NOTE: Name Change/overall redo of character new bio ect

^^^ Anytime, It was a lot of

^^^ Anytime, It was a lot of fun<3

Edit: 6th Page=Mine
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Gosh darnet, I was plotting

Gosh darnet, I was plotting my scheme of claiming this page T-T

... Trade you India for it? -pushes the tiny doe to you-

*Takes India and the page,

*Takes India and the page, then runs* Thanks for the trade Eye.
Pfft the page shall stay mine, all the pages I shall claim because that's how ninja I am <3
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:'C I've been conned. I want

:'C I've been conned. I want my India back! -throws a pie-

Nope she shall remain mine

Nope she shall remain mine forever~

-ninja doges pie- mahahahahah.
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:'C Nooooo! Poor

:'C Nooooo! Poor India.

-throws brick-

/bricked nope she's still

nope she's still mine....
and my face hurts now >.>

With Flores no longer

With Flores no longer standing in front of him, the blue cervid felt exposed, uncomfortable. Xander let a hoof drag lazily through the dirt, avoiding eye contact with Angel completely, an awkward silence hanging in the air.

[sorry that Flores didn't respond before, I'm having connection issues. ;_;]

The doe aware of the stage

The doe aware of the stage she stares at him with interest, not moving from her relaxed position she sense the silence going more awkward by the second. She trys to break it, "Hello, sir.".

~It's ok, I know connection issues kill me at times too.>.<~

His normally upright ears

His normally upright ears flicked back, pressed tightly against his skull. "O-oh... You don't have to call me sir..." With a cough, he raised his head. "I-I'm Xander." The blue male stepped back slightly, used to feeling the warmth of Flores' side behind him. But she wasn't there to protect him. He winced, not knowing what to do or say; the stag was usually awkward around females.

The doe twitching her ear's

The doe twitching her ear's the the stages voice. "Ok then Xander it is." She says grinning at the stages awkwardness."If you don't mind can I keep you some company?" She says holding her head high with confidence, something she doesn't have much of.

A slightly sheepish grin

A slightly sheepish grin could be seen spreading across the stag's lips; he slowly lowered himself onto the floor, shifting to make himself comfortable. "Not at all." In fact, he was grateful for it. A sigh and he raised his head, turning it away from the doe, gaze resting on a nearby patch of hyacinths.

A slight smiles comes from

A slight smiles comes from the doe, she lay's down next to the stage."Good." she say's before noticing how the deer tries to never make eye contact with her. She wonders why but doesn't ponder on it."Pretty flowers, right?" Angel say's looking in the same direction as Xander.
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Damn glitches! We did not

Damn glitches! We did not recognize Aaron. Ai thought that he was that mysterious deer, about which Angel thought so warmly...
Poor fawn.. %/

Hahah ya that was Aaron,

Hahah ya that was Aaron, sorry Angel left she wanted to say hi to some deer.

The fawn xD
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In "thoughts" you wrote about

In "thoughts" you wrote about him too?

Devil, I strongly restrain Ai, now he is almost me.
Is it OK?

Yup~ Ya it's ok. (:


Ya it's ok. (:
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^@^ It's sad and


It's sad and melancholy...X..
..If I understand his intentions correctly, he wants to bring justice to
his own taste: biff on the nose for Aaron, because he offended the
fawn, disperse all who are annoying Angel (he means everybody), lure
her to a remote forest area and maniacally torture there.

I can continue to force him to keep it all in bay, and I let him do
whatever he wants, if you won't get confused by the fact that he will
arrange a local bedlam around Angel.

Ya :/ xD Aaron was only

Ya :/
xD Aaron was only trying to get the fawn away from Angel i think, and Aww how sweet of him wanting to get rid of any seer who annoy's Angel~.
O.o torture her?? That sounds ahh.....Don't know what to really say about that.

xD I don't think I will get confused by that.
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Finally I feel that now I'm

Finally I feel that now I'm definitely stronger than Ai, and as
expected, absolutely unhappy with it. I'll go play my bipedal
character while her anguish didn't pass on to him ..

And he, uh .. will wait for his hour.
* leave me alone, you won't be able to do anything *
You shouldn't have given time to infuse my fantasies, shouldn't have
given me a chance to return unexpected .. Hhh
* Shut up, Ai. Just shut up .*
I can get into your dreams.
* you won't live to see that *

^^ Well you can't always be

^^ Well you can't always be happy with the out put of things.

xD I'm guessing that would be Liliac?

Pfffft He's going to try and get into you dreams. That's kinda creepy xD.
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I don't know... me... %/

I don't know...


%/ Yep.
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I'm sorry that I have woven a

I'm sorry that I have woven a speech of terroravings. It was all
wrong yesterday evening. I sat and looked dumb on the screen with
complete absence of brain ...
Ai did not want to hurt Angel, that's for sure. He has a peculiar
relationship to pain, and is sometimes poorly aware of the fact that
the majority of creatures find it unpleasant. He says that an Angel
for him was not a lady but an angel, but I noticed that when dealing
with her he relies on his code of honor much more than on instinct. He
would guard her of any hindrance, for course. I will try not to
interfere in his life and I will release him to the woods only when he
will feel the strength to exist not only in my imagination, let it be
as it will.

xD It's ok I think I still

xD It's ok I think I still understood you a bit,
That's good that he doesn't want to hurt her, Angel doesn't really care for pain as much as Ai might.
I'm glad he's going to guard Angel of any deer that might frighten or hurt her that's very sweet of him.
xD I think that's a good idea but I hope he never get's the strength to not exist, cause the forest wouldn't be as entertaining as it is, if it wasn't for him.
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Hell, always knew he will be

Hell, always knew he will be a good exhibit for a private panopticon.
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I wish you a beautiful

I wish you a beautiful christmas too Exclaim
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I thought I had this

I thought I had this tracked... Shocked

Thank you for the track!~ xD

Thank you for the track!~ xD

Hmm. What it for fights occur

Hmm. What it for fights occur between these two deer? They fight for you?)

I have no idea myself, wish I

I have no idea myself, wish I knew though. (:



^^ I'm just going to have her

^^ I'm just going to have her watch....It seems to dangerous to try and it stop.

You have a pair?

You have a pair?

Hmm...No she doesn't have a

Hmm...No she doesn't have a mate xD.

Strange. I thought that your

Strange. I thought that your pair - Here.

xD No that's her brother.

xD No that's her brother.

He her brother? O_o I thought

He her brother? O_o
I thought he her pair Laughing out loud

Haha nope, just siblings who

Haha nope, just siblings who have a really bad relationship. :3

Unfortunately I haven't

Unfortunately I haven't understood that you have told.
Well it not the most important thing.
I have learned that wanted to learn. (:
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Can you tell the name of the

Can you tell the name of the one with the candles and real deer mask ...normally mini !
I have played with him a lot ...he has no bio here or ??
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He doesn't have a bio

He doesn't have a bio hopefully Universe777 will make one soon for the little guy, and his name is Autumn. :3
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Thank youuuu !! He is a real

Thank youuuu !! He is a real friendly one !!!
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Anytime. xD Ya he's a little

Anytime. xD Ya he's a little sweet heart!~

"Th-thank you for letting me

"Th-thank you for letting me sit with you again, miss," the smaller stutters, burying part of her muzzle in the larger doe's warm fur.
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Hey Kiki, small question,

Hey Kiki, small question, which set does Angel wear the most?
I have a Master's degree in Wumbology.

"Anytime little one, you are

"Anytime little one, you are always welcomed to sit with me when you wish." The doe says, slightly smiling at the smaller deer's actions. "You must have been pretty soaked after staying out in the rain for so long."

Edit: She wears the, Skull mask, grey/long pelt, and Dotd antlers the most. ^_^
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Thanks I was going to ask

Thanks Smiling I was going to ask you for permission for my deer to copy your set, but that's okay.

Also, sorry, but....


Pierce would usually have a bright, colorful, pelt, but for some odd reason whenever he was depressed his pelt would become slightly darker, and the bright-red flowers on his antlers would wither. His lime green eyes would have a faded color, like a slightly green moon. And that was what he looked like right now.

Angel? He said in a soft, gloomy voice as he slowly walked towards the tired doe. I was very happy to see you today. But something has been bothering me, almost right after you left, and I can't take it anymore. He said. When you were gone, I had fallen in love with Honeyfur, but some buck named Phobos took her away. I became insane and hurt them both, physically and emotionally. Now they hate me. Everyone hates me. Except you. But you were gone at the time. He explained, and he fought tears.

You see this scar? He said, and reared to show her the ugly scar on his belly. I got that when I attempted suicide. I stabbed myself in the chest with a sword and attempted to drown myself in the lake. That's why I'm not wearing my mask. It got lost in the water.

A doe named Voice saved me and stayed by my side while I was recovering from the coma I had slipped into. While I was in the coma, I had dreams. A king would walk up to me and threaten me, and in every single dream I couldn't move. He would tell me that I was a horrible deer, a son of a Queen and a King, however, he was not my father. He kept saying that my biological mother was a horrible deer too, a traitor.

When I feel asleep today, I had a dream again. The king came back and said that my mother was once his wife, however he was not my father, and that I was evil and should of never lived. His voice started to quiver. That's not all. He said that he had sent an assassin in our world to kill me and my mother a very long time ago, but he failed. Tears fell from his blackened eyes. Angel, I'm not sure if I've told you this, but my mother was killed by a cougar, and cougars don't live in the forest. Do you... do you think the cougar was the assassin that was supposed to kill me?

(sorry for the huge block of text)
I have a Master's degree in Wumbology.

^^^ I don't mind if you


I don't mind if you still want to. xD

Pfft haven't seen someone Rp like this in a while now, this should be fun.
Just give me a second to think up something.>.<

The doe lifted her slender head upwards, gazing at the large buck coming towards her. She started to remember the days when the buck used to be so afraid, so small, so fragile. Angel could still see that young lost and defenseless fawn she called her son in the large overbearing stage. But something was wrong, The Pierce she knows didn't act, he didn't even looks this way. This wasn't the joyful little fawn she cherished so much anymore.

Her ears perk up as she hears a faint, depressing voice near her. Ignoring her urge to lay her now lump body down to rest she stands and greets the son she hasn't seen in so long. "I'm happy to see you too, you've grown so much I barley recognized you at first." The doe says with a faint but everlasting smile on her tired muzzle. Slowly that smile fades away, she becomes concerned "Fell in love with Honeyfur, but she loved someone else. I guess it's how that saying goes. It is better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved before.That being said I bet sometime in the future a lovely doe that's made for you will appear, and then when you meet her you can actually call her your first love.

She stares at her son, watching him slowly break down into tears. Listening to him while he explains to her what had happen those days, weeks, months, maybe even years from the time she had disappeared. All the doe could think of that would make him feel better, from what now was a horrible realization of what happened to her son was to comfort him. All she could think of was to nuzzle him and tell him that she's here for him now, but that wouldn't work this time. "I doubt anyone could truly hate a soul who so passionately follows his heart no matter the consequences. But trying to kill yourself is a weaklings way out, who would ever benefit from your untimely death. No one, that would only cause others to become more hurt. All I can say to do is to apologize and right your wrongs, show everyone that you want to make amends for what you've done.

She wasn't mad at him, nor happy. The doe was mostly disappointed with the young buck. "Tell your friend Voice that I am extremely grateful for her service, and now about your dream. She sighs softly, not really knowing what to tell him about the dreams he's been having but still wanting to help him. " Whoever that king is he must have been an idiot for doing such cowardly things. Now about the cougar I'm not quiet sure what to tell you. From what I'm hearing it does sound as if that beast was supposed to kill you. Be grateful you came out of that horrible time alive, and your mother I bet she's very proud of you and thankful that you still live to see another day. Angel says as she gathers herself, standing close to the stage she nuzzles his neck before she lays her body down. Moving her leg she invites him to sit with her, wanting to carry on with their conversation she says " Well now is that all that's happend?"
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Even though he knew his

Even though he knew his adoptive mother would always be there for him, he still didn't feel so happy yet, even after he got a lot of the stress off his chest. He nodded and sat down. Well, I guess there is more. I can't keep this all in or else I'll become insane again. He sighed, thinking of where to start, but as he did, he felt a sudden pain, around his scar area, but inside, like around his stomach. But they didn't feel like hunger pains, and they didn't feel like digestive problems. But he ignored it as he started to talk.

Well, I tried to apologize to them and show them that I wasn't that same jerk anymore, but somehow it always ended up in a fight. either because of my own stupidity or they didn't trust me. I remember exactly what happened before I tried to kill myself. I saw Honeyfur hanging out with her friends, and when I went up to them and tried to be friendly, they attacked me. Then, while I was being attacked, I saw a white sword, just sitting there. I got an idea to make them all happy. So I stabbed myself and attempted to drown myself. See, I tried to kill myself not much because I was sad, but because I thought I was doing everyone a favor by dying. Heh, would you believe it? Yeah, I know what you're thinking. That once friendly, bouncy, playful loving fawn that was everybody's friend is now a horrible, evil, lonely monster that is hated by everyone and thinks he can make everyone happy by dying. I was so depressed, I needed serious help, but the only ones who loved me where either dead and far away.

And another thing to top it all off- I thought I was over Honeyfur, and we were meant for friends and not lovers. But when she gave birth to that fawn, I just couldn't help but wish that I was Phobos. Sometimes, even, at night I hoped and prayed that the fawn was actually mine, but of course, I have never... well... um... you know, and I would just be so miserable. I don't know how I can get rid of those thoughts. I know she will never be mine. I want it to just stop.

You do love me, right? You can live knowing that your son is a horrible monster?
I have a Master's degree in Wumbology.

" You are no monster, nor

" You are no monster, nor will you ever be one. If anyone wants to see a monster I shall show them one. And what right do you have to make the decision to go and kill yourself for others. I don't recall you saying that they wanted you to harm yourself you only thought what you wanted to think, out of pity for yourself. The doe says, now a little irritated with what her son was telling her she lays her slender head down next to him, trying to calm her self down enough to finish what she was going to say.

" It wont be that easy Pierce, those type of things take time. But don't for one second think you want to be someone your not, or envy someone who has what you wanted. All that leads to is wanting something the easy way, and not working for the things you cherish. If life was that easy to where you got to be with Honeyfur, and started a family would it really be as fulfilling as you think it may be? The doe looks up at her son, waiting for an answer she already had in her mind, yet she still wanted to hear what he had to say to everything.