Performance on newer pc?

Hello! I'm new around here.

I tried the game out years ago when I was young, but didn't stick with it (sadly!) I gave it a go again recently with some friends and would like to keep checking in. However, I'm finding that the game is making my CPU much much hotter than I would expect and running at a very low framerate even with minimum graphics settings. I have an intel i5, nvdia gtx 1650, and 8 Gb of ram. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend some comparability settings or other things I could tinker with outside of the in game options. I would have used the search function but unfortunately it seems to be not working right now.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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For some reason I can't comment on this post... Here's what I was going to say:

Thanks for the advice, everyone! Seems to be running a little more stable now. I kind of figured it came down to optimization and not knowing what to do with newer hardware. I'm sure the Unreal version will run great and I hope to have the funds for decent donation soon Smiling
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TEF is ironic in the fact

TEF is ironic in the fact that the better your pc is the worse TEF runs. The game itself hasn't been properly updated for years and probably has mental breakdowns while being run on newer pcs.

If messing with the graphical settings and sliders hasn't worked you can try turning off "blinking eyes"

This is what I've done to help my game:

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Hello! The method suggested

Hello! The method suggested in the comments here might help too.

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Definitely try WB's fix. I

Definitely try WB's fix. I have newer components all the way around (extremely overkill for this game) and it runs at 40-60 fps at max settings with lag spikes only during particle effects for the most part. Point being that it's not doomed to only run poorly on new systems. Settings that I've found over the years make the most impact with fps are turning off shadows completely as well as reflections (helps near the pond). Personally, blinking eyes when turned on makes my game incredibly unstable and I lose up to 20+ fps. You'll hardly notice an aesthetic difference with these things turned off, if at all. I also personally dislike the deer collision effect (yellow glow when you touch someone) so I always delete or rename it from the game files (C:\Program Files (x86)\Tale of Tales\The Endless Forest 3\data\Effects > DeerCollisionEffect.cgr).

A last note is that unfortunately this game has always been terribly optimized, and there's nothing the player can do to fix that after a point. Hopefully with these solutions it will at least be playable without wanting to throw your computer out the window.. Lol
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Quote:EDIT: For some reason I

For some reason I can't comment on this post...

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That would explain a lot,

That would explain a lot, thank you! Smiling