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Chris | Toffer | Toff
Female Fawn
Voice This colour. #CC9933.

Christoffer is small and skinny. Almost painfully so. She has no antlers, little muscle and therefore has no way of defending itself. A black strip runs down the spine and slowly fades into a light gold around the hooves. The hooves are black. Her face isn't really a face but Christoffer's skull. Most of the flesh has been burnt away, leaving charred smudges on the white bone. There is skin on her eyes so she can blink and muscles and skin on her jaw. Her tongue remains so she can still eat and talk. Raw red burns and sores connect the skull to the flesh and fur.
(Future set:)
Golden Butterfly Pelt | Doe Nubs | Skull Mask

Personality and Traits
Christoffer is insecure, and paranoid. She is always looking for a way out and is always ready to flee. She rarely sleeps and if she does she tries to do in a secluded, safe area or in the presence of someone who she trusts and who can protect her.
Christoffer is petrified of everything and everyone but, unusually, will see things through until she is sure they pose a threat.
She is unlikely to believe compliments, but will still be respectful towards the person giving them. Christoffer is awlays polite towards others, so 'please' and 'thank you' will go a long way with her - although, aggression will get the same, if not better, results.
She resents yet also loves the Twin Gods. She really dislikes the Devout Pelt and this is just a symbol of her split opinion of the Twin Gods; she will often be found by the Statue of the Twin Gods, but will react badly to being pelted with the Devout pelt. 'Badly' however may lead to her getting hurt, so she will squeak like a mouse in protest rather than roar like a lion.
She is incredibly trusting, but this trust is easily broken. When in danger she will flee, but will often wait until hurt to do so. She's very optimistic like that. However, she is also pessimistic in believing the worst will always happen.
She is more likely to seek the company of stags or fatherly figures because she grew up with just a father. This does not mean she will shun does, however.
She is extremely uncomfortable in large crowds and will seek to leave whenever possible.
Christoffer is terrified of rejection, but also of intruding on others. This is why, lone deer or sleeping deer are those she usually finds to keep company
However, once she trusts another, her speech is quite fluent, with a large vocabulary.
There is a good chance she will start crying at anything, but mostly when in pain.

• Constant Fear • Worried • Trusting • Paranoid • Cowardly • Stutters • Neurotic • Agoraphobic • Insecure • Likely to Cry •

Fully Trusted

Trusted Aquaintences
Dorian Bucks


Unsure Of

Fear Of

Artworks and Writings
History pending

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BigBunny's picture

Hello little one.

Hello little one. Eye Smiling
We Are Always Special When We Are With Friends.

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Traaaack! OwO Also, it would

Traaaack! OwO
Also, it would be cute to have her interact with Redd TwT

BigBunny: "H-hello, Big

BigBunny: "H-hello, Big B-bunny." ^^
Also, sorry she disappeared, I'm having a few connection troubles :/

Chickenwhite: Thank you~
That would be adorable! Too cute xD
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"Hello, little one." Iphea

"Hello, little one." Iphea smiled at the fawn that was laying next to him.

(She's adorable, Blue.)
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Don't worry about

Don't worry about disappearing we will meet again. Smiling
We Are Always Special When We Are With Friends.

MissButterfly: (Aw, thank you

MissButterfly: (Aw, thank you ^^)
"Hello, s-sir." the fawn cowered a little bit, trying to hide her face.

BigBunny: I hope so ♥
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The stag chuckled. "Let Iphea

The stag chuckled. "Let Iphea see that beautiful face, little one." The stag coaxed, his face warmed with the smile that curled at the end of his muzzle.

You laid with Accendare today

You laid with Accendare today by the Crying Idol.
She was glad to have company.

MissButterfly: Cautiously,

Cautiously, the fawn turned her head, eyes closed. She feared what would happen when Iphea saw her head. An almost bare skull connected to her neck. Christoffer gave a silent laugh Beautiful... If only. she thought sadly.

One: Oh yes, I remember. Christoffer liked the company too.
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Inorite? >w< Aww, he'd be so

Inorite? >w< Aww, he'd be so worried about her TwT

Heh, they must meet one day

Heh, they must meet one day >.<
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They totally must! >w<

They totally must! >w<
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"Don't doubt that you are,

"Don't doubt that you are, nor be scared to show yourself to others." The stag smiled, nuzzling the burn-bleached skull of the fawn. The baby had an eerie beauty to her, one that most would perceive as hideous because they could not see past the stereotypes of their up-bringing. Iphea had seen things like this constantly where he came from, and knew the soul behind the face was just as beautiful as any other deer on the face of the planet. "When one calls another grotesque, they forget the true definition. Fantastic in the shaping and combination of forms, as in decorative work, incongruous human and animal figures with scrolls, foliage.... Grotesque is a work of art, and art is beautiful. You are grotesque, therefore you are beautiful. Never do you forget that." The great beast nuzzled the fawn at the base of her shoulders.

His words sparked something

His words sparked something without Christoffer but that died down once his fur brushed against her skull. The nerve endings in her face had gone, so Christoffer couldn't feel the nuzzle - but she could imagine it. It was nice. Then, when the stag began to talk again, the fawn listened intently; Iphea seemed quite wise.

'You are grotesque, therefore you are beautiful'? That can't be true... can it? Christoffer trembled slightly. No. No it can't be!
Even in her turmoil, she leant her head against Iphea's side. "Thank you." She said in a small whisper.
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Sitting with her on Crucio

Sitting with her on Crucio right now. <3

Thank you

Thank you <3
I wish I could have stayed longer :/
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Aww, it's okay

Aww, it's okay <3 -late-

Also..jgdh this CSS is lovely ;A;
Where'd you get coding for those rounded boxes? They're gorgeous.
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FFF this little girl is

FFF this little girl is adorable CB
Tracking! <3

Xemi: Thank you~ I actually

Xemi: Thank you~ I actually tried with this CSS XD
And the rounded boxes thanks to Mr. Sanguine, here.

Thank you, Honeyfur ♥
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Omg <3 thankyou!
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What a cutey. Tracking!

What a cutey. Tracking!

^^ Thank you~

^^ Thank you~

Hnn &hearts;

Hnn ♥
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