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Kirin Pelt/Crying Idol - Venetian Carnival Antlers/Peacock - Any mask

Name Castallion; Castillion; Casti. Pronounced 'Kass-stay-yon', or as it's spelt if you prefer.
Not picky about his name.

Age Young adult; 7 years IRL
Gender Male
Birthday 12th of August, 2012
Species ?? ?? ?/ ?? Bull-horned, human-faced weirdo
Picto Crook in the moon
Size 13
Reference Designed by Sablekat, by me. Check codex for detail and rut form
Rests The hill beside the Playground.
Loves the birch; blends in with the grass. Rarely territorial.

Can make a variety of noises ranging from growls to literal honks.
More likely to 'vocalise' than actually speak words.

Chaotic good. Proud. Extroverted. Brave. Playful. Acts before he thinks. Greedy. Nosy. Protective. Savage. Wears his heart on his sleeve. Insensitive. Foolish. Melodramatic. Lacks subtlety or strategy.

This needs updating. New thoughts as of the rut:
- Learning more subtleties of fighting. Big adversaries require dodging! Finally starting to learn that being hurt = not so great
- Losing his mean streak; learning to be less selfish through a desire to cater to his herd.
- Doesn't seem the type, but easily enamored (and then flustered). Related to.....
- ...Unexpectedly, tends to cling to 1 judge at a time. Either as a preference when he has a group with him, or through the feeling of being reluctant to leave the 1 behind if they are alone and he is close to another lone judge
- Intentions tend to be more friendly than romantic...like, 90% of the time. Hasn't got a clue about "attracting" others in that sense- being flirty and showy and physical has become just standard, but might seem weird to acquaintances.
- Very good with kids/teenagers, seeing as he still acts like one

Proud, but overbearing. Boisterous, immature, loud, extroverted, thrives on interaction and action itself. Not the smartest being in the forest. Usually kind-hearted. Utterly immature, childish thought processes. Brave to the point of being thoughtless. Social interactions are often stunted by a lack of consideration, being rather selfish. Openly affectionate just as much as he can be openly aggressive. Lacks subtlety, and has a knack for being inappropriate.

The ultimate sin for him would be first thought of as pride but is more of a greed-inclined person. Doesn't think about his relationships too often and takes them for granted. Takes huge offense at those who attack his friends and loved ones, but at the same time often doesn't actively help these people. Happy to be dependent on others without them being dependent on him.

At the same time, he's not usually satisfied with being an observer. Likes being involved. Curious and confident.

Struggles with new emotions or bad ones and doesn't deal with them very well.

Has a strong dislike for animal spells after childhood experiences

Was once a human- getting a revamp. The forest is his "rebirth", rather than an afterlife.

Casti is not quite in his prime at this stage, still very young (and acting like it). His body is physically mature however- his antlers and feathers proably won't grow past this point and are at their peak. His coat also no longer darkens. He appears tall and slightly odd in anatomy, well built while still lanky in the legs. If compared to a specific deer body shape, he'd probably be closest to a black tailed deer or maybe a mule deer. Can't pick, and neither would be exact. His face, while humanoid, is not perfectly so- it's kind of hard to describe the specific differences, but his nose (wide, flat with a cervine nose), eyes (very large with cat irises) and jaw (wide, with much more pronounced canine teeth) are the most noticeable. Would definitely 100% not pass as a human in the real world, nuh uh. Very alien.

Body build can't be pinpointed to a species, but maybe closest to red deer. Long neck, thick legs, study build and kind of heavy but speedy like RL deer are.

Horns are bull-like, much better for defense than offense, and heavily feathered. Has a heavy feather 'headdress' around his neck, slinging off his antlers slightly. Can raise it just slightly. A very effective protective layer for his neck. Has a slight amount of black facial hair around his face; bristly and short. Presumably if broken, would not grow back.

During the rutting season his pelt usually turns to a bright red- at this point he gains additional facial markings too, and his feathers change colour. As an indecisive person I might switch between these palettes without much notice, however. ICly he should slowly change as a natural process. Presumably genetic.

Occasionally(or rather, when I can be bothered to reload), he will wear his painted skull for fun. Otherwise he will wear any mask cast upon him.

Vague addition: probably has some scars on either his right flank or his face from the 2016 rut

His presence is more in the physical than the vocal, although he can be extremely noisy (hello airplane noises) and chatty at times. While he has a smooth speaking voice, his feral call probably resembles the one made by the real deer mask closest. It probably seems a little strange to hear it coming out of a humanoid face, but hey. He learned to growl like a wolf from his encounter with Rayiz and does this regularly when in a fight. Would be more likely to vocalise than actually form sentences- huffs and grunts, etc.

Speaking of fights, he has relatively little experience. He tends to bluff and show off a lot during fights but can be alarmingly vicious when enraged, expressing feral tendencies grown from his childhood. Fighting can vary between being mocking - dancing about his opponent, literally, and shaking his head to show off his feathers - and being outright savage with hooves, teeth, and if at the right angle (this would be very hard to do right), his horns. In-game, a lot of head-shaking indicates fluffing out his crests to make himself look bigger and trying to intimidate his opponent. May be combined with pawing at the ground (and usually growling at this point) if he's going to charge.

Is vindictive and tends to target specific deer in his violence- does not like to drag in others, does not like interference. If he feels he has reason to dislike and keep an eye on another individual, may go after them for the simplest of issues. Delights in the challenge that fights bring and the ability to (possibly) intimidate and overpower a rival.

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Tracking this little guy.

Tracking this little guy.
Avatar by Meadow. Siggy © Shey & Squeegie
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Thanks guys!

Thanks guys!
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Hey Freyja, you really should

Hey Freyja, you really should put this CSS under a cut, it's messing up the biography's page quite a bit XD
Also, nice design!
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I always put my pages under

I always put my pages under the cut...this one included! I don't know why its acting up :c

Hmm, well, it didn't show up on my phone...and I messed up my editing once and it was suddenly in the body? But then I freshed the page and it moved back. Huh. I think it should be all good now...

also, thanks!
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Haha, this kid was a

Haha, this kid was a whoot!

And oh gawd, Idol of manliness. Watch out Daneth's going to get a big head!
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I'm enjoying playing him so

I'm enjoying playing him so far; it's very different to play as a fawn!

Hahaha, now i've got a mental image of him strutting around with a posse of worshipping fawns, just to attract the ladies!

!!! /squishes his cheeks/

!!! /squishes his cheeks/ awabuwabuwabu~ <3
What a little darling <3 Definitely tracking him
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Thanks a bunch! lD

Thanks a bunch! lD

Poor guy! Wish I'd read his

Poor guy! Wish I'd read his updates before Jo started making him hobble around. :(

What an awesome little dude though ♥ When I saw him taunt and provoke Darcy I had to make sure he was a fawn and not some badass adult character glitching as a fawn on my screen. xD He's so brave/feisty.
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Haha that's okay, he's

Haha that's okay, he's stubborn so he just tried to put up with it Sticking out tongue

Awww thankyou! Yeah, he's so arrogant it's turning into stupidity at times xD But I think he's learning

his design is so cool, and

his design is so cool, and unique.
absolutely loving the colorss
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Thanks! He was designed by

Thanks! He was designed by Sable lD
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Double post apologies! Just

Double post apologies! Just starting something here for Sight-


A slight frown crossed the fawn's face as the kudu left, but after quick reassurance that he wasn't being left alone, followed the small doe when she motioned for him to follow. As usual, he tried walking faster than possible with 3 limbs, ending up at an awkward shuffle with her front leg awkwardly jolted out in front. It hurt- but he didn't cry out; he'd been quiet for a while, only breaking his silence to call out to Jokerman when she had left. But now he was trodding after the black doe, frustrated at his own slow pace, before finally stopping close to her and staring at his limp leg with morbid curiosity.

"Mal?" he squeaked, before realising his mistake. "Bad?"

He dropped to the ground with it splayed out in front of him, quirking a bloodied eyebrow slightly. He hadn't really noticed his other wounds- small cuts here and there. But then again, he'd never been in shock before.
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Coming back to her home after

Coming back to her home after fleeing the earlier violence going on there, she found Jokerman sitting nearby with an orange doe and a wounded fawn. She went to see if she could lend a hand, the kudo doe seeming relieved and wanting to leave the fawn with her. Took him from her, and encouraged him to sit back down, something clearly very wrong with his leg. She’d seen the earlier altercation with Darcy. Had been shocked by it to say the least.

The feathered does’ brow went up in concern as he clearly struggled, “Yes…bad. But it’s okay, I’m going to help you. Okay? I’m Herla and I’m a medicine doe,” she smiled encouragingly. She had many supplies handy here at her new home and laid a few things out near the child. She started by carefully cleaning his wounds, and as she worked she talked to him to distract him, “You’re a bit small to be fighting full grown stags aren’t you? What’s your name.”
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"Medicine....," He'd never

"Medicine....," He'd never heard that word before, glancing at the things she took out. His English was starting to grow day by day. Without objecting, he let her get to work, dropping his ears a little with a tinkle from the metal ring; his reaction was like that of a child having an unwanted bath. But at the mention of fighting, he perked up again. "I STRONG! I challenge them, they run!" At this, he puffed his darkening chest out with pride.
"Me? I Cast-aaay-YUN!" At this age, his squeak wasn't exactly terrifying, particularly when he wasn't raising his voice for emphasis. "That stag, he ran! He went, with doe, so I win!" The fawn nodded, to reassure this Herla. The whole performance might have been more convincing if he wasn't just over half a meter tall and squeaking, but at least the shaking had stopped.
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”Yes, medicine. Healing.

”Yes, medicine. Healing. Fix the boo-boos?” she smiled at his bravado as she set to putting a splint on his broken leg, tying it carefully so it wouldn’t slip or rub.

“Well Castallion, generally, if the doe doesn’t leave with you then it means you lost,” she winked, “But that’s okay, that wasn’t a very nice doe, you should stay away from her okay?” she put a bit of sternness in her voice at the warning, scarlet eyes meeting his.

Turning away momentarily she laid some herbs before him, ” Now eat these up, alright? They’ll make you feel better and help the boo-boos to heal faster. So you can terrorize grown stags again sooner. I usually put honey on it for babies, do you need honey?”
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"Yes!" He sniffed at the

"Yes!" He sniffed at the splint, pulling another frowny-face. "This...look silly!" It was an affront to his image!

"...Ohhh." He'd keep that in mind for next time. Maybe that was why they'd all been fighting anyway? "Uh, okay." His yellow eyes met hers and he felt a little nervous; did she know the people who'd attacked? "She not bother me anyway. It was stag- I thought, he fight Reed, so I distract him! Did not work first time, but then-" insert loud explosion-imitation noises here. "ANTLERS!"

Grabbing the herbs and chewing without much hesitation, he pulled a face....then quickly hid it at her mention of honey. "No! Not baby! STAG!" He shook his tiny stubs and the small, downy feathers behind them to prove his point. It didn't help the flavour much, though. He continued chewing and eventually swallowed before gasping for air.
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"Next time show a little

"Next time show a little respect, short stuff. There's a fine line between being brave and being stupid..."

Hey there DX I just wanted to make it clear...D wasn't attacking your fawn so much as threatening and shove him. I don't know how he would have gotten a broken leg from just that...but if you want to do it alright =/ I'll just see it as more of a misstep then a direct injury from D
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Ack, sorry if you didn't want

Ack, sorry if you didn't want that man, it's really hard to tell in-game. I thought it'd be pretty easy, seeing as how tiny he is. If you want to play it as more indirect, that's fine! Apologies, again
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Track : )

Track : )


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Phai would wring his neck if

Phai would wring his neck if he weren't so cute.
Dunno why I hadn't tracked this yet o3o
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Sorry for the late replies

Sorry for the late replies everyone, but thanks <3!

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Misako painted this skull I

Misako painted this skull I requested for Castallion. Hope you like!
Avatar by Meadow. Siggy © Shey & Squeegie
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Oh gosh thank you so much for

Oh gosh thank you so much for requesting that! ;; <3
Now I just gotta grab a skull and hope it stays for more than 10 seconds haha
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Track! I see you dere Frey!


I see you dere Frey!

Sig: SoliloquyChryseis

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Haha, sorry, Casti conked out

Haha, sorry, Casti conked out
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Tracktracktracktrack &hearts;

Tracktracktracktrack ♥

Ugh he's still so cute.

Ugh he's still so cute. &heart; I really really love how much time you're taking with him as a fawn. Makes me happy when people clearly enjoy their characters so much before adulthood even.
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Thankies Silv! And haha

Thankies Silv!

And haha thankyou too! I'm excited for when he grows up....mostly because it'll be fun to have a character who can flaunt a full head of feathers haha. But as a fawn, he's very entertaining, and I can't really remember ever playing as a fawn before. It provides different kinds of situations, mostly because he's so immature at times. Soooo he'll probably be a slow grower!

"Threw a private tantrum over

"Threw a private tantrum over the fact that his antlers still haven't made an appearance. Thinks his feathers make him look girly(and they probably do!)."


Also just realized you're probably setting up to give him the carnival antlers. @_@ That's so awesome. Love when people make those antlers all legit in their designs.

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Ah, you're the one. Su-mi was

Ah, you're the one. Su-mi was in bunny form; Your minideer kept attempting to stomp on me. After I'd have had enough, I shapeshifted into my regular deer size and began giving you a dose of your own medicine;by stomping on you. Su-mi saw you cower.
It seems as though minis are out for little creatures. This I've noticed.
No one ever seems to pay attention when someone's attempting to step on me, and then they're wondering at my behavior once I respond by doing the same thing.

Don't worry though; Big Bunny is my mentor;we spend lots of time together. He's rather peaceful, so perhaps I can learn from his demeanor in such situations. I simply don't appreciate anyone attempting to step on me, and I will retailiate.
Keeps loves Fay.
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Gahhh sorry you two! I don't

Gahhh sorry you two! I don't check the comments often enough ;; Yeppers, he's gonna have those antlers when he's older.

@keepspeeps; Casti hasn't eaten proper meat since arriving in the forest, which is why he goes a bit crazy whenever he sees a rabbit. Stomping = his attempt to kill. Which obviously isn't going to work very well. Seeing her change into a deer freaked him out as he has an issue with animal spells, because it messes with the idea of deer not being prey for him. It wasn't personal, it was an IC reaction Eye Your reaction was probably normal in that situation lol.
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I understand that our

I understand that our community has plenty of predators and meat-eating, bunny chasing deer. Sometimes it seems that the only safe place for a bunny is air-sitting in a tree! Su-mi manages to out-run and out-wit most all attempts on her life. They only attempt to stomp on me;not a time I recall when they've succeeded. It can also be a sort of a game, with being chased and outrunning them, running circles around them.
I'm glad you understand my reaction. If you had caught Su-mi several weeks ago, she would have had a full-on attack on your character. I decided to mellow things out by only dishing out the same treatment as you attempted on me,which I sucessfully stomped upon you out of fury. Su-mi's been known to lose her temper around creature-killers and feciously attack them. My reaction was much subdued. However it cost me my place in the pack;however if only they had seen that you had initiated the rude behavior of attempting to .. kill me.. they may've had a better understanding of the situation.
Keeps loves Fay.
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ugh hes so cute :I

ugh hes so cute :I <3

adorable art by Tuoho! ♥
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"also, has fleas. He's not

"also, has fleas. He's not exactly the pinnacle of cleanliness at this age."

Hahaha! I just saw that, it cracked me up so much. Ah, Castallion!
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He's going to infect the

He's going to infect the whole forest!!11 Muahahaha!

and a late thanks, Sleepything <3
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Nooo not fleas ;_; *Shuffles

Nooo not fleas ;_; *Shuffles away*

Btw, I totally didn't see him in the grass. Really good camo XD
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YES fleas muahahaha! Really?

YES fleas muahahaha!

Really? That is awesome haha

Hello there!! Last night I

Hello there!!
Last night I was making a free deer adoptable for funsies, and as I was making it, something about it seemed really off to me, but I couldn't place it. So, I went to bed and slept on it.

Now I see that the thing that didn't set right with me is the fact that its body is a blueish color and it has red feathers. Kiiiiinda like your guy ;/
I haven't posted it because I'd like to show it to you so you can either disapprove of it or not.

Scrutinize away! I planned on making a couple of these with different color variations, so I'd like to still be able to offer these to people if you say this one in particular is too similar to your guy ;o
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It seems fine! Haha I can't

It seems fine! Haha I can't exactly claim the idea of a deer with feathers when there's so many of them on here. Thankyou for asking though <3!

Yay!! Thank you so much,

Yay!! Thank you so much, dear! <3 I was concerned more about how the coloring is kind of similar, plus I had to make sure it was ok because I'd feel horrible if I made you upset ;__; <3
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Nahanahanahanaaaaaa &hearts;

Nahanahanahanaaaaaa ♥
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I have to say. I love this

I have to say.
I love this character.
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Evil aliens on this bio

Evil aliens on this bio >8[

and omg thank you ;; That means a lot!
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*returned track*

*returned track*
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-sticks a stalk here and

-sticks a stalk here and scoots off- <3
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Love this guys design.

Love this guys design. Overdue track (x