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  • Lately in Migisi's life...

    May 18th 2013

    Woke up found Lats'vel at the ruins with...a group of unsavories 8| Was not going near Umay or Fury, thank you. Glad when the Pig took notice at least. Took up residence on his back and rode him around a while till he returned to the ruins. Went to go hang with Talla instead...until she took off to join some HOLYFUCKHELLNO scary cat thing, Rui. NopeNope. Suddenly found herself being chased by kitten-things? AGH. Had a very close call with some claws. Hid on top of Lats again. Other stuff...
    Apparently not all that acknowledged or important to anyone 8| Ended up flying off to brood.

    Found Zash in the birch forest and hung around with him for a bit. Found her interest in the stag was growing, yet cut their meeting short for a nap. Ran into Dominic again...though found him in the presence of Nii. Huffed at the doe and refused to go near, then threw a screaming fit when Dominic chose the doe over her. Flew back to her nest and curled up by herself, blinking back tears. Nobody wanted her around...

Migisi [mih-gees-ie]
Eurasian Jackdaw
Typical coloration for her species. Black mask to contrast
with her striking and intelligent blue-grey eyes. Silver feathers
cover the back of her head and around her neck,
melding into darker gray and then black cross her wings and belly.
About 14 inches in length. Small but sharp beak.

Can change into...

TEF Human-faced Deer.
Jackdaw-like colors and markings. Dominantly
shades of gradient gray and black. Black face
'mask' with pale blue-gray eyes. Short, feathered
black hair on her head.

Outgoing • Protective • Stubborn • Invasive • Curious • Helpful • Possessive • Vain

• Company and making new friends
• Sticking her nose where it doesn't belong
• Grooming and doting on others
• Being groomed and doted on
• Unusual trinkets and shinies
• Close physical contact
• High places and lofty views
• Being taught new things
• Chasing small animals
• The color blue

Can Do Without...
• Being attacked or chased off
• Dirty, unkept deer
• Large predatory birds
• Someone taking her shinies
• Being ignored or insulted
• Feline-like deer/ creatures
• The color red
• Being surrounded or feeling trapped
• Weight on her back
• Mask spells or surprise devouts


Starting over. Will be determined...

Starting over. Will be determined...

Work in progress...Stay tuned!

Current shinies...

• Small gold ring
• One of Nightmare's big peacock feathers
• One of Cypher's shirt buttons
• One of Cypher's cuff links
• A bell on a purple ribbon
• Three small bullets from Nightmare
• Bent silver ring from Abseilen
• Cypher's silver, blood'stained tie
• Opal stone from Herla
• Two smooth stones from Nate
• Jackdaw bones...

I'm a Migisi fan(Well a fan

I'm a Migisi fan(Well a fan of most of your characters)... even if my characters keep making a bad impression.
Think it could be cleared up too, don't think Thane will hate Migs forever over that incident.

edit: oh hey new page
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I actually tried adding you

I actually tried adding you tonight lol, but I think you need to add me too or something...didn't work =( I would love to rp sometime though...I don't get enough opportunity to rp her as much as I'd like and she needs the interaction.

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Oh? Boy, my msn's been

Oh? Boy, my msn's been dogging me around lately. If I could have your address, I think it would work just fine. I'd love to be able to interact or rp with her more regularly. Had also missed seeing her picto on the map. So glad to see her back. ♥
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-flailmelt- My sn is


My sn is :3

Going to bed now though DX SO you can do it tomorrow or I'll see if it works when I get up.
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Migisi bird..! &hearts; It's

Migisi bird..! ♥
It's been such a long time. We've missed seeing you! =D
*huggles* Juliet adores you..especially now when you're more of a huggable size for her..xD

Unfortunately, as it's already quite late in here, I have to go. ;__;
But I wanted to say hi when I had the chance!

EDIT: Thank you for the rescue. It was much appreciated. ♥
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Random revival bump 8| Cuz

Random revival bump 8| Cuz it's been a while.
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Track of interest. c:

Track of interest. c:

Helloo. &hearts; Always been

Helloo. ♥ Always been interested in this character.
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Hey 83 Was just a about to

Hey 83 Was just a about to log out and saw your guy hovering around haha. Will still head off in a short bit but wanted to check him out...
Thanks for the interest!
Mig's thoughts: "Hello Tall and could be useful in the future. Hai I'm Migs, love me."
...plzdon'ttortureher DX

Oh, okay. ^^ Tall and ugly?

Oh, okay. ^^
Tall and ugly? You are going to hurt his feeling, Migs! :c
Maybehewillonedaybutnotnow. ;u;
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It's a compliment!...Kind of!

It's a compliment!...Kind of! XD
Nooooooo -weep- Love her always ;;

Track! Hälla may not like her

Hälla may not like her very much, but I always have. ♥
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Track ^^

Track ^^
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'Mos ad I had a little heart

'Mos ad I had a little heart attack when we noticed Migisi's picto <3
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