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"Domino?++"lol, two +!!!

lol, two +!!! Domino has a new level!!! : D

xD lol now that you say

xD lol now that you say that.....It looks like Domino's leveled up!!!~
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hahahah yes!

hahahah yes!

"Thank you for the company

"Thank you for the company today."

"It was my pleasure, hope I

"It was my pleasure, hope I wasn't to boring for you."
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Hi Hi. =3 Garth is going

Hi Hi. =3
Garth is going blind now. Details are in his Bio.

dfiodjf GARTH D: Poor Garth,

dfiodjf GARTH D:
Poor Garth, he's old...Alone...And going blind. xD
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Lol. xDD He is going slowly.

Lol. xDD He is going slowly. xDD He just had a spaz attack because he couldn't smell Willow or Angel and then he all of a sudden felt a strong wind (Balto shaking his antlers.) on his face. He thought he was being attacked and ran. Then he couldn't get a scent to go back to everyone. So he paniced then. Lol. He is in bad shape... *pulls out Da Shot* I may have to use this soon sadly... xDD *dials a cemetary and a casket maker* One large casket and one spot in the cemitary please. Thank you! *hangs up* xDD

Haha xD He needs to be like

Haha xD He needs to be like restricted into some fawn, that be a funny sight to see. An old deer in a young deer's body.. ok ya never mind stupid idea...I'll shut up now xD
I think he got mad or something, because he just walked off.

.....Caskets smell weird to me..Garth should be burned and have his ashes float out to sea....errr pond? 8D
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Ok. xDD Bailey will be at the

Ok. xDD Bailey will be at the pond super soon. He is like dieing. Like now. xD When I switch to Bailey, it means he died. And she will make her way slowly to the pond, with the ashes in her mouth, that are in a bag. She will then drink and release the ashes. Then Garth will be taken over by a new young buck.

D: Garth...Angel and me are

D: Garth...Angel and me are going to miss him.~

Ok but hurry, I have to get off soon.
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Ok. Cerimony starting now.

Ok. Cerimony starting now. Btw if you can help me get him the beluga pelt that would be great. ^^

Jfhf I was forced off ): ..

I was forced off ): ..
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Well Ethan is the new young

Well Ethan is the new young buck and I have to say, he is curious to see the forest.

Awww I love his name, but I'm

Awww I love his name, but I'm not sure how Angel will take to him.
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Lol. We will have to wait and

Lol. We will have to wait and see. <3

Rp? =3

The young stag lowered his head to the ponds edge. He started to lap the water up. His ears swirled around listening for any sounds. The his nose caught a smell... A fimilliar smell. Who is that..? He had smelled this deer before, but, has not gotten close enough to look at it. He didn't even know if it was a stag or doe. He slowly lifted his head. He summoned up some courage and spoke. "Who's there?" His ears swirled, waiting for an answer.

^^ Sure. Sorry if I take a

^^ Sure. Sorry if I take a while to reply. I'm finishing up my essay.~


Staring at the pond in front of her the doe hesitates, wanting to drink from the cool, crisp, refreshing water but not wanting to remember what had happen the day before. She finally stopped her self from mourning the loss of him. But for an odd reason his sent still lingered in the forest air. Hearing a faint sound in the distance she pauses in shock. "Ga....Garth...Is that you...Your sent...Your voice has changed a bit...But that sent, it's surely yours. Angel says, slowly walking towards the source of the sound. Still pondering if it was just her imagination or if what she heard, what she smelled, what she wanted to see was still alive. Still living like it was only a couple days ago.
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The stag turned to the voice

The stag turned to the voice behind him. He flipped his ears forward. His shinning black and white fur glistening in the sunlight. The stag was puzzled. "Miss, I'm sorry, but I'm not 'Garth.' I'm sure that 'Garth' is in a happier place now. I'm Ethan. I am the new life that started in 'Garth's' body. I'm sorry to tell you so." The stag snorted and lowered his head and sniffed the ground. He could smell Garth's scent on the ground. He lifted his head up and snorted again. "Miss, the scent of 'Garth' you smell is on the ground. I also smell it. But, miss, please don't be affraid to show yourself. I promise I won't hurt you."

The doe stepped back, little

The doe stepped back, little cold tears ridding down her now pale slender face. Not really knowing what she wished for more, Garth to return to everyone, or for her to have another chance to tell him that he was special to her. Almost like a father figure at times she wished he had never gone but all the wishing had faded. All her hopes she kept to her self. Moving on from the pain ignoring it, letting everyone pass by her. She grew a little irritated at her self for showing such a weakness, for hoping that the thing she has lost would come back like that. " Happier then he was back down here with all his friends and family? She says, slightly stepping forward. Still hidden from the view of the stage but close enough for her to get a glimpse of him.....Your name has no value to me...But if you insist on names then mine is Angel. Bending her neck down towards the ground she swiftly sniffs the forest land. "Your right, but there is something about you. Something that reminds me immensely of him, and I detest it. So I'd rather stay hidden, even if you say you wont hurt me I might end up hurting you instead..
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The stag puffed out his chest

The stag puffed out his chest to make him look wise like Garth, as she had said. "Miss, did you need to say something to Garth? I'm able to communicate with him telipathicly because I am in his body." The stag's one ear twitched. "Yeah... Yeah... Yeah... Ok I will. Garth said 'I was happy down there with you. I was always happy when I was with you... But I have moved on. I won't forget about you though, My Angel. And, please, don't forget about me...' Did you want me to tell him something from you, miss?" The stag wanted to do all he could to make the doe more comfortable with her loosing a dear friend. He was also curious of what this mysterious doe looked like. "Uh, Miss, may you mind showing yourself to me..?" The young stag hesitated a bit, almost thinking twice about asking.

Look here. I very much hope

Look here. I very much hope that will be pleasant to you. (:
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@ Kiki Forget the last post.

@ Kiki

Forget the last post. Here is a new one.

The stag sighed and hung his head. "I'm not sure I can help anymore, Miss. I think you are a very nice deer, but I don't know what you look like or what you are. But may you please show yourself?" The stag stared at the ground still sad as to why he was hated in this forest so much. He didn't mean to make others angry or upset. He just wanted to start a new life.

Didn't see that other post

Didn't see that other post until now O.o

"Who said I wanted your help?..I don't trust you so I shall not show my self. The now slightly irritated doe says, glaring at the male a distance away from her. She hated him even with out knowing who or what the stage truly was. Stretching her back out, flicking her tail in a circular rotation Angel yawns slightly. Their conversation would go no where at this point. All she was doing was causing her self more trouble by sticking around talking to the stranger. "If your so worried about what I am, and how I look then how about you come over to me?... Or are you too scared to take such a risk? Now taunting the stage she knew, she always knew that her habit of this wasn't one to be proud of. But it comforted her with situations like this one.
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O.o Good Lord.

O.o Good Lord. xDD

The stag lifted his head and sighed, looking at the dark figure that represented a doe. "Miss... I'm really sorry you lost your friend. I get telipatchic messages from him. I'm getting one right now and he is begging me to tell you the message. The stag cleared his throat. "Angel... My dear... Please be nice... I miss you so much... Please... I love it up here as much as I did with you... I have moved on.. And it may be time you did the same... But I won't forget about you.. And you don't forget about me... As long as Ethan is here, we can always talk to each other... When ever you want.. I won't ever miss a date.." He thanked me for passing on the message. And he wants you to give one to me so I can give it to him. He wants to hear from you so he knows you haven't stopped believing in him." He looked at the figure with big blue eyes, knowing he did all he could.

"I...I don't believe you...

"I...I don't believe you... The doe says, almost choking over her words.
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The stag sighed. "She doesn't

The stag sighed. "She doesn't believe me Garth. Now what? No! That is too risky!" The stag was looking up at the sky. He sighed again. His posture straighten as if Garth was coming out of him. Then Garth's voice sounded out of his mouth. Garth's soul had taken over Ethan's body just to get Angel to believe. "Angel..." The stag walked over to her. He nuzzled her. "It's me. Ethan wasn't lying. This is the only time that you can see me in his body. There is limit to how many times I can do this. This is my last time..." The stag licked her cheak. "Please. Ethan is just trying to help. Give him a chance. He will link me with you and keep me updated on your actions." The stag chuckled. "Please. Don't forget about me. And I won't forget about you..." The stag backed away to the point he started at and Ethan's soul seemed to take back over his body. Ethan didn't get her apperence. He didn't see anything. He lowered his head to the ground and looked up at the figure. "Do you believe me now?"

The doe stood their paralyzed

The doe stood their paralyzed in fear and pure confusion. She didn't want to show it but her mind went blank. She heard Garth's voice but all she saw was that Stage..."You disgust me, as if I'd ever want to talk to him again even with your help It'll never be the same. He left us, He left me. I don't want to hear another thing about Garth, I just want to forget him. I want to forget everything.. Walking off towards a near by tree still shadowed away from the males view she lays her slender, tired, blueish body down next to the trees root.
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The stag walked carefully and

The stag walked carefully and quietly over to the doe. He finally got his first glance at the doe. Her bluish pelt was of nothing he has ever seen before. Her looks stopped him dead in his path. His jaw dropped and he could bearly speak. ".... Wow...." That was all he could think of saying.

Sorry Angel sorta taunted him

Sorry Angel sorta taunted him earlier, she didn't like how close he was to Veil.
The doe turning her soft neck to face the stage she wasn't impressed with his looks but he was larger then what she expected. Lowering her slender head down to the ground she stares at the stage, watching his every breath, his every movement her eyes staying fixed on him. "Wow what...What is it I don't have all day you know. She says bluntly, not caring if she hurts the stages feelings. This was likely the way she mourned over someone she held deer. Taunting, teasing, threatening other's to ease or avoid the pain she obviously felt deep down in between her now icy blue heart. But for the only reason of Garth's souls being trapped in this new stages body pissed her off to the extent that she wanted to harm him with out the reason of bottling up her emotions.
Late reply= I became stupid and didn't see this again.
It wont happen again..unless I have to leave randomly... _-_
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It's ok

It's ok xDD

The stag was snapped out of his trace and couldn't sum up anything to say. He shook his head, still staring at the beautiful doe. "I.. Uh... Well, you see... Uhhhh...." The stag studder. He then just gave up trying to speak and ploped on the ground where he was sitting. His head fell onto the ground and he let out a sigh. Then a big smile appeared on his face. He flung his legs up into the air and rolled on his back, making his coat silkier. He sat up. And laid his head down on the ground and just stared at the doe, his eyes soft and smiling stupidly.

Watching the stage smile at

Watching the stage smile at her the doe leans in towards the male, almost glaring at him she whispers. "I'm not one to mess with, so I suggest you watch your step around me or else that little smile of yours will end up in your... She cuts off before finishing her sentence. Staring quietly at the male, Angel sighs a bit to her self. "So what's your name again...? And why do you insist on pestering me?
.-. Angel's a bitc* 8D
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The stag sat up on his rear

The stag sat up on his rear like a puppy. "I'm Ethan. And I'm not trying to pester you. I just want to know more about you." The stag slid back down to the ground. When his head plopped on the ground, he smiled stupidly again. "Why are you so nice to me?" The stag was trying to joke. He wanted to see the doe smiled. He shut his eyes tight and stuck out his tongue. He opened his eyes and laugh.

"Ethan huh.... interesting.

"Ethan huh.... interesting. So you want to know more about me...Then I suppose i can allow you to ask a couple questions. She say's still glaring at the male, she didn't want to admit it but she slightly enjoyed his company. "....So your trying to be funny now..?"
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The stag smiled and blushed.

The stag smiled and blushed. "Yep. I'm trying to be funny." The stag couldn't think of any questions at that moment. To fill the akward scilence he sang this song. "Johnny's daddy was taking him fishin' when he was eight years old. A little girl came through the front gate, holdin' a fishin' pole. His dad looked down and smiled, said we can't leave her behind. Son, I know you don't want her to go, but someday you'll change your mind. And Johnny said "Take Jimmy Johnson. Take Tommy Thomson. Take my best friend Bo. Take anybody that you want, as long as she don't go.Take any boy in the world.Daddy please don't take the girl." He paused for a minute. "Same old boy. Same sweet girl. Ten years down the road. He held her tight and kissed her lips. In front of the picture show. Stranger came and pulled a gun, grabbed her by the arm said "If you do what I tell you to, there won't be any harm" And Johnny said "Take my money, take my wallet, take my credit cards. Here's the watch that my grandpa gave me. Here's the key to my car. Mister give it a whirl. But please don't take the girl. Same old boy. Same sweet girl. Five years down the road. There's going to be a little one and she says it's time to go. Doctor says the baby's fine but you'll have to leave. 'Cause his momma's fading fast and Johnny hit his knees and there he prayed. Take the very breath you gave me. Take the heart from my chest. I'll gladly take her place if you'll let me. Make this my last request. Take me out of this world. God, please don't take the girl. Johnny's daddy. Was taking him fishin'. When he was eight years old...." The stag drew a deep breath. That song always kept his head high. Always taught him to open his heart up the the bitterest of people, hoping it will teach them the lesson it has taught him. He closed his eyes. He felt calm and at peace.


Lol I'll answer this when I get back on tomorrow.~
Nighty night!~
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Lol. K xD

Lol. K xD

Staring at the stage as if he

Staring at the stage as if he was a different species the doe sighs to her self, all her thoughts where that this male must be crazy. "You know, your a strange one." She says laughing at him a little bit to herself.
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The stag smiled stupidly and

The stag smiled stupidly and rolled onto his back. "Yep I surreeee am. Yes Ma'am." The stag laughed. "Everybody is strange in their own way there, Angel. Your strange in your own way. And your strange in the sense as in always angry and... what's the word... Put down." The stag smiled widly and laughed again.

"A put down....You have a lot

"A put down....You have a lot of nerve to call me a put down. The doe was slowly getting to enjoy the stages company until he had uttered those words, now she wanted nothing to do with him nor his goofiness.
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The stag lifted his eyebrow

The stag lifted his eyebrow and rolled back onto his stomach and stood. He shook his pelt. He snorted the dust out of his nose. "Well.... Sorry. I guess I will go wash off in the pond." The stag headed for the pond. When he got to the edge of the water, he looked at his reflection for a very long time. He seemed to be in a trance with his reflection.

Watching Ethan move towards

Watching Ethan move towards the pond she takes her chance to get up, to move on, to leave him. She didn't want anything to do with him really. All she wanted was some good quiet company. "Good bye...I hope we don't meet until you grow up." Angel says walking off towards a dense forest she stops for a bit, just staying long enough for him to turn around once, then she'll leave. That's what the doe thought to her self, deep down she knew that by leaving she won't ever be able to speak to Garth again. They'll never be able to see each other.
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Little did the doe know that

Little did the doe know that Ethan was communicating with Garth through his reflection. He spoke softly to Garth. "Is Angel here?" He sighed. "Yes but she is leaving." Out of no where Garth started screaming to get Angel's attention. "ANGEL!!! ANGEL!!! GET YOU ASS OVER HERE!!! AAAANNNNNGGGGEEEELLLLL!!!" The stag lifted his head, his jawed dropped. He looked back down at the reflection. "Shut the hell up! She doesn't believe in you anymore Garth... He said she just wants to forget about you." the stag hung his ears. "I'm sorry..." Garth seemed to start... crying. Tears rolled down his face. He shouted, meaning for Angel to hear him. "WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO FORGET ABOUT ME, ANGEL?! WHY?! I STILL LOVE YOU! I STILL AM WITH YOU! PLEASE COME OVER HERE...! Please...." Garth's voice faded. He knew that she couldn't hear him. Ethan convinced him to stay and wait to see what Angel's next move would be. In the meantime, Ethan laid down at the pond's edge. They waited.

xD lol I can that happening

xD lol I can that happening actually.~
Twitching her ears at the loud noise coming from the male, she turns around. Not shocked, not confused, not angry. She was happy, for no apparent reason her mood had changed. No one has ever really yelled at her that way expect for one stage. Casually walking towards Ethan she sniffs him a bit, circling him, examining his features almost sizing him up. "Happy, you've caught my attention Garth, what do you want." The doe says almost ignoring the fact that she looks as if she's talking directly to Ethan.
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Ethan backed up a few feet to

Ethan backed up a few feet to the nearest tree and sat down. He let them have time together. "I'm down here dumbass." The stag laughed. "What do you mean you don't believe in me anymore. What the hell is wrong with you?" He knew the answer to that question. He chuckled at the idea. He tried to get her to smile by useing crude humor, something she always used on him.

Sorry, I should leave. It is

Sorry, I should leave. It is necessary in school >.<
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Hi Kiki, sorry that Cu left

Hi Kiki, sorry that Cu left you alone today, but he was so happy to see vala again. I hope you can forgive this fool stag Eye
see you
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Haha It's ok, Angel

Haha It's ok, Angel understood she didn't hold a grudge like she usually does. In the end she was happy to see Cu again.
Sorry I left without a goodbye I hope to see him again sometime soon. (:
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Thank you very much for

Thank you very much for playing with razzoreye today!!!! It was really fun!!!! Hope we do it again soon!!! ^_^

No problem she's so kind. I

No problem she's so kind. I hope her and Angel can meet up again sometime soon too.
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can you please help? i cant

can you please help? i cant for some reason download 3.41 version form tale of tales. it wont let me Sad