the quiet heart.

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Had been scare for a few days; mostly kept hidden in deep brush and at Reed's logs. Haunts the red bull's territory in hopes of him coming around, but has not seen the stag in a while. Beginning to fear that he won't see Reed again, or at least for a long time.

Sojourned from the logs this morning and wandered around sluggishly, not caring too much about his surroundings. Picked up on a faintly familiar scent in the distance and followed it to find Rhea resting beside a tree with a fawn (Mieraak) and an old stag (Kusabi). The hyena was a lot bigger since he saw her last, but it didn't frighten him. Lonely and starved for affection, he crept closer and settled beside a tree near the group, wondering if he should get closer. What if she didn't remember him? What if that stag attacked him?

Eventually gathered up his courage and gingerly stepped closer, but it was the fawn that got up to acknowledge him first. Feeling hopeful, Crier playfully reared but was met with rude gestures from the fawn. Stumbled back, confused and saddened, but did not bolt even when Kusabi got up to survey the scene. Stood still, completely unsure of himself. Watched the fawn suddenly take off, with the agitated bull on his heels. Took the opportunity to zero in on Rhea, leaning against her side. Scared that the stag will return, but also does not care enough to move. Warmth and familiarity is what he needs the most. Too nervous to sleep.

Got even more nervous when Rhea got up and looked him over. Backed up, feeling unreasonably uneasy. Convinced that she didn't recognize him and might harm him. Stood still as she sniffed him, and gingerly returned the gesture. She seemed curious, and sat down beside him. Felt a little better...but panicked when she disappeared (derpy internet? ;n;). Bolted when a creature with large antlers suddenly approached him (I didn't catch the name of the picto, so sorry ;;). Terrified he'd be pursued, but it didn't follow. Got even more jumpy when he almost galloped into the path of Kusabi; hid behind a tree and tried to calm himself.

Wandered aimlessly towards the birch when he noticed a familiar shape sleeping in the distance. Cautiously approached to find Reate resting with a fawn and another grown deer (Oseaan). Got a little nervous when she approached, but was calmed by the fact that she was a doe. Exchanged sniffs and was beckoned to sit with the group. Did not hesitate to cuddle up against her, wanting desperately to sleep. However, a friendly romp soon ensued and that helped put the fawn at ease. Grateful when things calmed down before he got too worn out. Curled up against Reate and managed to fall asleep, tuckered out.

male approx. 7 years old 14
fawn zombie pelt noh mask

victim of infanticide
burn wounds and scars
cannot remember his true name
cannot speak very well; underdeveloped
afraid to make noise, but unsure why
memories of past will eventually return
brotherly, wary, scrawny
cautious, curious, flighty
clingy, mimic, fast learner

fur is thickening slowly; growing a tuft of hair
finding comfort and trust in both sexes
becoming more courageous; approaching strangers
experiencing bursts of bravery, protectiveness
has very little concept of consequences to actions
feeling a little more independent, confident
avoids being out in the open (predators)
sleeps when with trusted company or when well-hidden
appetite is getting better, but still scrawny
becoming more playful, energetic with fawns

{relationships will be here}

{ Crier is a character and does not represent me. Concept and original art belong to myself. }

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Yeah, the same stag was after

Yeah, the same stag was after Ariana. Whenever Ariana sees a fight, the poor girl always just ends up trying to break it up. ;u;
by Niriya and SoliloquyChryseis♥
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XD Erari originally wanted to "spy" on it and try to understand why it was continuously attacking the deer around her. She got nervous and tried to sneak away, but it turns out that it had followed her. So the scuffle commenced whoosh.

It did wind up sitting down after a while though.
Profile picture by ahimsa ♥

Pixel Wis by squeegie~
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Pff, I can't stand it when

Pff, I can't stand it when so-called big, tough predators go after much smaller critters. But eh, it is what is it. :/ Lol, CSI Endless Forest though.

-squeak- 'allo, Hanbutt~ c': ♥

[edit] Erari is such a tough little gal! I'm so glad she made it out okay. ;; It's also a relief that Red gives up pretty quickly (or from what I've seen anyway). If it went on forever, that would be so aggravating. I am all for predator characters (I've even had a couple of them myself), but mindless and endless fighting is very unreasonable. -_-

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|D Thank you! She didn`t

|D Thank you! She didn`t really fight, though-she kind of just kept dodging it and telling it no. Don`t why she thought a five day old fawn could win a fight against something twice her size |D

It did go on for a good ten minutes, though. Pretty exciting, though I kind of got scared that it wouldn`t stop XD
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Pixel Wis by squeegie~
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Track :3 The music makes me

Track :3 The music makes me feel.. Lonely
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She is definitely peppy and

She is definitely peppy and has a lot of spunk; she's like a Chihuahua, haha! :9 Thankfully it does stop after a while with this Red character. So in that sense, it's tolerable. @.@

Also Han, this is how I picture your face when you nab a new page:

[edit] Thank you for the track, dear! c: ♥ As odd as it sounds, it's nice to hear that it gives off that effect. I thought that it reflected Crier's mindset pretty well.

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It's like that except both

It's like that except both eyes are exposed.. slightly..
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Ahh yes, you're right. It's

Ahh yes, you're right. It's more like,

yes i had to post it again because kjdsfhsdjg

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(( i hope this is okayyy. x n

(( i hope this is okayyy. x n x i haven't rp'd dmitri in forever. ))

It was morning, and despite being early, the sun had eliminated any traces of fog or dew on the grass. As a result, a dark figure had woken up in discomfort. His body, twitching from random flies landing on him, was heavy, yet lean in muscle. Long legs that suggested power, long legs that decided to begin walking toward cooler areas.

His journey toward his favorite shadowed area was brief, and he was about to settle down in the damp moss and leaves when the scent of a fawn was breathed in. Oh, how unlucky for that fawn, to have been nestled here by its mother, only to have the same fate as several others before it: a tragic death of blood and bones being crunched, of guts and muscles being gnawed on and buried for later.

"Hello, there," he said, gently stepping toward the scent, careful not to step on any part of the body. "What is your name?" he asked, craning his neck down in an attempt to appear less frightening than he truly was.
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[Awh, it is absolutely okay!

[Awh, it is absolutely okay! Dmitri is too awesome to be kept away in the dustbox. ;u;]

Sleep had not come easy for the burned fawn the night before. Crier did not like it when nighttime fell; it was too dark, and he jumped and hid at every sound. Even the silence disturbed him and set him on edge, for at any moment the sound of moaning winds, creaking branches and crashing hooves would slice through it and jar his senses. Sound carried disturbingly well through the forest, despite it being a seemingly endless space. The young fawn felt as if he were going mad at times from all of the echoed bellows and angry forest noises. It took an eternity for him to fall asleep that night, despite how exhausted he was and that he found quite an excellent place to hide midst heavy ferns at the wide base of an elm tree.

But it didn't hide him well enough from creatures like the one who approached him now. Creatures that craved flesh and bone above roots and grasses. Creatures that were born in the darkness, and thrived within it. In the tiny hours of the morning, the sun's rays were weak and did not reach very well into the poppy patch. Unwittingly, Crier had made himself an easy target for the beastie that crept ever closer toward him.

In the last stages of sleep Crier was dozing lightly, and although he did not hear the creature's footfalls he most surely heard its voice. The fawn started awake and stiffened, and looking up with wide eyes he froze in horror. The face that hovered above him was not natural, and it did not look friendly. With a pathetic bleat the fawn stumbled up onto his hooves...a little too fast, prompting him to fall back against the trunk. Trapped. Shivering, the burned fawn drew into himself and squeezed his dark eyes shut. He could not look. "N-no...p-puh-please..." he pleaded in a tiny voice, strained with oncoming tears.

[Oh geez, sorry for the essay. I tend to RP "big" sometimes; please do not feel obligated to match my RP lengths because they can get ridiculous. XD;]

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Trackity track. C: Perhaps he

Trackity track. C: Perhaps he and Rossamund could interact sometime?
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This was a smart fawn. Most

This was a smart fawn. Most would fall into his trap of a kind facade, for most didn't yet understand right from wrong, good from evil. Morals could be foreign things with babies, but this one? This fawn had, at the very least, the basics down. "Aw, shhh, shhh. Everything is okay," Dmitri cooed, eyeing the fawn as he pressed his small frame up against the tree. The fear resonating off the creature was enough to swell confidence into his broad chest. This was one of his favorite activities, watching the weak tremble before him in anguish.

Just as he reared his head the pierce the small fawn's body with his ivory fangs, another scent crossed his nose... The scent of burnt flesh. Dmitri coughed and lowered his head, realizing that this fawn was not worth eating. His skin charred and scraped, and so fragile, it would be unsavory to munch on the creature. So, so unsavory.

A sigh. "Everything is okay," he cooed again, taking his fangs behind the fawn, scooping him near. "I'm not going to hurt you," he said, taking a step back to examine the creature. Black, with a white head. Though he was different, he reminded Dmitri of himself when he was young. Scrawny, terrified. ...Was this a paternal instinct? Trying to shove the thought away, he briefly shook his head. "What is your name, little one?"
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a track: because he is such a

a track: because he is such a darling little creation
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Echo and tyme, thank you both

Echo and tyme, thank you both so much! ♥ I would absolutely love for him to meet Rossamund sometime, Echo; he is a such a darling. c:

The fawn's scrawny frame rattled as he shivered helpless against the trunk, his back pressing so hard into the bark that it began to scrape and dig along his protruding spine. It was unfortunate that the pain it brought paled in comparison to earlier events in his life...a time that, for his sake, he had not yet begun to remember. The creature's hissing voice was the farthest thing from being even the least bit comforting. Deep in his core, Crier knew that the stranger only meant to only bring him harm.

When the "monster" reared its head back, Crier squeezed his eyes shut as hard as he could and braced himself...and then, nothing. Heart pounding against his ribcage and echoing within his skull, the fawn dared to peek through pale eyelids, shuddering at the sound of the ragged cough. The "monster" spoke again, and the dark fawn fully opened his eyes and stared up at the stranger's grotesque face with a confounding mixture of relief, terror and confusion. ...okay...? Was it? So torn was the fawn between finding the courage to make a break for it and holding back to satisfy his own curiosity that he did not notice when its fangs extended behind him. It was when he felt them push him forward that he jolted out of his trance and shivered with horror as a few tears slid down his pale cheeks. The burned fawn bit down on his lip, hard enough to draw a little bit of blood. He would not cry...bad things happened if he cried...

Although Crier was listening to the creature and focused on its softened and now noticeably more sincere voice, he shivered violently and remained frozen in place; as prey, his instincts demanded that he must not move now. If he was perfectly still, it would surely lose interest. And now it inquired for his name... A long, shuddering breath escaped the fawn's lungs as he fought for words. A name... He had been called something, at some time in his life that was a swirl of shadow in his mind, but it was not his true name. This he somehow knew, like recalling details from a foggy dream. But it was something...and it was all that he could remember. "C-Crier..." It came out in a tiny whisper, and yet it could be heard clearly in the dead silence of the early morning.

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So, so many smells within

So, so many smells within such a short span of time. Blood tinted the air and he briefly cleared his throat in an effort to clear his mind. He felt powerful, watching the fawn shiver and sniffle under his gaze. Oh, how so many other fawns had done the same before their life had ended in a sudden movement. Dmitri attacked like a spider, quick and then smothering, making sure his prey was dead. He had a habit of stringing the dead bodies up in trees for later, letting the fur rot and slide off, leaving a shell of torn muscles and intestines like garland.

But for this fawn... This skeletal thin child that somehow, in some way, reminded Dmitri of himself, that struck a nerve and prevented the entity from skewering him. Skewering and eating and decorating his own section of the forest with the fawn's remains. He just couldn't bring himself to do that to a younger version of himself, a younger similarity. The larger black creature remembered his own death and the pain and desperation he felt, and only now could he sympathize with what could have been his victim.

"Oh, little Crier," Dmitri breathed. "Do not be afraid of me. I won't hurt you, now. Do you have a family?"
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(Oh geez, as awful as it is

(Oh geez, as awful as it is for me to say, that is admittedly some awesome grotesque imagery. Dmitri, I dare say you fascinate me!)

The desire to take flight had subsided somewhat, not that taking advantage of it would have done the fawn any good. He had been eating very poorly, and his ribs were showing. He could not keep down much, and everything tasted bitter and dirty to him. It didn't frighten him, as he didn't realize just how serious of a predicament it was, but it did make him lethargic and weak. And so Crier was reduced to staring up at the strange creature above him while he shook and shivered. Even his teeth began to chatter, but he set his jaw tightly and took a breath. He had to be brave...he promised himself this only a couple of days ago after he was hunted by a predator. Complete strangers had jumped in to protect him without a second thought, regardless of their safety and only concerned of his own. He wanted to be like them, someday. He wanted to be fearless and big, and scare all of the predators away. With a new-found swell in his chest, he decided that he would not show Dmitri that he was scared.

This did not stop his voice from shaking as usual when he finally found it, however. He had difficulty speaking in general, as he was not used to it. Although he could form sentences well enough, he tended to speak slowly, testing out each word on his tongue before spitting it out when he had enough confidence. " is g-gone. N-no da," the fawn whispered, dark eyes beginning to sting once more. He probably should have said that he had a big, strong father who would surely be here any moment to rescue him, but he didn't dare to lie. And besides, Dmitri really seemed sincere. Maybe he should take a chance with the stranger...after all, he could not deny his underlying fascination.

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ahhhh <3
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!!! ;u; &hearts;

!!! ;u; ♥

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(( omg i'm so sorry that i

(( omg i'm so sorry that i took forever replying and that it's so short. ; ___ ; ))

Despite the fawn's attempts at proving he was much bigger and badder than he truly was, Dmitri could tell from the child's shakey voice and trempling body that he was still rather frightened. Who could blame him? Before the burnt fawn was a large deer -- no, creature -- with a crown of antlers and a mask that hid a presumably human face. Attached to this mask were two ivory fangs, shaped similarly to the pincers of a spider. They were carved with intricate designs, and if one looked close enough, dried blood still lingered in the crevices. Dmitri tried his best to clean his fangs after feeding, but blood was definitely not one of the easiest liquids to wash off.

"No family?" The beast repeated, his head tilting slightly. A deep hum reverberated throughout his body as he contemplated how this fawn came to be alone and burnt, why he had no parents. "Come, sit next to me," he said, circling around the tiny deer before nestling down in the cool lichens still fresh with morning dew. "My name is Dmitri. I can... protect you, if you wish," he offered, twitching his ears to listen to the random calls of other forest inhabitants.
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Awh, no worries at all! c: I

Awh, no worries at all! c: I shall reply very soon. I'm sorry that Crier isn't doing much; I'm afk off-and-on at the moment :/

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it's okay! c: i have a friend

it's okay! c: i have a friend over but i thought i'd throw dmitri in there just to say they've met in forest, haha.
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I'm so glad they were able to

I'm so glad they were able to meet in-forest! Dmitri is awesome; I do hope we'll be seeing more of him. c:

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The coppery smell of blood

The coppery smell of blood had not evaded the fawn's keen senses. Although he was very young, he still knew that blood came from people who were hurt. He was disturbingly familiar with the scent himself, and on his own person. His wounds were prone to breaking, leaking, but they were slowly getting better. Even now he could not remember how he got them; he just assumed he was born with them. Perhaps he did remember, but had learned to desperately repress those memories. And now, looking up at that grotesquely alluring mask, Crier wondered just where that very blood upon the spider-deer's slick fangs came from.

Crier shook at his head hesitantly at the creature's echoed response, and then tipped his ear curiously as the beast began to hum. Oddly enough, it made him feel almost immediately more at ease. Not entirely, but just enough to creep forward at the creature's gentle command. Froze a little, uncertain as he was circled, but soon pressed close to the spider-deer's withers. Warm...soft. The fawn shivered lightly and couldn't resist snuggling a little closer, the chill of the morning dew cooling the heated flesh surrounding his wounds. "D-Dim-eetree," Crier repeated slowly, making a face as he struggled to pronounce the spider-deer's name. Protection... He knew what that was. Did the creature really mean it? And if so, why would he bother to protect a sickly fawn? Perhaps it didn't matter. In light of recent events involving a predator, Crier would be grateful to feel safe with anyone in the forest who was selfless enough to watch over him. He could not say no to such an offer, and indeed, the fawn did not wish to accept or acknowledge that the spider-deer himself was in fact such a predator. "O-okay..." the fawn whispered, pressing his face into Dmitri's shoulder with another small shudder. Felt embarrassed for craving a guardian. He wanted to grow up faster.

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x a little sketch for you.

x a little sketch for you. kept few details out for sake of my preferences. deer to me seem smaller or bigger depending, though I even have a different version with your fawn having antlers.. hm. Thanks for company
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Oh my gosh...! ;A; Matt this

Oh my gosh...! ;A; Matt this is such a lovely surprise, I absolutely love it!! Your style is wonderful, and I am so happy that you were inspired. I would love to see the other one sometime as well! I am curious to see how you interpret him with antlers. c: Crier is happy to keep Reed company; he feels safe with him. I am definitely going to draw Reed sometime too~

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(( you don't need to reply

(( you don't need to reply ♥ i just felt bad for leaving you hanging for so long ))

A odd noise left Dmitri's nostrils, a calm snort, an exhale, as he felt the small frame press up against his body. The sun had imprinted its own warmth on his dark fur, and despite the chilled dewy foliage beneath him, he still radiated a bit of heat. "Yes," Dmitri reassured. He watched as his face screwed up in an attempt to say his name. It was good that the fawn could repeat his name, it was helpful. The chances of the fawn being preyed upon were high. If Dmitri had briefly attempted to harm Crier, surely other creatures had, too. If anybody would threaten his new charge, if the little burn victim would holler for him, then Dmitri could come to the rescue. He would tear into the attacker, defend the child until he was grown enough to learn to spar. Already, the older deer had decided he would take that duty upon himself.

It was different to allow a fawn to curl up next to him, letting him press his face into his large shoulder. Dmitri found he enjoyed it, however. He felt good, important for offering to protect Crier. Unlike Crier, the spider-deer had grown up unprotected from any forces of evil. He had been raised as a lamb for slaughter, a sacrificial token to some god he had long since forsaken. He doubted the child was like him in those regards, but in other ways, Dmitri could sense the similarities and he felt drawn to him. "Sleep, Crier. I will watch over you," he suggested, gently placing his tail around the fawn, hoping that would comfort the fawn. The predator laid his head down on the ground in front of Crier, the large fangs creating a barrier from any other evils.
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Track of interest

Track of interest <3
Salka's picture

Thank you so much, dear

Thank you so much, dear ♥ It was a pleasure to meet Dinah at last; she is so lovely. c:

Oh also, gemstone, I will reply to your post very soon~ Definitely tonight! n_n

Matthew.'s picture

Staying for so long, ah.. I

Staying for so long, ah.. I went to sleep. Always nice to interact with your characters
Salka's picture

Aw, same for you Matt! My

Aw, same for you Matt! My characters and I always enjoy Reed's company, even while sleeping! c:

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Cutiebutt Crier.

Cutiebutt Crier. <3 So happy for C to interact with him finally!
Salka's picture

Aww, yes, I'm so happy it

Aww, yes, I'm so happy it finally happened too! ;u; ♥ I had some inspiration to play him tonight, whee~ Sorry that C got scared off; Crier doesn't quite understand that Reed is protective. >': So glad they got to play though! ;;

idiosyncrasies's picture

I'm so glad you're having fun

I'm so glad you're having fun on him! <3
Clar was just taking a line out of Pig's book and trying to gently push Crier away from Dinah, he was concerned. lD
edit: then he shoved Crier at Reed because Crier was sad and hightailed it

I want to apologize again for C and I being grumpybutts yesterday. ;; And C a little today, too.
It was rude of us.
Salka's picture

Hehe, I noticed! That is so

Hehe, I noticed! That is so cute~ Don't pick up on too many Piggy habits though, Clar! :9 Haha yeah, poor Crier wasn't sure why he was getting shoved. He's more confused than anything though, he's alright now. c: ♥

Awh no worries sweetie, you totally don't need to apologize! ♥ I just hope you're feeling a little better, and if not, I hope that you will soon... -smooches your forehead- ;n;

[edit] OHgeez I will reply to the RP with Clar tomorrow, promisepromise! Argh my scatterbrain.. ;~;

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I felt bad; poor little man

I felt bad; poor little man getting shoved around by a grumpy teenager. ;; <3

You are so sweetnicelovely, you stop that. Don't worry about the RP.
>C Or ima hunt you down and kiss ya. -clings to your legs-
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Aww no no, don't feel

Aww no no, don't feel personally bad for something your character did; I take no offense to it! ♥

Gaaasp~ Nuuu you started the sweetness first, you stoppit! ;u; Haha looks like you've already found me, I'm doomed! -pets you- c:

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[Gonna wrap this up nice and

[Gonna wrap this up nice and neatly; sorry I took so long. ;~; ♥]

The fawn was much too young too understand the depth of a commitment of a complete stranger, but later in life he would still remember, and he would be in debt to all of those who were there for him. He did not even fully understand that Dmitri had initially wished to harm him; it came off as a misunderstanding, for surely the spider-stag was being quite kind to him now. In the moment, that was all that mattered to Crier. That, and warmth and safety which Dmitri offered him now. Dmitri's gentle voice reached his fading subconscious, and the fawn's ears twitched slightly as he let out a long sigh and snuggled closer. Cradled between the stag's tail and head, he was lulled off into a deep slumber in no time at all. Dreams were plentiful that night, and for once not one of them were unpleasant.

[Dmitri is so sweet! I lurffle him c: I hope they'll be able to see each other again soon! ♥]

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Gentle bump for experimental

Gentle bump for experimental CSS. If anyone sees anything weird going on with it, please let me know so that I may fix it. ;n; ♥

[edit] The image keeps sliding down over the update box; doing my best to fix this. Not quite sure how, though...

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tried to get dmitri in for

tried to get dmitri in for some interaction but my connection up and died. ):
love the new image btw ♥
icon from mortgraphics.
Salka's picture

Awh, I hate it when that

Awh, I hate it when that happens... >: That's okay though, he's just been sleeping while I tweaked the CSS and prepared dinner. I'll keep him in for a while longer. n_n And thank you, eee~ ;u; ♥

idiosyncrasies's picture

Love the new art!

Love the new art! <3
Happy Crier and Ko got to meet, too. c:
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Tracking this cutie &hearts;

Tracking this cutie ♥
Salka's picture

Eeee thank you both so much!

Eeee thank you both so much! ;u; ♥ Awh Embyr, I am so happy that Crier got to meet Ko too; I hope they can see each other again soon! n_n

Mauvable's picture

Too cute. &hearts;

Too cute. ♥
Salka's picture

/quietlyscreams ;u;

/quietlyscreams ;u; ♥

It was nice to finally meet Cadaver! He totally is a big teddybear, as Levana would put it! c:

Mauvable's picture

Hehe, yeah when he's calm.

Hehe, yeah when he's calm.

It was wonderful to meet Crier too, I've been admiring his design for so long.

He's always welcome around Cadaver. n_n

edit: biggest gosh dang teddy bear in the forest.