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You can interact with my deer 21 here. Ask a question, play in character, or just carve your name into a tree to say you were here. You can communicate in any format you like, so if you want to draw pictures, link videos and music, write a letter or even roleplay, go right ahead. I will respond in kind to the best of my ability (as long as you don't mind my terrible writing ability ;) ) And if you just wanted to share something and don't want a response, that's fine too. Let's all just chill out here. Cool

--- I will have to postpone all this, or maybe only reply on weekends. College is a heck of a lot busier than I remember it being! Sticking out tongue Sorry, my mind has just shifted into making art-art-art now that school's back in.
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tracking for now.

tracking for now. Smiling
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(No subject)

Sat by you the other day.

Sat by you the other day. Nice to see you again.
-- Rutilus
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Terpsichore loves

Terpsichore loves poppies.
Something about the bright red vibrates straight to the back of his retinas. The poppies sing to him, always bold and bright and gay, like a singer who doesn't care if the world hears and bolts out the sounds of joy at the top of their lungs. Poppies are never ashamed or shy.

The dark little fawn kneels amid the flowers, twining a few rich red blooms around his growing antler buds. It's tricky work when there's not much antler there yet for them to catch onto. He wears poppies for courage, and for joy. With the brilliant flowers crowning his head, there in the poppies, Terpsichore dances.
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Kaoori Sure. Take off your

Smiling Kaoori
Sure. Take off your shoes, stay a while.

Sticking out tongue VCG

Laughing out loud Dannii

Ooh Quaesting
A deer's head pokes up through the grass. It's 21, fresh from a nap in the flowers and with her ears all full of twigs. In the brief moment before she is fully awakened she imagines that creature skipping among the poppies to be some joyous dream-bringer, or perhaps a woodland sprite. The doe smiles warmly and shakes a bit of dust out of her fur, amused by the fawn's performance. She then finds herself wondering if he was even aware of her being there, and lifts her chin a little higher to catch his attention just in case. "Hello there, good afternoon!"
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*peeks out from tree* Thank

*peeks out from tree* Thank you for being so kind on my first day back to the forest. You were very sweet and fun, and I truly appreciated it! *blushes furiously and retreats behind tree*
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The fawn makes an extra-high

The fawn makes an extra-high leap and manages to turn to face her at the same time, which would be more impressive if he didn't seem so startled doing it. That well-executed jump may not have been entirely deliberate. He's quick to spot her, though, and he's not afraid of an ordinary doe. He's afraid of very little, in fact, but he really wasn't expecting anyone else to be there. "Hello hello I was just dancing with the poppies. How can you sleep when their music is so bold?" He's facing her, now, but he can't quite seem to keep his legs still.
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The blue doe sat down softly

The blue doe sat down softly beside Ephra. "We don't... 'speak' much here. But.. I'd love to thank you for simply being a friend. Being one of my oldest friends. Being a mentor. Being here for everyone. Always being the greatest 'welcoming committee' to this forest, making everyone feel welcome. I think, at one point.. everyone looks up to you. I am proud to know you. I know many others are."


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~ Trigger_Mortis "You're

~ Trigger_Mortis

"You're very welcome. And welcome back."

& Quaesting
The doe lets out a small laugh. "Well. I could sleep through anything... music, you say?" She perks up a little and figuring she's been lazing around long enough, finally gets to her feet. With whorls of grass and dirt clinging to her fur, she has a comically disheveled look to her. In contrast to the fawn's animated prancing, her movements are rather slow and deliberate.. she doesn't seem quite awake yet, but just seeing the exuberance in the youngster's face is enough to shake some grogginess from her. "I'm not sure what sort of music you mean.. you're quite a dancer though! Where did you learn how to do that?" She stretches her legs and turns a little, trying to air out her bed-head hair.

+ Kaoori
Ephra gave a quiet smile and looked off to the side, modest or proud or lost in thought, "Oh, that's such high praise, Kaoori." She looked back to her friend again and leaned to touch shoulders, a gesture she hoped could convey her gratitude somewhat better than the words she yet struggled to find. "I do what I can.. I wouldn't be anything without you all, though. It's my friends -like you! - that fill me with such love. I ought to be thanking you." Her gaze turned contemplative, floating somewhere among the treetops. "You have always been such a good friend to me."

% Paz
hello-o-o =)

Amary: "I've always thought

Amary: "I've always thought of you as kind of a mother..."
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He's a little clumsy yet, on

He's a little clumsy yet, on those absurdly long fawn legs, but he's starting to grow into them and he's had a few helpful pointers from adult deer along the way. There's something to the dance that hints at how good he'll be when he's a fully coordinated adult. "Do you have to learn to dance? I'm always hearing music..." He's never quite sure the other deer can hear it, and if they can't he's not sure why that is, but the music here in the poppies seems too loud to ignore. "Only it's not just... heard music? It's like a vibration too?" His eyes are expectant and hopeful as he watches her sort herself out from sleep. He so desperately someone else to hear the music too.
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\ Paz Ephra, feeling quite

\ Paz
Ephra, feeling quite pleased at the remark, decides to get a little daringly poetic. "I do feel myself as a kind of guardian to the forest. They are my children all.. it's like tending to a lovely garden." She nods resolutely.

/ Quaesting
21 looks back at the fawn then, becoming rather curious of him. His sincerity is bewildering, and she's not quite sure whether or not he's joking about that music anymore. The doe's ears flicker around as if trying to sift through that fog of everyday noises, the things she'd learned to tune out, and perhaps catch a few notes there. The only vibrations she can recall are the dancing hooves which woke her in the first place. "Ahh.." she stalls a little, wishing to find some way to humour the fawn who watches her so earnestly. "You mean the wind, dancing through the leaves and grass? Are you chasing the wind today?" She smiles.
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[Track! I can't think of

[Track! I can't think of anything to say at the moment. x3
Oh-I really like the tree branch image up there. :3]
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I'll probably end up reusing

I'll probably end up reusing it when I get real lazy with my letter deliveries Sticking out tongue
And don't worry about having nothing to say, I'm the absolute worst at it. I hope roleplaying and writing things will come easier to me eventually, I feel like I'm kind of missing out.
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[Ooh! xD I normally have too

[Ooh! xD
I normally have too much to say. I just happen to be tired. xDD
Have you tried listening to music and writing (probably xD)? I think you're just fine at that. o.o]
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I do listen to music, but I

I do listen to music, but I wonder if I haven't just conditioned myself to think in images instead of words, since I draw so much. I fuss a lot over the things I write, I don't know why. It's like the wording has to be just so, and it can take what seems like forever to get it right. I'll sometimes feel actual anxiety over it! Maybe I just need to write more to get over that?
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[Oooh. Maybe that is it. I

[Oooh. Maybe that is it.
I know I can't really post anything I draw-I generally dislike how it looks. |D I think more in words, it seems. x3
I hope that will help! <3 I think your writing is quite good. :3]
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(Jelly says hello.)

(Jelly says hello.)
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Terpsichore is very serious

Terpsichore is very serious about it, but he might not win a prize for sanity either. The way he just can't seem to stop moving is a little strange, because even as he tries to stand still for the conversation his hooves are doing a little anxious shuffle down there in the grass and leaves. "Not the wind ma'am, that's got different music. But... maybe it's quieter to you? It sounds like... like... Ohhh..." He leaps in place once just to get rid of some excess energy. Fawns. "Like a bunch of the really big stags making a chorus, deep and loud like that." There aren't many musical instruments in the forest for him to make a comparison to, so he wouldn't know what those are.

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The Fawn approaches

The Fawn approaches cautiously, head down, eyes dull. At a rustle in the bushes, she jerks her head up, whites of her eyes flashing, then lowers her head again, shuffling forward. Suddenly, she stops, body wracked with coughs, dry and loud, that do not subside for minutes. She shakes her head painfully, scattering a few dead hyacinths, which she looks at dully for a moment. She then continues on her way, only to suddenly notices the other doe, not as far from her as she had thought, and starts, eyes full of alarm.
"W-who are you?"
She manages to stutter, backing away...though not far. She does not bolt; something holds her to her place, drawing her to the doe. Perhaps it is the other's calm aura; perhaps it is simply that she is a doe, reminiscent of the mother she aches for still, the one whom she left behind for this prison. The Fawn steps closer, lifting her head to blink at the doe.
"...Do you know a way out?" She asks, almost nonsensically. For a second, her dull eyes clear. "Out-out of this forest, I mean?" She looks eagerly at the doe, hints of desperation in her tone.

[Since I've been lurking on this page, I figured I should post something related to the blog! x3 Plus, I think she could use Ephra's company. <3]
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] Corg I am such a dork }

] Corg
I am such a dork Sticking out tongue

} Quaesting
A long time ago perhaps, when she was closer to the earth, 21 may have known such music herself. But whatever extraordinary connection there'd been- if there had been - had faded with time, like a young prodigy who had let their talents go fallow. However.. while the music of poppy fields could not reach her, the fawn's description reminds her of the one place where music touched even the most deadened of deer, and she gives it another shot, "You mean like at the big oak tree?" Her expression is guardedly hopeful, but she can't help but notice how impatient the fawn is becoming waiting for her to give the right answer. Well, maybe she could appease him some other way. "But look at me, being so rude as to interrupt your dance with all my silly questions. You know, I've actually danced a little myself, perhaps you would show me the 'dance of the poppies', eh? What is your name, little danseur?"

-- I will do the illustration next time, since this one would have ended up pretty similar to the one you've made. Smiling

) Ocean
"Me? Well, my name's 21-"
The doe is quite taken aback by this stranger's questions and her halting speech betrays her hesitation; it's as though her thoughts still hadn't caught up to process this unusual encounter. "Well.. I suppose if you walked far enough in any direction you'd leave the forest.. where do you mean, though? Are you looking how to get to the pond, perhaps?" In this lull 21 takes a moment to look over the strange doe: glassy-eyed, so weak and frail.. Her heart is moved to great pity to see the suffering evident in that doe's dishevelled appearance, to say nothing of the troubling behaviour she exhibited. "But.. dear, you look terribly ill, I think you should rest a little..." She takes a cautious step forward and reaches her nose out to offer a comforting touch. "Please, come lie down. Ah, let me help you."
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(Don't worry about the illo,

(Don't worry about the illo, it was a random sketch because I've been trying to do a sketch-a-day thing.)

At the mention of the great oak he gives another hop, and his face lights up beneath the crown of poppies. "You can hear it there? Oh yes! The music in the tree is so strong it makes my bones sing and I can't hear anything else from inside it!" He does a little circle before he even remembers she asked him another question. "I'm Terpsichore. You'll dance? I like it when others dance too! What's your name?"

Hopefully he'll settle down some as he gets older.
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"21..." The Fawn sighs,

"21..." The Fawn sighs, swaying a little. The winter hadn't been kind; she had grown dangerously thin, weakened by sickness and cold alike.
"N-no...Not what I...mean. Gotta get out...out." She stumbles into the other doe, leaning upon her with all her little wait.
"Rest...?" She collapses to the ground, blinking up at the older doe. A flash comes across her memory, one of a creature much different from a deer, but with the same aura about her. Mommy...
"...C-can't. I need out!" She yelps, suddenly looking around frantically and shivering. "They're keeping me here. The Twins. I need to get back to mommy..." She sighs, rising again.
"Somebody must know..." She whispers, looking distant, then turning back to the doe.
"21...I wish you knew."

[Such a sweet deer, 21 is. ^^]
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I'm putting this here as a

I'm putting this here as a placeholder, will reply to everything up to this point within the next couple days. I'm in the process of moving back to college right now and things are kinda hectic and I'm feeling pretty tired! Thanks for understanding Laughing out loud
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tracktrack, will post later~

tracktrack, will post later~
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(No subject)

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I hope you don't mind me

I hope you don't mind me borrowing some of your precious poppies every so often to replenish my antlers, haha. But anyhow - how are you? I know we haven't been very communicative in the past, but I find myself having trouble befriending the youngsters populating the Forest nowadays, haha. Has everything been well for you?
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I am content with keeping my

I am content with keeping my distance and just watching you sleep in the poppies.
It's peaceful, the way you are, and I take more enjoyment out of observing you than any normal deer would...
I smile, and to my own surprise, notice how you're suddenly looking up, and even from the distance, observing just as brilliantly as I am.
I trot over and lay beside you.

"It's late in the afternoon, you know" I say.

You shift and tilt your head to look up at me.

"I was dreaming of somewhere far from here.
Somewhere I used to visit long, long ago..."

Your voice trails off and I watch your eyes close, sitting here wondering to myself how anyone in the world could possibly be as beautiful as you are.
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Hey, where did the rest of

Hey, where did the rest of the post go, Ravynn?? It was perfect the way it was! I actually was going to illustrate it instead cause I thought it was so nicely self-contained. Sticking out tongue
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Sorry. I put it back up.

I put it back up. Sticking out tongue
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What a cultured doe. What an

What a cultured doe.

What an intelligent mind behind her.

Fascinating, fascinating indeed. <3
Icon Art © Beloved
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Isn't this sad? How quickly I

Isn't this sad? How quickly I must revert to my 'native language' because I'm so bad at writing. Sticking out tongue Since the roleplays are probably too dated now, I've made silly pictures instead.

I figure after learning her name Terp would be eager to try some dancing out with 21. Of course she's terribly out of shape. Eye

I think 21 would be consoling your poor deer, probably assuming any of that stuff she was talking about was out of incoherence from whatever malady she is suffering.


"My friend Aeros, you feel free to take as many poppies as you like! This little glen belongs to you as much as it does me.
Oh, this new generation of fawns are wonderful company if you give them the chance. Although, truth be told, I have a hard time remembering all their names. Me, I'm as well as ever. Same old 21!"
She grins.

Ooh maybe a new style for my doodles, I'm a sucker for soft things

Thank you for bumping this hehe. Laughing out loud I am flattered, thank you for the nice comments.
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OH GOD THAT'S SO CUTE HERPDERP. Sticking out tongue
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They're perfect. Your art is

They're perfect.
Your art is perfect.
The softness is perfect.

Thank you. <3
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It's so lovely.

It's so lovely. <3 Thank you! [And I'm up for RP if you ever want to. :3]
The Fawn passes on her (only slightly unwilling) thanks for the condolences. She finds Ephra quite a nice presence.
*uploads to own photobucket to save*
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Aw Ocean I want to rp but I

Aw Ocean I want to rp but I don't know how to keep up with it, ugh it's frustrating. Maybe I need to organize it better, just short vignettes kind of thing. With writing, I seem to run out of steam pretty quickly. :/
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[That's me and drawing!

[That's me and drawing! xD]
Hm. Yeah, maybe just start with short pieces of writing. Just for fun & when you feel inspired. ^^
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I ought to try illustrating a

I ought to try illustrating a story of yours. That might be the closest I ever come to collaborative storytelling xD
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Eeep! D: Psh. Nah. I think it

Eeep! D:
Psh. Nah. I think it just takes practice. ^^
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Ah, to be unintentionally

Ah, to be unintentionally helpful is its own satisfaction.

Oh, nothing but the truth. I adore this all. C:
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(No subject)

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Revtheyr simply sat near the

Revtheyr simply sat near the poppy patch, watching quietly, too afraid to approach, or to say hello. He didn't know Ephra all that well, but something drew him here. Cell wasn't around, and he hadn't seen Tally in ages. Kaoori was resting... but Ren was about, somewhere. Perhaps he looked upon this place, and that doe, as a sanctuary of sorts.
Finally, his voice freed from his own nervous entanglement, and he offered a single word of greeting to the grazing female.

"... H.... Hello..."
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0 Hubalaboo 0 Revtheyr 21

0 Hubalaboo

0 Revtheyr
21 was reflexively nodding in salutation even before she'd lifted her head to look out across the bed of flowers. She smiled pleasantly, as always, and turned to face the newcomer - or maybe not, she didn't really know how long he'd been laying there. The fellow was easy to recognize with his distinctive third horn and, even at rest, his movement full of a dancer's grace. She couldn't recall his name but she wouldn't mention that.. "Hello. Nice to see you here! I watched you dance a few days ago you know, that was a very fine performance you put on there! ... I'm sorry for falling asleep near the end, I'd been running around all day you see." She tipped her ears back sheepishly.

+ Everybody
I'm going home for the long weekend so I won't be around till Tuesday. Or I might be around but I won't be able to draw anything. Or I might draw something but I won't be able to scan it in. =p
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I luff luff LUFF your

I luff luff LUFF your poppy.... it is simply gorgeous. *eats it*

.... as for interaction... erm.....

*little Eule-hoo pokes her nose around in the bushes for a bit seeing what can be seen, then steals the poppy for her antlers and plots to run away with it... however, she gets lost in her own daydream a bit too far and falls asleep on the spot, incriminating herself*
..... which simply means utter randomness at the moment... < ^.^; >
| Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you. ~Maori Proverb |
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I'm late seeing this, but

I'm late seeing this, but Terp and 21 dancing is so cute! He wouldn't mind whether she's good at dancing or not, he's delighted as long as someone tries.
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Revtheyr blushed in such a

Revtheyr blushed in such a manner as a deer CAN blush, and melted into human form. He looked pretty nice as a human - as male standards go. Soft, light-brown hair, his antlers in place, deer ears where human ears should be, and a set of deer legs attached to his human ones, making for an odd but graceful presence. He kept himself low in the grass, because he did not want to frighten her.

"I don't know if you mind this form or not - but I cannot stay in deer form. It is too painful, and I may kill my fawn if I do so..."

He lowered himself even more, resting on his belly, legs flat, almost invisible in the tall grass.

"Don't think of what I look like as a monster... please? Virgil does that, and it pains me and him more than I can say..."
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Hello Ephra and Vir.

Hello Ephra and Vir. Wonderful day isn't it? *Glares at Rev eyes grow large. Veins pop in hocks. Adrenaline oozes through body. Gallops like wildfire towards the pond*
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Nothing to see here.... (:

Nothing to see here.... (:

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! I see fawn-Scape in his

! I see fawn-Scape in his first set. Shocked
I vaguely remember that day.