Art by Sessy<3

Eastern Screech Owl/ Domestic Cat Tabby Breed Griffin
Young-around 18 years
Biromantic Asexual
Pine and Honey Scented
Hoot Purr Aggression

Wondered the forest, flew around and perched on the trees. Met Nidhem and also ran into Gustiro. Later both he and Nidhem joined Umay, Kody, and Lume. Sat and flew around with them a
"Finally...the rain ended and what's going on? And oh...nice to meet you all."
Physical 100% Extra animated due to the Twilight. Met some new faces and flew around
Mental 90%-generally in good spirits, a bit afraid from Gustiro running into him and Nidhem

In Game Appearence
Mini spell, Crying Idol pelt, Tiki Owl mask, Magpie antlers
Actual Appearence
Kitten sized-but actually full grown
Owl-like head, front paws, and wings
Cat like body, back paws, tail, ears and tabby patterns
Covered in feathers
Can Fly

Observant, welcoming and curious
Loving, Affectionate
Playful; can be sorta of a trickster
Proud of his ability of flight; often will perch on trees, the Idol, and mushroom caps

May be quick to pick up fights
Very defensive of his size-really dislikes it when others think he's a baby due to his size
Dislikes water; he will not be online if it's raining or get into the Pond

NOTE: Leon is played as "IC,"and does not represent me. I take full responsibility for his actions.
If you find any of his actions bring you discomfort or confusion, please feel free to contact me here or by the following address:

Feel free to interact with him in the comments below c;

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Ah, Mishka saw Leon on the

Ah, Mishka saw Leon on the Forest then (and followed him for a little bit, lol), but was too scared to come closer and make friends since he didn't recognize Leon. Supposing it's safe now ^_^

Tracking! He sounds like quite the character Smiling

This land is made of love and peace!

Awwww really? Feel free to do

Awwww really? Feel free to do so though, Leon is a good kitty, in that respect ya know.
And awww thanks <3 C:
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This character is so

This character is so amazingly cute and ingenious, combo of 2 of the prettiest animals in the world. I really hope to meet him one day. Track!

Awww thank you

Awww thank you <3
Yeah you'll see him around. He quickly grew to be my most active character so he'd be around