? It wouldn't be very hard to do.
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Sure, if it isn't too much

Sure, if it isn't too much trouble >w<
I'm really flattered you'd do that, quad! >w< *nuzzle*
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Sexy bunny...nomnomnom.

Sexy bunny...nomnomnom.

Siggy by Butterbrot <3
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And I just designed him to be

And I just designed him to be fluffy and lovable XD
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Some things are beond

Some things are beond control.
*chews on ear*

Siggy by Butterbrot <3
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Oopsy... O_O Double post.

Double post.

Siggy by Butterbrot <3
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Triple post... Beyond control

Triple post...
Beyond control indeed...

Siggy by Butterbrot <3
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You've got a good point there

You've got a good point there XD
God, I haven't touched this bio or character in forever... Maybe I should dust him off and try to not neglect him XD
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Maybe it's a great idea. You

Maybe it's a great idea.
You have some gorgeous artworks in here, it's bit sad to let them get all dusty.

Siggy by Butterbrot <3
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Yeah, it's kinda

Yeah, it's kinda disrespectful to all the people who drew him to forget little Redd TwT;
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Bweeeh, dontbe so hard!

Bweeeh, dontbe so hard! Sad

Take it as a chance to have Redd make a nice comeback, + you seem to be rather attached to him (siggy and avatar).

Siggy by Butterbrot <3
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yeah, he is my little boy,

yeah, he is my little boy, after all >w< I feel like RP'ing him now TwT
(fun fact: I typed this all with my feet~)
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Such an Rp bunny... *pats

Such an Rp bunny... *pats head*

*Roflsnorts and dies*
What are you doing with your hands?
Maybe this is best left unanswered.

Siggy by Butterbrot <3
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... Leaning back and

Leaning back and relaxing, duh~ XD
I'm at my parents place on the couch and the computer is waaaay over... at my feet XD

*scowls* 'm not an RP-bunny <__<... *ttly is*
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* a ttly cute one* Tranquille

* a ttly cute one*
Tranquille mate!
* jumps over to couch*
Bet I can beat you arse all the way to hell into a lazy contest.
* melts her butt off*

Siggy by Butterbrot <3
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Oh, you bet huh? Well IT IS

Oh, you bet huh? Well IT IS AWN!
*falls alseep*
I'm too lazy to even stay awake. Beat that~ < w <
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1-0. I give in, your skills

I give in, your skills are just too awesume sensei.
Laughing out loud

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*bows* It is the zen... of

*bows* It is the zen... of laziness. I shall teach you... my young student. *whips beard*
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Siggy by Butterbrot <3
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Laziest comment ever. I beat

Laziest comment ever.
I beat ya.

Siggy by Butterbrot <3
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Gah, fuck XDD Oh, well, we'll

Gah, fuck XDD
Oh, well, we'll call it a tie.. I'm too lazy to admit defeat.