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I Never Had[Tulio]Enough Gold

Thanks Pretzil!!!!


Art by Sessy<3

Gentle as the moon [Alejandro] Atrocious as the sea

Done by Myself

Call him "Al" for short
Genderless, Identifies as a male
Ageless-does appear in early adulthood (23)
Lunar Kirin-lung dragon/classical unicorn mix
Biromantic Asexual, with Homoromantic tendencies
Cold sea and coffee-scented
Voice: *ask first*Cry Growl Song

Physical 100%-
Mental 90%-

In Game Appearence
Secretary bird pelt, Skull mask and Kirin antlers
Actual Appearence
Deer-like build
Long muzzle-intermediate with deer and dragon
Dragon-like jaws-sharp serrated teeth and molars
Two long silver whiskers
Dark legs: front feet are dragon-like and ambidextrous, back feet have cloven hooves
Kirin antlers
Long dark salmon-colored mane
Blackish scaly belly
Long unicorn-like tail
Size Chart by Apedille, gift art by IckyDog

Can shoot beams of moonlight out of his jaws like here and the beams can reach quite a distance
Claws can inflict heavy damage and can be capable of skinning her opponents
Jaws can tear and once one is in his jaws, there's no escape due to his hooked teeth unless he realeses on his own will
Tail can be used as a whip

Creative and Artis
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