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Invisible scroll bars, ahoy! This is purely an experimental character that I have no major plans for.
Just going with the flow with random inspiration (yes, I might have watched Mirror Mask .-.)

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Overlapping CSS request~ (solved, thank you! <3)

I have been seeing some really neat tricks with CSS lately, but one in particular has had my interest for quite a while: having a picture, or a portion of it, overlap a box/table.

A perfect example of this can be seen on Lats'vel's bio, and another variation can be found here. I would love to utilize it in my bios; it gives off such a lovely effect when executed correctly.

I understand that most people are normally iffy about sharing codes in public. If anyone is willing to indulge, but does not wish to reveal it in a comment, you can reach me at

This is just a casual request, and if no one wishes to respond then that is perfectly fine. Just thought I'd give it a shot! n_n ♥
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L a cu n a

***Big ol' honkin' work-in-progress fffffppf
-SCREAMS- The tabs keep breaking SOOO idkkk might go with something else for CSS dsjfdsh/dies

{{DISCLAIMER}} If you have a phobia of spiders, the art and details here might upset you. Please proceed with caution.
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the vagabond.

[8/8] Considering redoing the CSS. Not sure when it will be finished; depends on if I'm in the mood to swear at my computer screen. :/
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the quiet heart.

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the sentinel.

[6/24] Updated relationships. Added Ntombi, Rhea, Erari and Red/'cosmic'.
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