Skelarrow and Waarhijd

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"Black butterfly, you've flown to my heart. Let me hold you, keep you here; never leave me, never part."

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aww ;_____; adorable!

aww ;_____;

Oh my...this is just too

Oh my...this is just too gorgeous. I love the colors and War's delicate little face...this is lovely. ♥

This looks so beautiful! Your

This looks so beautiful! Your edits are wonderful (:
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Really beautiful !! War looks

Really beautiful !! War looks so cute and soft ! Squeezeee !!
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EEEEEEEEE this is absolutely GORGEOUS~!! I am in total love with that beautiful edit and those lovely words below it! ;AAA; You caught them at such an awesome pose, and you made them look astounding, especially Waarhijd. And augh that quote is so touching and sounds just like something Skelarrow would say to her. Everything is perfect. Thank you so much for this wonderful, wonderful gift~!! It means so much to me ;;♥♥♥

By Leuvr
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Thank you all for your kind

Thank you all for your kind words. It means a lot to us.

Apparanza: Oh, you're welcome. More, though, thank you. It was a pleasure to feature them and I'm glad we portrayed them well. Thank you.

Ohmygoodness.. This is such a

This is such a gorgeous suprise..<3 ;A; Waarhijd is perfect. Like Ranza said, you caught them at such a good pose. <33 This is so gorgeous, They both look so perfect. And I love their tails a lot, especially Skel's one. ;o; I have no words <3 The quote is so beautiful. I also love Waarhijd's face and eye. Mmm..,__, I stared at this for..a very very long time. Thankyou so much for doing this, this means a lot to me. <3 I'll look forward to your other gorgeous edits. C: Ohmy I fail so much at commenting but, you just dont know how happy I am now. ;~; Thankyou again and again and again..♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.. /stares at. <33 And edit; Am I possible to put that wonderfull quote on her biography? c:

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Nopje: You too kind, really.

Nopje: You too kind, really. ♥ We did our best to portray them to justice. I'm glad we did an alright job of it. (:

And yes, you may use the quote, the picture, any of it. It's a gift to you and Apparanza both. ♥