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parrotsnpineapple - Well,

parrotsnpineapple -
Well, here it is! I don’t have a lot to ramble on about as I need to go to bed and I might just get a headache from stress. I wanted to do something special for Sterre and Otis’s birthday this year, as I’ve noticed a lot of people (including myself) focused on the death of Polt, rather than the birth of the kids. This is also my first birthday as Sterre’s new caretaker, so I decided something needed to be done. After tracking Shimmy down, chaining her to a pole and starving her, we agreed to do this sing-a-long collab thing, which is what we are best at. Also the first time I’ve worked with the Shim in this manner. If we want to get technical, a lot of the credit goes to Shimmy for sketching Otis, Sterre Wudiin and Polt as well as doing some of the starry backgrounds and colouring Otis. I simply coloured Sterre, did the rest of the backgrounds and put it all together.
Credit to Misako for some of the Sterre drawings and scribbles and a huge thankyou to Shim though for picking the song. It has been a riot to work with you. Trust me on this one folks, you were this close to getting a story about Hank Hill, A Wilson tree and lots and copious amounts of booty. Which…yknow…doesn’t really sound that bad anyways.
Enjoy everyone. Happy 2nd Birthday Otis & Sterre!

ShimmyShimmy -
As you can tell from the post above I was chained to a pole and collaborated with parrotsnpineapple/Kate. I got fed a cracker yesterday though, so I'm not totally starving. It was a good cracker. Cheesy. I had a lot of fun despite it all, and since it's my first time doing a collab like this I learned a lot too! Kate deserves an award for the amount work she put into this and for her drive to get it done too! She's crazy in a good way. Seriously. Wouldn’t have been able to do this without her!
She asked me to post this because time zones are butts, among other reasons.
I won't be replying to any comments because I'm still on hiatus. Still, that shouldn’t stop you from giving some love to Kate for all the work she put into it!
Happy Birthday, Sterre and Otis! Two years old already? Stop aging, sheesh!

Shimmy + P ; this is

Shimmy + P ; this is absolutely breathtaking.
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I am completely gobsmacked! A

I am completely gobsmacked! A beautiful rendition of these two <3
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jhasdfjushfdsj This made me

jhasdfjushfdsj This made me cry. It's beautiful. Happy Birthday Sterre and Otis ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Holy. This is gorgeous, and


This is gorgeous, and moving.
The amount of time you must have put into it ;;

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Man, I don't even know if

Man, I don't even know if I'll have a good comment, but yeah, sobbing. Whoa. I have to admit, I didn't expect this to turn out as amazing as it has. So fluent, one big picture, no seperate ones. It's one big story you go through. And it's really lovely, and so happy, something I've missed.
Well, I'm sitting here with open mouth. You both, thanks so much for this too. You're such an inspiration, you keep the stories alive. I better stop brabbeling now, haha.. Yeah.

Just completely awestruck. ♥

And yes, of course! Happy birthday Sterre and Otis!
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Of course this turned out

Of course this turned out beautiful and amazing and awe inspiring. It flowed so well along with the song, I’m super impressed by the whole thing. I too really like that we are celebrating these two lives as much as honoring the dead with this. Happy Birthday to both Sterre and Otis, hope to see much more of them and watch their lives blossom. Much love for both of them.
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...just.... WOW.

...just.... WOW.
Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo

This is one of the prettiest

This is one of the prettiest things I've EVER seen. <3

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Woah. So beautiful....

So beautiful....

(What is the song..? Loving it. <3 )
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Almost crying. ;n; Beautiful,

Almost crying. ;n; Beautiful, Shimmy and Ravenflight. Really well done.
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;u; This was beautiful and

;u; This was beautiful and super sad at the same time. I feel my heart aching good and bad.
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This made me cry. I always

This made me cry. I always love what you make.
Icon Art © Beloved
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;___; this is so beautiful

this is so beautiful and moving and gah ♥
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WELL. Faustt: Thankyou missy


Faustt: Thankyou missy <3
Oura: Awwwwww -tissues- Thankyou very much!
Pan: We did put quite a bit of time into it HAHAHAAHA ;A; (So many last minute)
Misako: OH COME HERE YOU. Yes, I was a little worried too when I looked over the storyboards. I guess it really did pull together in the end <3 Stories are special and this one will always be. Thankyou <3
Sight: I think we got a nice balance here indeed, still honours the two, but makes way for the two kiddies....oh I babble. I'm glad you enjoyed it love C:
Global: <3
Nopje: No u. Thank you <3
Spyrre: Jonsi - Around Us! Glad you like it!
Ocean: EVERYONES CRYING. Ahahaha I'm glad you like it. We had lots of fun.
Rikka: Thank you!
Serenai: -tissue- Thank you <3
Clare: gaaaahhh thank you kindly dear C:

I might as well comment too. This came together lovely. It feels good to look at it with fresh eyes (ONES FREE FROM STRESS AHAHAAHA.) Miss Shim, I'm glad we got to work together. I miss ya, but I'm glad to know this helped, and that you are still around.

There's always good parts here too. Don't forget that -cuddle-

Now have another biscuit. We cant have you starve.

-Throws Shimmy and Pineapple

-Throws Shimmy and Pineapple boxes of crackers-

You two are amazing. This is so gorgeous.
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;o; Every time I look at the

;o; Every time I look at the last picture I get teary. I think I need a whole box of tissues.

*secretly feeds Shim while she's here*
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OMG this was beautiful...I

OMG this was beautiful...I started crying TT3TT
You do not have a soul. You ARE a soul. You have a body.
~ C.S. Lewis
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I remember reading the

I remember reading the read-a-long for Polt's death and like bawling my eyes out,
and now it's happening again. Ah, this is so beautiful. ♥

*tears in my eyes* sniff...

*tears in my eyes*

sniff... that's just beautiful...
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This is so

This is so beautifulmovingfantasticgorgeousbreathtaking. Take ALL my feels, ok?

Also, I am stupidly happy to find another Jonsi fan.... c:
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Since I first read about

Since I first read about them, I loved this family ;c; All the art that has been done for them, and these pieces to songs, are always so beautiful