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Are you here? I just want to say your little fawn really brightened up my day! c8

Sicky Kiki.

Well yep, I got myself in the hospital. Woot go my amazing timing! Anywho I've seem to have caught strep throat For like the 50th time in my life I didn't think much of it so the whole thing was left untreated and my symptoms where ignored for some time, until I hit a high fever of about 104, 105 for an hour. Went to the doctors and was shall I say shipped off to the hospital right when he took my temperature. Still bed ridden in the hospital for who knows how long so it's likely I won't be able to come on TEF community ect. Until I am let go; I know I'm not using the right terms here :/. Good news is my fever has gone down! And that's all, hopefully I'll be back home and well before my birthday but if I'm not I want to wish you guys a happy Halloween~


. No looking >BI

Join me.

Got my tablet to work. Just going to be mucking around with it, feel free to watch. n.n

Doing another one.

This is what happens when Acey, Wingedeer, Pepsi, and Jinyness distract me...


Pepsi's Birthday~

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