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  • Lately in Migisi's life...

    May 18th 2013

    Woke up found Lats'vel at the ruins with...a group of unsavories 8| Was not going near Umay or Fury, thank you. Glad when the Pig took notice at least. Took up residence on his back and rode him around a while till he returned to the ruins. Went to go hang with Talla instead...until she took off to join some HOLYFUCKHELLNO scary cat thing, Rui. NopeNope. Suddenly found herself being chased by kitten-things? AGH. Had a very close call with some claws. Hid on top of Lats again. Other stuff...
    Apparently not all that acknowledged or important to anyone 8| Ended up flying off to brood.

    Found Zash in the birch forest and hung around with him for a bit. Found her interest in the stag was growing, yet cut their meeting short for a nap. Ran into Dominic again...though found him in the presence of Nii. Huffed at the doe and refused to go near, then threw a screaming fit when Dominic chose the doe over her. Flew back to her nest and curled up by herself, blinking back tears. Nobody wanted her around...

Migisi [mih-gees-ie]
Eurasian Jackdaw
Typical coloration for her species. Black mask to contrast
with her striking and intelligent blue-grey eyes. Silver feathers
cover the back of her head and around her neck,
melding into darker gray and then black cross her wings and belly.
About 14 inches in length. Small but sharp beak.

Can change into...

TEF Human-faced Deer.
Jackdaw-like colors and markings. Dominantly
shades of gradient gray and black. Black face
'mask' with pale blue-gray eyes. Short, feathered
black hair on her head.

Outgoing • Protective • Stubborn • Invasive • Curious • Helpful • Possessive • Vain

• Company and making new friends
• Sticking her nose where it doesn't belong
• Grooming and doting on others
• Being groomed and doted on
• Unusual trinkets and shinies
• Close physical contact
• High places and lofty views
• Being taught new things
• Chasing small animals
• The color blue

Can Do Without...
• Being attacked or chased off
• Dirty, unkept deer
• Large predatory birds
• Someone taking her shinies
• Being ignored or insulted
• Feline-like deer/ creatures
• The color red
• Being surrounded or feeling trapped
• Weight on her back
• Mask spells or surprise devouts


Starting over. Will be determined...

Starting over. Will be determined...

Work in progress...Stay tuned!

Current shinies...

• Small gold ring
• One of Nightmare's big peacock feathers
• One of Cypher's shirt buttons
• One of Cypher's cuff links
• A bell on a purple ribbon
• Three small bullets from Nightmare
• Bent silver ring from Abseilen
• Cypher's silver, blood'stained tie
• Opal stone from Herla
• Two smooth stones from Nate
• Jackdaw bones...

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To be honest, she just sort

To be honest, she just sort of hit a nerve with him. :'D He's a shoddy tutor but some of his fondest memories are from teaching his little sister, so it was a lot of fun from both ends~

Psh, piece of cake B]

Also my page
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A deer Migisi? Best day of

A deer Migisi?
Best day of Sher's life B|
Would have spent more time with her, but running two windows started killing my computer and Sherlock's been tough to play as of late. Still though... deer Migisi xD!
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Yes ._.' LOL. Oh dear. Do I

Yes ._.'
LOL. Oh dear. Do I want to know why? haha
Was glad to finally see him...We've missed seeing him around =/ Migs doesn't have many friends anymore so it was nice.
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It's much easier for him to

It's much easier for him to rub on and flirt with the deer Migisi :x
Awh, Sher really does treasure her. Their friendship has a lot of value to him. I'll pay more attention to him soon, and he'll pay more attention to her in turn. Loved seeing her~ ♥
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Keeps company and grooms her

Keeps company and grooms her friend. ♥

Hi. Juliet is unfortunately not able to create much of a conversation, but hopefully her company is enough. ^_^;
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Possesed: Naughty 8[ ...Me

Naughty 8[ ...Me Gusta
You better! -tries to look menacing-

The bird-doe rests her cheek on the top of the smaller deer's head with a sigh.

That's quite alright, Migs can't talk so she's in good mute company haha :3 Though I feel bad you always catch her when she's sleeping or tired out XD
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She smiles and returns this

She smiles and returns this gesture with a gentle nuzzle.

She'll learn, I'm sure. It helps when one can actually hear others talking around them. ^_^; But it's good practise for Migisi, I'd imagine. Communicating isn't just about words, after all. Learning gestures and expressions is a good start for her.

And that's okay. I blame the time zones, anyways. XD Seems I'm always online when you guys are already going to bed. ;__;
Juliet appreciates the company, nonetheless.
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Track~ :'D

Track~ :'D
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"You are a natural, my

"You are a natural, my dear."

I had a giggle when they taught her how to flirt. |D Poor little Migisi-doe.
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*Curls around North, nuzzling

*Curls around North, nuzzling into his chest and dozing with a smile*

Some lucky stag will thank you later, boys! XD
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The picture of her is so

The picture of her is so pretty. ♥
I love how she kept the jackdaw coloring despite having been turned into a deer. It makes her look really beautiful. ^_^
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Thank you ^^ I made coming up

Thank you ^^ I made coming up with a good set for her difficult but I hope I got it right.
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(No subject)

<3 placing a track here.
Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo
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I think grown-up Nidhogg and

I think grown-up Nidhogg and Keku just ran into Migisi Laughing out loud I remember they met her (and Cypher) when she was still a jackdaw, and they were fawns...and they danced.
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Woah, Tef really doesn't want

Woah, Tef really doesn't want me to see others greeting :c
(I'm playing Jamie)
I didn't see Migisi greeting, and Migisi probably didn't see Jamie greeting either ;A; ahaha..
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Haha, nope...Migs bowed to

Haha, nope...Migs bowed to her like 3 different times (Bart kept making her >8[ ) and appeared to get only head tilts back. She gets very huffy about these things -chuckle- Shame their first meeting went so poorly DX
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Baw I'm sorry, didn't see any

Baw I'm sorry, didn't see any of these bows, wtf Tef ;;
And Jamie bowed once too, thinking Migisi's so impolite rofl :c
Stupid glitch, isn't the first time happening to me.
And poor Bartleby ohlol ,_,

(No subject)

A late track, waaah ;u;

A late track, waaah ;u; ♥
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Oh, how I've missed this doe.

Oh, how I've missed this doe.
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-Lays head across Prussia's

-Lays head across Prussia's back, frustrated but happy that someone seems to remember her...-

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I don't think any of my

I don't think any of my characters would ever forget her. ♥

and another one~

"You are angry, but do you

"You are angry, but do you know why? Are you angry because I am a threat or simply because you believe that I am? How very silly...and curious."

That was really interesting. I hope Li will get to meet her again.
Poor thing.

I hate purity. I hate goodness. I don’t want any virtue to exist anywhere. I want everyone to be corrupt to the bones.
Well then, I ought to suit you, dear. I’m corrupt to the bones.

Just to let you know - I'm

Just to let you know - I'm afk doing an art project, so I didn't see or even hear Rui get attacked by Mig and Cypher. Someone had to tell me. He still wont respond if they decide to come by again.
He won't take any damage though (if he got hit at all) simply because I'm away and I'm unable to have him respond to what's going on if any more happens. ^^'
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Bulle: Interesting! Yes XD

Bulle: Interesting! Yes XD Welcome to the wonderful world of Migs drama! B| She's not...very good at communicating yet, so unfortunately she relies a lot on 'loud' body language to get her points across...which...yeah DX' get her into trouble v.v' But I'd love for them to interact again...

AS for Rui, Jala, no worries ^^' She was really just threatening him to draw Umay away from attacking her her friends...aaaand she's kindofabitchfighter ._.' Didn't really intend to hurt him. I'm sorry though for doing it while you were away.


But yeah, it's fine. (:

Haha, it's beautiful. Aw, I

Haha, it's beautiful. Sticking out tongue
Aw, I think it's sweet. Yes, hopefully they'll meet!

I hate purity. I hate goodness. I don’t want any virtue to exist anywhere. I want everyone to be corrupt to the bones.
Well then, I ought to suit you, dear. I’m corrupt to the bones.

Tracking. I really like

Tracking. I really like Migisi, have done for a while actually. I adored her jackdaw design, still love her design now actually. She's really pretty, unique too. (8

Hope Umay wasn't too much of a pain yesterday by the way haha.
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Aww, well thank you ^^ And

Aww, well thank you ^^ And naw it was cool. I'm not sure why Umay showed up in the first place but...Migs definitely deserved it afterward XD' I've missed her random drama -chuckle- I hope she didn't cause 'you' guys too much trouble, either. She's just not too impressed with 'felines' and Umay creeps her out 8|

She was mostly just curious

She was mostly just curious actually LOL, woops. Ahh, well I'm glad to know she cured the drama-need at least. <3
And not at all! I love drama myself actually, never bothered by whatever happens ingame. And I'm not surprised ;; she probably gives off a bad vibe a lot bahaaa.
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I just had to beat that guy

I just had to beat that guy up as Sherlock, even if it wasn't for long. (':
Thanks for your company tonight. I do love Migisi. Also meant to mention that I absolutely adore the way you play her and how she interacts. It's very artistic and very characterised. Love seeing her around.
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I was like '...-gasp-

I was like '...-gasp- ...CHEATER!' baha. But it was pretty entertaining :3'

Also, that means a lot to me heh...I've been pretty lost lately with how I should be playing her. Very few respond to her positively anymore and it's frustrating...but also understandable XD She's a very blunt little shit 8| I'm glad Prussia was there for her tonight...and that she seems to have made up with Miriam. I hope future meetings will go'll honestly give me a reason to play her more often ._.'
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Trackity track! Even though

Trackity track! Even though poor Nate got abused by Migs. *chuckle*
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need to track this as

need to track this as wellllllllll.
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lol, Migisi is a very

lol, Migisi is a very determined little bird!
Tracking this~
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Haha! Small things run! MUST

Haha! Small things run! MUST CHASE 8|
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Idelle says 'I'll stomp you,

Idelle says 'I'll stomp you, crow-thing! Leave my Phai' and Isiel -bunnies alone >:I ' XD
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I need to track this. c: Oh

I need to track this. c:

Oh and Isi says "ITS ON" >:0
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Bring it B|

Bring it B|
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*checks to see if the sky is

*checks to see if the sky is falling*
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8| shuddap

8| shuddap
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Make me, Chicken Little.

Make me, Chicken Little.
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Migisi? Not.. not sure it's

Migisi? Not.. not sure it's okay for you to be around the kids anymore.. unless.. you swear you'll never hurt them again, never ever.

(( Shi, you've been missed~ ♥ ))
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The bird-doe stared down at

The bird-doe stared down at him uneasily, ears flicking back as she slowly attempted to comprehend his words.
"Hurt?...No hurt you. Never...ever."

(Gah sorry sorry for the wait didn't know you posted on here DX And thank you....that means a lot.)
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The small black and red

The small black and red pauses, and then offers an encouraging nudge with the end of a black-dyed skull.
Try to apologize to Miri, he advises slowly. If she forgives you, Thane will.

(( Awh, no worries at all. Hope you've been well. Feel like I haven't seen or spoken to you in a while. ))
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A slow frown pulls at the

A slow frown pulls at the corners of her mouth. "Miri...mad? Miri rude...Me just unhappy. Miri apologize...."

(I have...Hope you are as well. Migs was so happy to see the family back together ._. I was really bummed with what happened last night
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The small buck allows some

The small buck allows some time to consider his words carefully, loosing a sigh.
Migisi, he calmly addresses the jackdaw doe once more, Miri is.. difficult.. sometimes.
Describing the Craftsman's feisty daughter is a challenge.
Not mad at you last night, he assures. Miri was made at Thane.. and when she gets mad.. gets mad at everyone. Not you, Migs. Another pause. Think they're worried now. Not want to be near you.. because you hit her. The buck shudders. But.. know that if you apologize she can forgive you, yes.
Self-assurance, probably.

(( Family's sloowly repairing itself, I believe. Last night was silly, but I'll bet it can be repaired. Will have to head off soon here though. Glad to have seen Migisi back though tonight. Wasn't sure if we'd see her again for a while. ))
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"Miri...difficult" the doe

"Miri...difficult" the doe muttered back to him, wondering what this meant exactly. Words were difficult...but how could a deer be difficult? Shaking her head, she listened again, carefully, this time waiting until he was finished speaking to put the pieces she understood together.
"Not mad...Not want because...hurt? Migisi not ...not want...hurt. Just mad."

[I hope so...Prussia and Miriam are one of her few friends left ._. I was afraid the damage might be more permanant]
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(( Oh man, poor Migisi. Had

(( Oh man, poor Migisi. Had to witness that there.
What with Migisi's conversation with Thane and recent in-forest interaction, not sure if you were interested in continuing here (or through messenger if it's easier for you). Either way, figure things can be reversed and made dandy again. And by the way, Sherlock still loves Migisi.
She really does have her own little fan group, Shi. ))