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Young Buck

Fan Pelt | Gazelle Antlers | Kaubki Mask
Kamikaze looks just a normal bongo. He is stout but isn't really sturdy.
His balance is off like he is always drunk. Nine white stripes run vertically down his brown pelt
and white markings spread across his face, legs and chest.

He... (WIP)
  • Is almost entirely insane,
  • Is Playful,
  • Is Annoying (But knows when to stop)
  • Bows then hops away,
  • Rarely dances
  • Will mostly lie in open areas
  • Likes the cage in the ruins



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uhhh i like trackie ^^

uhhh i like trackie ^^


Thanks Smiling
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OOH a bongo? That's tight!

OOH a bongo? That's tight! Tracksssssssssss

Deer by trigger_mortis,Editing by me.

xD Tight? Thankies, for the

xD Tight?

Thankies, for the tracks ♥

tracks Tazanna bows to the


Tazanna bows to the stag politely "Hello sir I do hope you are enjowing the forest"

"Why, yes, kind lady! It's

"Why, yes, kind lady! It's very pretty - like snow in summer, or birds underwater! Or-or... Oh, wait, sorry I'm rambling."

Thanks for the track Smiling

No prob Chuckleing Tazanna

No prob

Chuckleing Tazanna smilled "Tis alright everyone rambles now and again she said.My name is Tazann what is yours"she asked

"Oh, well, that's good to

"Oh, well, that's good to know!" He said, also laughing, "My name is Kamikaze. Tazanna... what a pretty name..."
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"Almost entirely insane"

"Almost entirely insane" lmao, just met him now, nice character so far <3

I just really wanted a wierd

I just really wanted a wierd character - and how much wierder can you get than insanity? xD

I'm guessing the mini with the carnival antlers and red pelt?
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You'd guess right.

You'd guess right. Smiling