Slither [Complete]

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16th February 2012. 4:45pm.

I sense it first; a sick slithering feeling in the dark recesses of my mind- something is not right. I first noticed the disarray when what should have been a pleasant and quiet forest night had turned into a nightmare. Where the only songs should have been gentle laughter and the hoot of an owl were replaced with the wails of mothers and pacing deer. I would catch the glance of a passerby, but in his eyes there was something lacking, he was not willing to make a connection, he wanted to continue moving till he was out of sight. I have lived in this forest for a long time, and although I am getting older, I hardly grow senile. With my age comes wisdom and experience. I know of wolves within this realm, though they never always take one form. To truly be a predator, a villain, one must be forever changing. Unpredictable. Never stay in the same place and be utterly relentless, so in theory, there could only be one true villain, one that was not formed from a conscious mind. The most brutal of villains was an idea. Ideas can grow and mutate, and in all my years I could only ever think of one.

And so I would set off to find him, following in the path of disarray and corruption, weaving through the birch grasses like an infection.

18th February 2012 12:38pm.

This time I can smell it, the foul foreign smell of copper, blood and places outside. For most, it was a scent that rendered to your instincts and told you to run and never turn back. Unfortunately for me, my instincts begged to differ. As I walk towards the broken stones I note the change in foliage; the birch grasses wither and dry soil becomes muddy with an unidentifiable slick. I stopped for a moment and watched as it shimmered with vibrant colours in the dappled light, it was a deceiving beauty, but I could see past it - It was dark and black no matter how much the light danced on it. I thought back to our first confrontation, and what he had said;
”Infections often go unnoticed.”

”I would have thought you’d try harder to conceal yourself, scum.
The ground writhes beneath me now and trails of black sludge snake towards each other and slowly become a form. He is as sick and fearful as the day I found him here. From the writhing mass two pure white eyes form and he manages to stand on multiple limbs. Antlers grow and the splintered white mask springs forth. There is no way to describe the sounds he makes as he forms. Finally he stands, the ground beneath him is dead. "Come now my dear, there is no need for flattery of that level, we hardly know each other. Im quite old fashioned see?" He pauses and walks closer. "Lets not rush things." I suppress the desire to scoff and remain motionless, my two eyes affixed on him. "You have certainly done some lovely work in this forest. What else are you planning?" I am blunt and straightforward, there is hardly a need to divert my aims. "Oh this and that. Do you like the colour of the grass? It was such a bore you see. Im thinking of the pond next, have you seen the pond? Oh it really is a wonderful place. Can you imagine it filled with slick? Im just so tired of the same old colours." Memories of the pond rush back to me and I can feel water in my lungs. He knows. "I hear mothers cry and others stoop away and hide. What have you done? He encircles me now, a sickly trail of tar in his wake. Akuji ceases to speak for a moment and gurgles and chuckles in sick delight.

"You would make a wonderful mother."

"Stop it."

"Its a shame that coward of a mate couldn't help you. Why, Im sure he has already forgotten your face. He ran away and he hasn't come back, has he?"

I can feel it in me swirling and writhing, building like a storm. I try to move my feet but I find tar-beast has bound them to the ground. Suddenly he moves his head closer and gurgles and splutters his foul tar over my neck and ear and from the depths of his throat he begins to whisper. "You know what I do to the mothers? I slither through them like an infection. I find their womb. Choke their child and drown it. I sever the cord and its little beating heart stops. That wonderful feeling of life inside them ceases and they give birth do a limp, tainted body.

of course, you won't know that feeling."

"You sick fuck."

He pulls away quickly now and I feel the sudden sharp pain in my neck, I realise what he had done. The magnificent jade featheres that crowned my head were ripped from my scalp and at once were absorbed into his body. He grows taller now and suddenly tar-beast towers over me. My head is in throbbing pain and I can feel blood trickling down the back of my neck. The power within me grows strong now, ignited with anger and fuelled by something unknown to me. The usual compassion behind my eyes is gone. One more push.

"Rajan never loved you."


18th February 2012 1:49pm.

If an onlooker were to witness the tar beast and the feathered doe no more, they would have seen how she foolishly raced at the creature. But there was no one to witness such a battle nor was there someone to perhaps guide Ravenflight from what could be her last battle. Scars littered her hide and revealed her isolated and independent, albeit stubborn nature. The forest had never seen the likes of Akuji, and never had they seen Ravenflight in what she was about to do. It was true she was a guardian; the ancient race that lay claim over a particular species. It was true she was strong. But none had ever witnessed such a power, concealed deep within the stoic and tired does hide.

As the battle raged on the pair would dart at each other, her prongs digging into his slimy form and tearing furiously whilst he would shoot past her like a snake, his jagged mask cutting and infecting her sides. Both tried their hardest to extinguish life in one-another, but neither was willing to give in, so the scuffle raged on.

Stubbornness is a powerful force, as is anger when used in the right ways. Ravenflight always had control over the realm of the corvidae and it was only when she was near collapsing that she saw it; something familiar writhing and pulsing inside Akujis serpentine form.

So the doe stands there as the tar beast races forward

surely she was mad!

From the base of her throat it started; a shrill scream that morphed into a ravens call. From her nostrils, mouth and eyes blue smoke plumed and swirled to a climactic explosion

where Ravenflight uttered a word from a language long since forgotten.

She had dominion over all Ravens for she knew the essence of the name.

And it was within Akuji that she would find such a familiarity.

She watched as Akuji twisted and writhed in pain as his tarred form spilt into two. Of course, Ravenflight knew that such a blow would not kill him, it was a form he had taken before. But as she had forced him so, she knew it would cause him a great deal of damage and pain. The doe collapsed to the forest floor dripping with blood and splatters of tar, breathing heavily from the aftermath. The occasional blue smoke whisp would slither from her nostril and mouth. She was weak, but hardly dead; her heart beating furiously.

The Raven doe grinned and used all the energy she could muster to shout out to the infection as it flew away to regroup;

"The forest is wise, Tar-beast.

it does not forget and it shows no mercy."

"Let the rest of them see you to your fate."

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Slither will be added in

Slither will be added in parts. Like a diary. Stay tuned.
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Hnnngh~ I'm already hungry

Hnnngh~ I'm already hungry for more.
This will definitely work.
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Oh, this is good already! I

Oh, this is good already! I like your portrayal of how these events would be affecting the forest inhabitants, nothing worst then babies dying…but babies being murdered. That would definitely be putting a pale of suspicion, unrest and grief over everybody.

Will be watching to see where you take this. I’m curious as to what Ravenflight intends to do.


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uuuuuuu track. Moar.

uuuuuuu track. Moar.
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Akuji: "Eep."

Akuji: "Eep."

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I'm already excited. Can't

I'm already excited. Can't wait for more! ♥
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Part II Added! Hrae: Im

Part II Added!

Hrae: Im really glad you like it ♥ Thankyou for allowing me to be involved in this.
Jess: Most certainly. I wonder what Ravey will do..
Holograph: C:
Our: <3
Dag: Damn straight.
Lung: ♥
AnimalArtist: Thanks!
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Mmm Definitely tracking.

Mmm Definitely tracking.
Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo
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Aww, poor Ravey, I feel so

Aww, poor Ravey, I feel so bad for her….but at the same time, I want her to mess up that bad guy like serious.
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That was perfect. :I

That was perfect. :I
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Wow. Tracking for sure!

Wow. Tracking for sure!

Oh, you better run now

Oh, you better run now boooyyyy.
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Okay, Akuji can die now.

Okay, Akuji can die now. Though I've always thought 'Flight would look pretty even without her feathers.
But he still needs to die >8C
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Slither is finished! Thankyou

Slither is finished! Thankyou for everyone who showed interest. It means a lot to me.

Hraeth, Ive changed this blog to a node, so you will have to update your brawl post.

@ Sight: Don't you worry now, Ravey will mess him up for sure Eye
@ Hraeth: I am really flattered you think so <33 Thanks for the opportunity
@ Echosong: Thanks!
@ Dag: Ravey will kill the evil boss until he is ded.
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Holycrap. 8I I don't even

Holycrap. 8I
I don't even have words. Ravey's such a bad ass and I absolutely love how you used his affinity for ravens against him. I get such a kick out of things like that. And where he's blowing up? Hnnnnnghasdhl. oAo

Thank you so much for making something so cool for my little plot. I really, really enjoyed this. ;; <333
Will update the node link in Brawl right away~.
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So much love. All of this.

So much love. All of this. <3
Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo
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Oooh, that was epic! Like

Oooh, that was epic! Like that angle a lot, with the ravens tearing apart from him. Aww, now stiil… poor Ravey. ;_;

Things this amazing should be

Things this amazing should be illegal. @ u @ <3
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You inspire me.

You inspire me.

I love that last shot; so

I love that last shot; so much emotion from it. And the way he split? Fucking badass how she did that to him; I love the way her energy seems to crawl up him, like it's trying to suffocate him almost.

Beautifully done.

I love how this ended. Such a

I love how this ended. Such a simple yet powerful weakness to exploit. Clever!

Loved all of this ♥
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ajshkl. /mind blown Totally

ajshkl. /mind blown
Totally did not expect Ravenflight to use her power there. So clever and so well executed with the text and the pictures. Well done. ;3; -reads over-