the quiet heart.

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Had been scare for a few days; mostly kept hidden in deep brush and at Reed's logs. Haunts the red bull's territory in hopes of him coming around, but has not seen the stag in a while. Beginning to fear that he won't see Reed again, or at least for a long time.

Sojourned from the logs this morning and wandered around sluggishly, not caring too much about his surroundings. Picked up on a faintly familiar scent in the distance and followed it to find Rhea resting beside a tree with a fawn (Mieraak) and an old stag (Kusabi). The hyena was a lot bigger since he saw her last, but it didn't frighten him. Lonely and starved for affection, he crept closer and settled beside a tree near the group, wondering if he should get closer. What if she didn't remember him? What if that stag attacked him?

Eventually gathered up his courage and gingerly stepped closer, but it was the fawn that got up to acknowledge him first. Feeling hopeful, Crier playfully reared but was met with rude gestures from the fawn. Stumbled back, confused and saddened, but did not bolt even when Kusabi got up to survey the scene. Stood still, completely unsure of himself. Watched the fawn suddenly take off, with the agitated bull on his heels. Took the opportunity to zero in on Rhea, leaning against her side. Scared that the stag will return, but also does not care enough to move. Warmth and familiarity is what he needs the most. Too nervous to sleep.

Got even more nervous when Rhea got up and looked him over. Backed up, feeling unreasonably uneasy. Convinced that she didn't recognize him and might harm him. Stood still as she sniffed him, and gingerly returned the gesture. She seemed curious, and sat down beside him. Felt a little better...but panicked when she disappeared (derpy internet? ;n;). Bolted when a creature with large antlers suddenly approached him (I didn't catch the name of the picto, so sorry ;;). Terrified he'd be pursued, but it didn't follow. Got even more jumpy when he almost galloped into the path of Kusabi; hid behind a tree and tried to calm himself.

Wandered aimlessly towards the birch when he noticed a familiar shape sleeping in the distance. Cautiously approached to find Reate resting with a fawn and another grown deer (Oseaan). Got a little nervous when she approached, but was calmed by the fact that she was a doe. Exchanged sniffs and was beckoned to sit with the group. Did not hesitate to cuddle up against her, wanting desperately to sleep. However, a friendly romp soon ensued and that helped put the fawn at ease. Grateful when things calmed down before he got too worn out. Curled up against Reate and managed to fall asleep, tuckered out.

male approx. 7 years old 14
fawn zombie pelt noh mask

victim of infanticide
burn wounds and scars
cannot remember his true name
cannot speak very well; underdeveloped
afraid to make noise, but unsure why
memories of past will eventually return
brotherly, wary, scrawny
cautious, curious, flighty
clingy, mimic, fast learner

fur is thickening slowly; growing a tuft of hair
finding comfort and trust in both sexes
becoming more courageous; approaching strangers
experiencing bursts of bravery, protectiveness
has very little concept of consequences to actions
feeling a little more independent, confident
avoids being out in the open (predators)
sleeps when with trusted company or when well-hidden
appetite is getting better, but still scrawny
becoming more playful, energetic with fawns

{relationships will be here}

{ Crier is a character and does not represent me. Concept and original art belong to myself. }

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I swear this little guy is

I swear this little guy is the most adorable thing ;u;
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Mauv and OJM, that is so

Mauv and OJM, that is so sweet of you to say! ;u; Thank you both so much! ♥ I am sure he'll be running into Cadaver again soon, but hopefully when ol' longneck isn't in a bad mood! :9

And holy cow page three, yayy! Nice snag, Riddle! 8D

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I have met Crier for all of

I have met Crier for all of five seconds. I'm taking it. :I He met this boy... and he's completely fresh to me, so it might take me a couple of posts to get comfortable with how he works. Would you be up for an RP with him?
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Ohh so that was your boy!

Ohh so that was your boy! Crier just got a little startled when he ran up to him, haha; he is sweet though (also unicorns eeee~)! I would love to have an RP with him. n_n

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That was mostly me being

That was mostly me being smart and not really noticing him until the last second. >.> He's not usually that...straightforward. I don't think? Maybe. He was more sad about startling him off than anything.

And yesss. Uni's. Gotta love them.

Azima halted at the sight of a deer with a face that he could only associate to that of a human. At first he thought it was some cruel joke of his mind, crossing the one thing he trusted with the one thing he didn't. But it wasn't an apparition, at least, it couldn't be since he had bowed and sniffed him. Azima had done the same- because that was what he was supposed to do, wasn't it?
"Hello, young one." his voice was light and friendly with a soothing edge. Yet there was a tired edge to it as well, making him sound far older than he really was. "Please don't be scared; I won't hurt you. I just want to know where I ended up, is all. Do you know the name of this place?" The forest itself seemed...normal. Normal with a hint of something different.
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Hehe, I suppose you will soon

Hehe, I suppose you will soon find out! c: That's okay though, first impressions aren't always perfect. And no worries, he didn't scare him off; Crier bowed before he left and went back to his group. n_n

I hope you don't mind that I reply tomorrow; just got done with some crazy in-game happenings and long updates, so my brain is friiied. ;-; I will reply right after I get back from work. ♥

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(Hokay, here we go! n_n) The

(Hokay, here we go! n_n)

The fawn had been startled when the deer had galloped up to him, and although he cowered and slunk back at first, he quickly gathered up the courage to move in for a cautious sniff. Crier had begun to feel different lately: braver, and more confident. He tried not to get too scared of strangers, but there were definitely exceptions to that rule. The slightest hint of roughness or unfriendliness could potentially send him running. But there was something about this one that told him it would be okay, that there was nothing to fear. When in doubt, go with your gut.

And so Crier sniffed the stag a couple of times, stiffening when the other male returned the gesture but staying in place nevertheless. His large ears tipped up to that friendly and warm voice, and his dark eyes widened slightly as he was 'drawn' into it. The fawn had some trouble understanding the stag, but he knew a few of the words. Name, place. Okay, got it. "C-cuh-Crier," the fawn bleated quietly, tapping his small hoof on the earth to show that that was indeed him. Looked to the side, then up, then down and lightly bounced in place. "F-forest!" he said proudly, tail flagged high.

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[Whoo! Changed his name to

[Whoo! Changed his name to Reate,(Reet) by the way. Figured it fit him just a bit better.]

"The Forest huh?" he tilted his head, before giving a nod. Alright then. That made much more sense now that he thought about it. "And your name is Crier?" he confirmed gently, offering him a smile, "That's an interesting name. My name is Reet. It's nice to meet you Crier and thank you for telling me where I am." he settled down before the fawn, tail curling around, "I didn't mean to startle you," he added with a smile.
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(Ohh, I like the name a lot!

(Ohh, I like the name a lot! It seems to fit him better, for sure. n_n)

The burned fawn nodded enthusiastically when the stag confirmed his name, though he stopped bouncing because it was making him dizzy. Wobbled slightly on his gangly legs before offering an equally wobbly half-bow to the other male. "Ruh-rr-eet!" Crier carefully sounded out his name, smiling wide at his accomplishment. The not-so-stranger was very nice, he realized; he really had nothing to be scared about. Took a couple more steps forehead and lightly sniffed Reat's forehead, tipping his ears. "Is 'kay," the fawn replied, blinking his large dark eyes as he studied Reat some more. "Wuh-what are you?"

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He gave a little nod and

He gave a little nod and smile at the fawn's response to his name, but paused a second to consider his next question. He tilted his head, "I'm just a deer, a different type of deer than you, though." another pause...he wasn't sure how to explain other than he was just a deer. "You might know me as a unicorn." he added.

Sorry for shortness. I can get longer posts, but I'm a tad pressed for time. -_-
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The new picture drains my

The new picture drains my soul
HE'S SO ADORABLE! Another track! OMG ♥
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Haha awww, thank you so much

Haha awww, thank you so much Ilovewolves3! You are a doll ;u; ♥

Another tilt of the head, and another blink as the large eyes stared up at him. Unicorn... It rang faint bells in the recesses of Crier's memories. The burned fawn stood still and stared at the ground, brow furrowed as he tried to remember. Unicorn...uni...oh! "Unicorn!" he suddenly cried as he sprang up, then pushed his pale face close to the stag's own. His dark eyes had somehow grown even wider with wonder. "Magic?" he inquired excitedly, bouncing lightly on his hooves once again.

No worries at all dear! I really don't mind short posts at all. n_n ♥

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Reate fought the urge to pull

Reate fought the urge to pull his head back, even though he knew the child was just...well that, a child. "Magic?" he mimicked, tilting his head slightly. A thoughtful pause ensued as he tried to figure out just how to tell the fawn of magic. He couldn't, at least, not when there was so many forms of magic. He didn't even know what he had in him at the moment. He hadn't tried to cast a spell since he had entered the forest. What if it didn't work anymore? What if he wasted everything he had trying to get to the forest in the first place? "What do you know of Magic, Crier?" he offered a small smile, trying to encourage him into speaking.
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The creature was definitely a

The creature was definitely a magical one; Crier could feel it. He began to bounce excitedly in place again, and then in a tight circle as he continued to project happily, "Magic, magic!" Stopped to face Reate again when the unicorn spoke, eyes wide and attentive. Large ears tipped and swiveled as he thought, mulling over what the unicorn asked of him, and then his eyes brightened with understanding. "Muh-magic...good? Fight b-buh-bad guys?" the fawn stuttered a little, though his tone was excited as he pushed his face close again. The little one had still more to learn about personal space, but the creature before him was too friendly and interesting to resist.

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[Gonna try to make this not

[Gonna try to make this not pathetic or cheesy or try to take over your character.]

He turned his head to the side, staring off into space for a moment, "Yes, it can be used to fight bad guys." he agreed after a moment, giving a little nod. He took a step back, his gaze sweeping around them as if looking for something, "But, did you know that magic could also be used for fun?" The amber eyes sought the fawn's a little smile playing on his face. "Much like how the creatures of this forest use magic to change each other's pelts, masks or antlers, my kind use magic for enjoyment rather than fighting. Only in life or death situations does that ever change." he took a breath, his gaze slipping away as he stared off into space. A small breeze sprung up then, the faintest breath of wind that toyed with the leaves of the trees and only slightly ruffled their fur.

With the wind came specks of white dust or snowflakes, something of similar appearance anyway, that twisted and danced on the wind, taking the forms of butterflies and dragonflies. They moved about Crier gracefully, floating on the wind with their little wings shimmering in the sunlight. They danced about under his legs and alighted on his fur, one even going so far as to alight on his nose. Reate watched the fawn carefully, his expression frozen in a tired smile. The insects fluttered around the Crier, giving the occasional butterfly kisses and all around seeming to enjoy themselves. The unicorn kept them there for a few minutes at best, before he shifted his stance, relaxing and allowing the energy to fade. The bugs' forms faded, dust and magic or whatever held their outlines suddenly dropping toward the ground. "Sorry I couldn't keep them longer. Usually I can, but I have been unwell for a long time, and I used a lot of my energy just trying to get here...when I am better you can play with them all you want...if you wish."
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(Awwh that is so cute, I love

(Awwh that is so cute, I love it! Reate is a sweetie! n_n)

The fawn could not quite understand everything that Reate was saying, but he definitely understood at least one word: magic. Despite his disadvantage, the burned fawn was surprisingly resourceful and quick of wit; through basic gestures and voice fluctuations, he could piece together a generalization of what the unicorn was explaining. Magic, fun...and he could feel something upon the wind. Crier stood still for a moment, large ears swiveling, and soon jumped a little when a 'snowflake' landed on his nose. Looking up with wide eyes, he saw that the air was full of brilliant and dancing flakes. The fawn giggled and trotted in a circle as they swirled about him, catching a few on his tongue and rearing up to 'kiss' some more.

Another gasp escaped his scrawny chest when the flakes began to morph into little insects, friendly and shining in appearance. Entranced and enamored, the fawn giggled and chased them around Reate, feeling so very care-free and with boundless wonder. At one point Crier experimentally stood very still, a wide smile on his pale face as a few insects took the opportunity to lightly land on his fur. It didn't even hurt when a couple of them 'kissed' his wounds. Then with a delighted cry the fawn jumped up, laughing as the insects took flight as graceful as ever, shimmering brightly in the sun. Then, as quickly as it began the insects had faded back into specks, and then into nothing. Confused, the fawn's ears drooped as he looked up at Reate sadly. The unicorn appeared very apologetic; he could hear it in that gentle voice. He recognized a very familiar word: sorry. Dropping his posture, the fawn moved forward and gently pushed his small face against the downy fur beneath Reate's neck. "Is 'kay," he said in a small voice, though he smiled as he spoke. "T'ank you."

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"You're welcome, Crier. Sorry

"You're welcome, Crier. Sorry they couldn't stay with you longer. They like to play." he shifted as so his head could droop to nuzzle the fawn's head. "I know they had just as much fun as you did."

[Heehee, he's a good boy. He loves to play. I bet he'd have fun running around the forest with little Crier when he gets his energy back.]
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I was at work most time Crier

I was at work most time Crier was around Reed but the presence didn't go unnoticed before I left.. thanks for quality time.
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Aw, you're very welcome Matt!

Aw, you're very welcome Matt! ♥ I always love when Crier can spend quality time with Reed; it is very sweet and relaxing. c:

The fawn tensed up slightly when the stag began to nuzzle him, as he was typically startled by any type of touch by strangers and even some familiar faces. Deep in the recesses of his mind and hidden memories, there was an underlying fear that even a gentle touch could quickly turn into a strike. But there was no false motive or malice behind the unicorn's affections: he was truly a tender soul. Crier sighed quietly with relief and leaned into the nuzzle, smiling as his large eyes contently fell shut. "Play 'gain, soon?" he mumbled hopefully. He definitely wanted to see more magic, but he could tell that his new friend was tired.

[Eee, he's such a sweetheart! I cannot wait for him to see Crier again. ;u;]

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"Oh yes, very soon Crier." He

"Oh yes, very soon Crier." He answered with a smile, "Getting better everyday."

[Yes! He loves the cute little guy. Expect him to check up on him from time to time!]
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The fawn smiled widely,

The fawn smiled widely, feeling very happy for his new friend who he was quickly beginning to look up to. "Better...good!" he repeated happily, bouncing lightly on his hooves for a moment before yawning. Blinking sleepily, Crier lowered himself to the ground in front of Reate and curled up between the unicorn's bent knees and against his fluffy chest. "Dis 'kay?" he asked in a small, sleepy voice.

[I very much look forward to it! -cuddles both of you- ;u;]

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[Crier is going to kill me

[Crier is going to kill me with his cuteness. I'm pretty sure Reate's already gone- he's just going to explode from the cuteness....oh, weird rock obsession. Got to take care of that. He's not completely...normal. Harmless, just a little weird. ]

"Perfectly alright, Crier."
The unicorn shifted almost uncertain of the situation. He wanted to rest, but...he couldn't, not quite yet. "Stay here, little Crier. Please." He exclaimed apologetically, getting to his hooves and trotting off with his tail waving out behind him. The orange and brown stag returned a few moments later, dropping a flat stone on the ground. He repeated the action multiple times, though more than one stone got switched out for another. They were all roughly the same size and level of flatness, smoothed from the waters of the pond or stream. Each stone was placed in the same distance from the fawn, surrounding him in a circle. When Reate stepped back, his eyes scanning over the circle, he nodded to himself. Good enough. The unicorn then proceeded to touch each stone with his nose, muttering inaudible words under his breath. Nothing spectacular happened, other than a smudge where the wet of his nose touched the dry stone. With only the slightest pause the male joined the little fawn in the circle again, now completely at ease, as if ritual he had just gone through was perfectly normal. He was careful to not accidentally move the stones as he moved, though, even going so far as to hold his tail off the ground. He curled around the fawn, wrapping his tail about both of them. The stone circle acted as some sort of border. "here we go. Now you can nap."
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[Haha aww, hopefully you will

[Haha aww, hopefully you will both survive the sugary onslaught! :9 I absolutely love his little ritual; it's totally unique, and delightfully quirky. Reate is truly the Rock Whisperer~ c:]

Crier was just getting comfortable when the unicorn shifted and stood up. The fawn lay still, startled as he stared up at the bull with wide eyes. That calm voice told him to stay, and before he could protest the unicorn had trotted off. For a long moment the burned fawn continued to stay frozen in place, his heart beating wildly in his chest. He was left alone, again...abandoned. Tears began to well up, and Crier squeezed his eyes shut and buried his face between his knees. They always left him, all of them... His scrawny body lightly shuddered beneath his suppressed sobs. The sound of approaching hoofbeats caused him to look up with fear, but it was immediately replaced with immense relief when he saw that it was Reate. He came back!

The fawn almost jumped up for joy until he saw that the unicorn was concentrating on an odd task at hand: laying down smooth stones all around Crier in a perfect circle. Something in the back of his mind told him to be respectful and to not move, and so he remained still, watching in an entranced state as Reate worked. His long ears twitched to those barely audible words, ones that the fawn could not understand, but they brought him comfort nevertheless. It never crossed the fawn's mine to question this ritual; on the contrary, as a naive child, it seemed perfectly normal to him. Nothing else mattered when the unicorn finished and curled around him within the stone circle, however. Crier immediately burrowed himself back into Reate's fur, breathing in his scent and sighing contently. His eyes were clear of tears, and his chest was no longer tight with worry. Reate was back; he was not going to leave Crier behind. Chuffed softly into the unicorn's fur and mumbled sleepily, "You sleep, too?"

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[haha. Rock Whisperer. That's

[haha. Rock Whisperer. That's totally what he is. Sometimes letting them build themselves up is a good thing. Him and his weird little rock ritual. He actually gets really, really bad anxiety when he goes to sleep without being surrounded by them. In a way they're like a security blanket. ]

"Yep, I sleep too. Don't worry, I'll still be here when you wake up," he assured him in his light gentle voice. "Rest well little Crier."
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[I absolutely love little

[I absolutely love little quirks like that; he definitely stands out among other characters. It's a shame about his anxiety though, poor guy. >: Lucky for him, Crier accepts his little rituals without question! Heck, he might even develop a similar habit when he begins to associate it with Reate. n_n]

Smiled within that sea of downy fur as the stag's gentle voice reached his ears, a voice devoid of any malice or ill will. I'll still be here... Words could not describe the relief that the fawn felt in those simple words. With a long sigh Crier fell deeper into a subconscious state, Reate's warmth and scent following him into his dreams. "Guh-ni'...Ru-reet..."

/sobs into a tissue ;u;

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[That would be so cute of

[That would be so cute of him! And oh my gosh I love Crier. Your characters are too precious for their own good! Thank you for the RP!]
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-SCREAMS INTO PILLOW- Gahh, you are too sweet for your own good! ;A; Thank you so much, dear; I absolutely adore your characters as well~ ;u; ♥ You are very welcome, and anytime; I enjoy RPing with you! c:

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He's such a sweetheart, and

He's such a sweetheart, and Oseaan is glad he could catch some sleep c: ♥

Track for this cutie!

Track for this cutie!
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Awwh, Oseaan is a sweetie as

Awwh, Oseaan is a sweetie as well! She is an absolute doll; I'm so glad that Crier got to meet her ;u; ♥

Tornpaw, thank you! n_n ♥

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Bump for you

Bump for you
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Hope you`re dong all right,

Hope you`re dong all right, Salka. Miss you ♥♥♥
Profile picture by ahimsa ♥

Pixel Wis by squeegie~
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Woooww. So beutiful art! Love

Woooww. So beutiful art! Love this. And track)
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tracking this qtie

tracking this qtie
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