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Feel free to RP with Roe!

In mourning.

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Thank you Spyrre, for the edit!

Name: Roe
Picto: Unbalanced Scale
Species: Mule Deer
Sex: Doe, hind
Age: Young Adult
Size: 12 here
Appearance: Default pelt, noh (doe) antlers, real deer mask, mini spell. Roe is a smallish mule deer with large ears. She has a light greyish-brown coat and soft grey eyes.
*Friendly *Caring *Open *Honest
*Playfull *Free-spirited *Stubborn *Loving

Roe is an open and caring deer, friendly to most everyone. She is wary of stags at first, until she knows them. Protective of fawns, she enjoys herding them. Roe is quite playful and silly at times and enjoys short runs. She may come across as shy and reserved, but warms up quickly. Roe relies heavily on her instincts.

Thank you so much, Xemi!

Roe is a healer . . .

Roe is a healer by nature and will help other deer in need - even if she doesn't like them. Roe uses herbs, roots, molds, etc in her healing. She knows quite a bit of medicine and stitches wounds closed using sinew, fur, thin strands of vine - whatever she finds that will work.
Roe was chased from her herd when she was a fawn and ended up in the Endless Forest. The dominant male of the herd led the chase, comanding other members of the herd to join in. He was jealous/threatened by Roe's healing capabilities, as even at a young age, they were great. Roe started out very timid and fearful of stags. With the help of Ishibaba and Liam, she started coming out of her shell and building confidence.
Before his death, Roe's father taught her how to fight. She hated fighting and swore she never would, however, things changed when another pack of rock hounds entered the forest. She helped Quad, Phion and numerous other deer fight off the rock hounds, killing a few herself. Her confidence soared with her newfound strength and she discovered that not all stags are bad.

Iphea - Mate, beloved

Bawewin - Daughter, loved and missed, RIP

Anjali - Acquaintance
Weber - Curious of, friend?
Honeyfur - Curious of
Snake - Friend
Ishibaba - Friend
Liam - Friend
Ila - Adoptive mother to

Diary, thoughts . . .

Laid little Bawewin to rest. My sweet fawn. May you rest in peace.

My little Bawewin. I'm so sorry.

Wandered around in the fog today. By the ruins I found a strange egg. Never seen anything like it! Since it was chilly out, I curled around the egg, tried to keep it warm until it's mother returned. She never did. Perhaps I'll check on it tomorrow . . .

Today the lightbringers gathered by the great oak. I joined them in dance for awhile before resting. As the march started, I was delighted to see Iphea! We marched with the group until we came to the pond. I was glad he wanted to sit, just the two of us. It was wonderful relaxing under the willow . . . and to discuss the name of our fawn!

Played all morning with an adorable fawn! We ran and jumped and chased and danced. That little one wore me out! Rested under a willow tree by the pond and fell asleep there.

Ahhhhh, Iphea! I've missed you so!!! Sitting with you is divine . . . . (sorry I had to leave so suddenly)

Ran and danced this morning. Fell asleep by the God statues and slept through the abiogenesis. Silly me! Relaxed near Honeyfur. A nice doe she is. And her fawns are due soon!

All Hallows Eve . . . The fog in the forest is a nice change. Sat in the ruins for quite some time, reflecting on my former life. I wonder what my herd is up to. And Iphea . . .havn't seen him lately. I miss him so.
Then Velocity showed up and everyone went crazy for him. I danced with the masses until I was too tired to move. Fell asleep behind the twin Gods and slept for quite awhile.

Feeling better. The raspberry leaves are working wonders for my stomach. What will our little one look like . . . .?

Iphea and I are expecting! We're so very excited. Mmmmmm, my love . . .

1300 mountain time. Sitting with my love. A peacefull gathering in the flowers by the oak. It's so lovely. If there weren't so many around I could tell him . . .
Meandered around and found a line of skull deer dancing with a giant crow. Watched them while I drank from the pond. They were quite entertaining!

Ahhhh, Iphea. You're so silly! Worried about how you look and if I won't accept you if you change. I love you, you silly oaf!
BZD visited the forest again today. Everyone goes so crazy when he comes. Danced a little with the masses, but not for long. So tired. And feeling under the weather. Like I ate bad berries. Layed down a ways away and watched everyone. Tried to calm my stomach.

The giant mushrooms are out again! Collected bits of the caps to replenish my supply. The caps are excellent for poultices. Fell asleep under a mushroom before going to the pond for a drink. Watched some fawns play and headed to the great oak to relax. Fell asleep there. Why am I so tired? Did healing Iphea really take that much out of me?

Used my magic today to fully heal Iphea. Only the 3rd time I've ever used magic . . .it's exhausting. Iphea was so understanding. And not scared of me after. I actually feel I may be able to put it to good use. If I can heal with light . . .can I protect with it?

Met the BZD today! Much needed relief from the stress! I even tried on a skull mask and danced with the others! I needed that. Thank you BZD.
Iphea is recovering, thank the Gods. He's so pained. I hate to see him like this. My poor stag.

Found Iphea badly injured in the birch. He was gored by a Child of Man. Tended to his wounds - had to stitch his flank closed (sorry, love, I know that hurt!). That abomination better hope I never meet her . . . because I will kill her where she stands.

Wow. Iphea . . .wow. Hmmmmmm, would love more of that.

Wild Thing is getting much better! I'm so relieved - he had me worried.

Met Wild Thing. He's wracked with infection. I hope I can help him.

Thank you Anjali!
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Feel free to roleplay with

Feel free to roleplay with Roe. She is shy, but does want to meet new deer.
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In the stillness of the

In the stillness of the night, a gruff sigh drifted from the veil of one of the willow trees beside the pond. With a soft grunt, a grey-pelted stag named Ishibaba stood and stretched half-heartedly, shaking his fur and ridding himself of his weariness. He lifted his head to briefly test the air, his twelve-pointed rack long since faded to a dusty color from age. Young poppies adorned his points, however, giving his old crown at least some youthful grace. A mask made in the likeness of the Forest Spirit adorned his face, a mask that was bestowed upon elders and shamans. Lucky for him, he happened to be both.

Giving his fur another shake, he trotted over to the water's edge and began to drink. The water was cool and crisp, and glowing with the light of the moon that graced the inky-black sky. A gentle breeze rustled the fur upon his neck pleasantly, and he hummed to himself. Such a beautiful night...

He soon raised his head and surveyed the area, registering the forms of half a dozen deer that were socializing along the shore. Ishibaba snorted to himself. "Young ones... Why do they stay up all night?" His ears flicked forward and he narrowed his eyes when he suddenly saw a small fawn drinking at the pond's edge. She looked so frail, so fragile... Surely, she wasn't by herself?

With a soft huff, Ishibaba strolled closer to the fawn, and when he was near he called out softly, yet sternly, "Little fawn...shouldn't you be asleep? I do hope you are not here alone."
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Roe startled at the sound of

Roe startled at the sound of the stag's voice. "Um, h-h-hello," she stuttered. "I, um, am here alone. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you." Her ears laid flat, she looked up at the large stag with her grey eyes. He appeared to be very wise, and she stared in awe of his mask.
"My name is Roe, sir." She bowed awkwardly, still looking up at the stag. She felt very nervous and unsure of herself. Why must I feel so scared? she thought to herself.
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Baba frowned when the fawn

Baba frowned when the fawn admitted she was alone, and then tilted his head with a soft chuckle. "Disturb an old fellow such as myself? Nay, little one, you did not," he replied reassuringly, noticing how she stared at him in awe. He smiled to himself, as she reminded him of the fawns that he had mentored; they always looked up at him with such expressions. He returned the bow gracefully, making sure that his points do not brush against her.

"It is a pleasure, little Roe. My name is Ishibaba." His voice was gentle, but he could feel her fear. He suddenly realized that she might be afraid of his size, and so with a grunt he lowered himself onto the ground and tucked his legs beneath him as he faced her. "Where is your mother, little one? You should not be wandering by the Pond alone at night; it can be quite unsafe."
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"Ishibaba?" she asked in

"Ishibaba?" she asked in wonder. She scampered in a circle a moment calling his name. "Ishibaba, Ishibaba!" She stopped herself, realizing she had let her gaurd down. "Um, I'm sorry. My mother is gone." She bit her lower lip, trying to stop the tears from coming. She was grateful that he had laid himself down - he was much less intimidating. In truth, she didn't know what had become of her mother after she was forced from her herd. She feared the worst. "I'm not from here," she muttered.
Roe couldn't figure out why, but she felt safe with this large stag. She had the desire to tell him everything she remembered. No, she thought, I musn't. She looked at Ishibaba, still in awe of him. She wished she could lay next to him for warmth.
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(Yay, I see Fae! Uruu is

(Yay, I see Fae! Uruu is dancing with her, hehe XD)

The old stag was taken aback when Roe began to run in a circle while calling his name, and he chuckled in good humor. Curious, this little fawn was. When she spoke again, however, he blinked in surprise and then frowned. "Gone...?" She looked as if she were about to cry, but Ishibaba refrained from nuzzling her as she still looked a little frightened. He looked at her curiously, tilting his head as he contemplated her words.

"Did you...have you been traveling by yourself? Why?" he asked softly, hoping that she would not be further intimidated his questioning. Notcing that she was shivering, he inclined his head. "Come. Sit by me, little one, and I will keep you warm. It is alright...I will not hurt you."
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(By the way, I am so sorry

(By the way, I am so sorry I'm taking forever to reply to the RP with Fae and Uruu. I will be getting back to it ASAP; I just feel out of loop with her a little since I've been doing more with Liam and Ishibaba. I dunno if that makes sense, but I promise I will get to it very soon c: )
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Roe nodded to the stag,

Roe nodded to the stag, shivering. She moved next to him, grateful for the offer. She laid down, nuzzling herself in his warm fur. He smells nice, she thought. A long sigh escaped her. "I have been traveling alone. I'm not sure how long." She felt the tears coming again. She blinked them away. She had to stay strong.
"I . . .I w-w-was chased out of my herd. I don't know why." She hid her face in Ishibaba's fur. She didn't want him to see the tears. Pull yourself together! You don't even know him! she thought. No, she didn't know him, but he had the same familiar and safe qualities that her father had before he had died. "I don't know what happened to my mother after I left," she sobbed. "I'm sorry. I'm usually not this . . . open." Fresh tears glistened in her grey eyes, but she kept them from falling. She wondered what he thought of her.

(Gaaahhhh! Forgot which hex color I originally used! And don't worry about long replies Smiling )
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(Gah, I hate it when that

(Gah, I hate it when that happens! :< )

Despite his stoic nature, Ishibaba smiled softly to himself as Roe nestled into his fur. His heart bled for her; he never wished to see fawns in distress, especially when they were lost. There was something about her that seemed...different, and yet familiar. But what could it be? He leaned forward to gentle nudge away a couple of stray tears that had escaped as she tried her best to keep them at bay. "There is no shame in crying, little one. No shame at all," he said quietly.

As she explained her reasons for being alone, Ishibaba frowned and laid his ears back in contempt. She had been..chased away from her herd? Why...? His expression softened as she mentioned her mother and began to cry. He tipped his head back, forcing his mask to slide up onto his forehead, and he nuzzled her gently with his face. He had faint frown lines along his mouth, and gentle wrinkles around his eyes. He gazed down at her sympathetically, and was silent for a moment.

Finally, he placed a gentle kiss upon her brow and spoke softly, "It is alright, little Roe. You are safe now. I will make sure that you find your mother, and I will not leave your side. You are safe with me."
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Roe raised her head when

Roe raised her head when Ishibaba kissed her brow. She looked up at him, so gentle he was, and the tears fell. He made her feel safe. Something she hadn't felt for awhile. She wiped her eyes on her leg. "Thank you, Ishibaba, sir. I . . .I'm sorry for the burst of emotion. I'm usually more . . . . private, I guess." She furrowed her brow. Private wasn't the right word. "Um, not private. Reserved? I think that's the word." She snuggled herself deeper into his warm fur. "You remind me of my father," she murmured. She was drifting off to sleep, comfortable, warm, and safe. "Thank you . . .Ishibaba . . . ."

(think I found my original color - it's close!)
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(Huzzah! Yeah, it can be

(Huzzah! Yeah, it can be annoying; I have to copy-paste my code for every new post, lol XD By the way, have you been playing as Roe at all in-game? I would love for Ishibaba to interact with her! ^_^)

The elder stag shook his head and smiled softly as she apologized. "You have nothing to be sorry for, little one. In fact, I am very much like you in that regard." He chuckled at the correction and nodded his head. "Hum, yes...reserved does sound like a more fitting word to describe it."

At her snuggles and her words, Ishibaba's eyes glowed with warmth, and for the first time in years his eyes grew misty. A father... He suddenly thought back to his children, his son and twin daughters, and how he would frolic and laugh with them all day without a care in the world. They were now gone, yes, but this little one...she was truly special. He was suddenly filled with an overwhelming desire to protect and nurture her, to keep her safe.

Blinking away the mist in his eyes, Ishibaba smiled and placed another kiss atop of her crown as she began to drift off to sleep against him. "Little Roe...you are most welcome. Sleep now, and be at peace. May your dreams comfort you..." he whispered, curling up around her carefully and resting his chin upon his bent front knees. Only when her breathing slowed as she slept did he finally close his eyes, and soon drifted off as well with a smile on his face.
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(I do play Roe in game, not

(I do play Roe in game, not quite as often as Fae, but with more and more frequency - I'm really liking Roe!)

Roe awoke feeling warm and content. She hadn't felt so serene in a long time. In fact, she couldn't remember. She nuzzled Ishibaba and looked up at him. He was sleeping soundly, breathing slowly and rhythmically. His long grey fur was warm and soft. She snuggled in closer, laying her head down again. I'm so glad I met you, she thought. And you don't know how thankful I am to have you near me. Her eyes brimmed with tears once again.
But this time, they were happy tears. Roe felt she might have found her place.
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(Aw, I am really liking her

(Aw, I am really liking her as well! She is such a sweetie~ ;-; )

Even in his sleep, Ishibaba could feel the presence of the fawn next to him. It was comforting knowing that she was safe and warm, and sleeping soundly despite her troubles. He vaguely felt her nuzzle him and snuggle closer, and a subconscious smile formed on his lips. With her beside him, he remembered his children, but he was not saddened by this. Much to his surprise, his heart lifted rather than shattered as he relived old memories of playing with his little ones, and cuddling up with them at night to keep them warm. Little Roe truly was a gift from the Gods...

He began to slowly drift out of pleasant reverie, and his eyes opened slightly to gaze down at the fawn beside him. His smile never waning, he affectionately nudged her crown with his nose, careful not to wake her. Raising his head up, he surveyed their surroundings and counted at least a dozen deer grazing or playing beside the pond. He recognized a few of them, but he had never properly met them or introduced himself. He was a lone buck, after all...a hermit of sorts. It had been a long time since he had really gotten to know any deer in the Forest besides the fawns that he mentored.

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(Roe DID get to meet Ishibaba

(Roe DID get to meet Ishibaba in forest!! YAY! I was playing as Fae when Ishibaba came to the pond. So of course I had to log in as Roe!)

Roe awoke again feeling rested and content. She glanced up at Ishibaba and noticed he was watching other deer. She followed his gaze to the numerous deer by the pond's edge. She watched them frolick and play, drink and graze. If only I could be so carefree, she thought.
"Do you know any of those deer?" she asked, her voice a little groggy from sleep. "Some of them scare me." She looked at the many deer. There were stags with their showy antlers and beautiful does and playful fawns. It was the stags that scared her. Not all stags - Ishibaba was proof of that - but they reminded her of the stag who had made her an outcast.
"I would love to know them . . ." she trailed off. "But I'm not sure they'd . . .like me." Roe looked down at her hooves then let her gaze lift to the other deer once more. As she leaned closer to Ishibaba, a sigh escaped her.
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(Haha, yup, that's right! I

(Haha, yup, that's right! I recognized Fae right away, and was happy that Baba finally got to meet Roe! Gahh, she is so very cute; he adores her~ c: )

The elder stag was so lost in thought that he grunted in surprise when Roe spoke up beside him. Noticing the grogginess in her voice, Ishibaba chuckled and nuzzled her brow. "Well now...good morning there, little one. I do hope you slept well." He tilted his head and frowned slightly as she mentioned being scared by some of the stags, and he offered a comforting smile. "I do know some of them, yes, but only a little. You have nothing to fear, little one; they will not harm you, I promise," he replied softly, his eyes following hers as she observed all of the different deer conforming and playing beside the water's edge.

Despite his attempts to be cheery, as foreign as a concept that was to him, Baba felt pained by Roe's obvious fear of other deer. What could have possibly happened to her to make her so afraid? What did the members of her herd do to her? His ears twisted back, his brows knitting in anger, but he quickly softened his expression so as to not make Roe even more frightened. He tilted his head again as she spoke up once more, and a thoughtful look crossed his face.

"Well then, there is only one way to find out, is there?" he said after a moment. He gave Roe a gentle nudge and stood, stretching and shaking his fur and inclining his head as Roe gazed up at him quizzically. "Come. Let us join the others; I would like for you to meet a couple of fawns," Baba said with a warm smile.

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Roe stood tentatively, her

Roe stood tentatively, her heart racing at the prospect of meeting other deer. She tapped her hooves nervously and tried to put on a brave face. She was thankfull that Ishibaba wanted to introduce her to fawns - they were less intimidating. Still, most deer picked up on her . . . uniqueness. She sensed that Ishibaba had picked up on it, but he seemed to accept it. Probably, she thought, because he's a healer too. I knew I recognized his mask as a healer.
Roe shook the stiffness out of her body, her short tan coat bristling, large ears flopping around comically. "Alright," she squared her body as if anticipating a hit. "Lets do this." Roe took a step forward and almost tripped. She stumbled but quickly regained her balance. "I guess I should have stretched!" She gave Ishibaba a cheeky grin, hiding her nervousness. "Um, I'll follow you."
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The old stag couldn't help

The old stag couldn't help but chuckle as Roe stumbled a bit with her ear flopping about, and he leaned down to steady her. There was a twinkle in his eye that had not made its presence in quite a long time. "Indeed! Stretching is rather important when one is still groggy from sleep," he replied in good humor, returning the grin. He could sense his nervousness, and he wished to make her as comfortable as possible. Bowing his head, and began to walk toward the small crowd of deer that conversed and slept around the shore of the pond.

Craning his neck a little and narrowing his eyes, he appeared to be searching for someone. There were not many fawns by the pond after all, and the ones that were had begun napping from early morning festivites. Suddenly, he uttered a small, "Ah" as he recognized a particular deer from afar. He briefly turned to Roe and gave her a wink, and then called out over the pond, "Liam!" A couple of deer glared at Baba for the sudden noise, but he ignored them. A flash of gold suddenly burst from the thick veil of a nearby willow, and before Roe knew it a very bouncy and excited buck was prancing around them in a circle.

"Oh Ishibaba, it is so good to see you! It's been a while!" the buck exclaimed happily, and as he leaned in for a nuzzle he suddenly noticed the small and scared fawn hudding beside the old stag. Liam immediatly stopped bouncing around and leaned down a little, smiling warmly at the timid fawn. "And who would this little darling be?" he asked good-naturedly, lightly sniffing but careful not to scare her.

"Liam, this here is Roe. She is new to the Forest, and she is a little scared of her new surroundings. I thought I'd introduce her to a deer that I know and trust, and for her to be comfortable around," Ishibaba explained, and Liam blushed visibly. "Oh, ah...th-thank you, sir. That means a lot to me," Liam stammered, clearly embarrassed. He stepped back a little to give Roe some room and smiled at her warmly, and then gave a little bow. "It is a pleasure to meet you, miss Roe!"
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Roe followed Ishibaba down to

Roe followed Ishibaba down to the pond. She didn't see many fawns. She followed Ishibaba's gaze as he seemed to find a deer he recognized. Her eyes widened as she saw a boisterous golden buck racing towards them. She cowered, starteld by his energy, and looked at her hooves as Ishibaba introduced her to the buck named Liam.
Roe looked up at Liam, her large grey eyes giving away her nervousness. Liam bowed to her and she managed a bow back.
"H-h-hello, Liam," she pawed at the ground. "I'm Roe." Roe managed a smile, and raised her head to meet Liam's gaze, keeping her body close to Ishibaba's safe side.
Well,she thought, He doesn't look too scary. Silly! Her grin widened. She pranced in a circle, picking her hooves up high, letting down her gaurd without even realizing it.
"Liam, Liam, Liam!" she giggled as she pranced. Roe stopped her little dance and bowed again to Liam before joining Ishibaba's side once more. She blushed at her little performance. "Um, it's nice to meet you,"she said.
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(Gah, so sorry about the

(Gah, so sorry about the delay hun! I promise I will not be so late next time~)

(Also, please don't worry about the length of this post, you don't need to respond with so much words. I just felt that I really needed to make up for my absence, and so BAM...a novel! XD)

A wide smile graced Liam's lips when the timid fawn spoke to him. Well, that was certainly a start! "It is a pleasure to meet you, Roe," he replied with a gentle smile, bowing deeply before her. He titled her head as she looked at him, still stuck to the old stag's side, and he chuckled to himself. She is so sweet, but so timid. Ishibaba has his hooves full! Her prancing in a circle and chanting Liam's name was very much a surprise, but the young buck found himself laughing and prancing in a circle as well, mimicking: "Roe, Roe, Roe!"

Liam was very much happy by the amusing introduction, as he was not a very orthodox buck. Truly, although he was grown he still acted like a fawn. The golden buck smiled as she bowed to him, and he returned the gesture once more with a soft chuckle. "Likewise!" he replied with enthusiasm.

He then looked up at Ishibaba and tilted his head. "Now, what can we do for little Roe? You say she is lost, Baba?" he inquired, and the old stag bowed his grey head in confirmation. "Indeed. Roe has been chased from her herd for reasons unknown to me, and she has been separated from her mother in the process. She has never been to the Forest before, and so I will be watching over her until her mother is found," Ishibaba explained, leaning down to nuzzle Roe gently. He suddenly felt like a father again, like Roe was his daughter. He would fight for her in an instant, and give his life for her if he needed to. He felt as if he had finally found his purpose, the reason why he chose to continue to live after his mates and children died.

Liam nodded slowly, biting his lip. "That...that is horrible. I am so sorry, little Roe... But I promise you, everything will be alright. Ishibaba...he may be an old fellow, but he is very wise and strong. He'll keep you safe," he said, ending with a soft smile, and then shifted from hoof to hoof for a moment. "And, um...I-I would like to help. If I can. I mean...if you ever need me. I can be a scout!" Liam exclaimed, his nervousness quickly turning to enthusiasm.

Ishibaba chuckled, a deep sound that undoubtedly was felt in the fawn's ribcage. "Young, sweet Liam...the most energetic of my pupils. You are selfless and always willing to help others, and so you are truly a child of the Gods," Baba said softly, and then inclined his head. "But I certainly do not want to see you get hurt. However, I have a feeling that even if I deny your request you will continue to help anyway. And so, you may do as you please to help Roe find her lost herd and mother. Just don't do anything...well, stupid. I know how headstrong you can be," he continued with a chuckle while Liam blushed.

"Oh...thank you, Baba! Thank you so much, I shall start right away!" Liam exclaimed happily, briefly prancing in a small circle with excitement. He then bowed to the two deer and announced, "I shall not fail either of you! 'Til we meet again, Roe." He gave her a quick, gentle nuzzle, a big smile on his youthful face, and then galloped off impressively fast toward the birchwoods, earning a few annoyed moos from pond patrons. Ishibaba chuckled and looked down at Roe. "That boy... I could never restrain him. He is passionate about helping others, especially fawns. You have nothing to fear, little one." He paused, and then sighed before continuing, "Although, I do fear for your safety and Liam's..."
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(lol! No worries! and it was

(lol! No worries! and it was a lovely novel!)

Roe giggled watching Liam prance in a circle calling her name. He was very silly. She quite liked him already. She listened to their exchange - of helping her find her mother - and sorrow bit at her again. She was grateful for the nuzzle from Ishibaba. It comforted her and lifted her spirits again. He could certainly be her father. The corners of her mouth turned up at the thought.
Suddenly Roe felt a rumbling at her side and her grin widened as she realized it was Ishibaba laughing. She truly liked both Ishibaba and Liam. She nuzzled Liam back as he was leaving, then looked up at Ishibaba. What he said made her heart skip.
"Fear for our safety?" She cocked her head to the side. "Wh-why do you fear for our safety?" She tried not to sound concerned. It seemed like a time for her to put on her brave face. Did Ishibaba know something that she didn't? What could possibly be threatening here?
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Ishibaba had smiled with

Ishibaba had smiled with relief as Roe grew more comfortable in Liam's presence. That was a very good sign; with some coxing, she could learn to trust other grown deer like Liam, ones that do deserve such trust. The elder bowed his head as Liam turned to leave, and then chuckled as he galloped off. That boy always has so much energy. He could probably introduce Roe to a few fawns...

He looked down at Roe as she spoke, frowning a little when he heard the concern in her voice. He certainly did not intend to frighten her, not at all. "Oh, little one," he replied with a soft sigh, gently nuzzling her brow and placing a kiss there. "The Forest is very much a peaceful and wondrous place, but it does have its dark corners. You needn't worry, for the Gods protect us. And, in turn, I shall protect you from harm as well." He smiled comfortingly, hoping that his words would alleviate her nervousness.

After giving her another reassuring nuzzle, he tossed his head lightly and smiled. "Would you like me to show you the shrine of the Gods? Perhaps being in Their presence will put you more at ease. And, we may find some fawns for you to play with," he added warmly.
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"The Gods?" Roe tilted her

"The Gods?" Roe tilted her head quizically. "What are . . . Gods?" Roe had not heard of Gods before. Ishibaba said that they protect us, she thought. Are they warriors? In her previous herd, the strongest bucks acted as protectors. They would fend off enemies - protect the does and fawns. Roe didn't care for them. They seemed to be nothing but bullies, always fighting. She hoped the "Gods" here weren't like that.
Her ears pricked at the mention of other fawns. "Yes!" she hopped in the air, excited at the prospect. "That would be lovely!" She pranced in a circle, head held high, with a grin on her face. She was amazed at how comfortable she was around Ishibaba.
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Bumping, because I updated

Bumping, because I updated it!!
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Track! I really like Roe! And

Track! I really like Roe! And Violet will too! May I join the RP?
Call me Deery. Smiling
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You surely can!!! And thank

You surely can!!! And thank you!!
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No probla! --- Violet, as

No probla!


Violet, as always, was strolling around her seemingly endless strolls. The birds didn't chirp, as the wind seemed tough this morning. The grass swinged and the wind almost blew Violet's adorable flower crown out of the top of her head. She walked on and stumbled upon an old stag, young buck and a female fawn. Violet looked at them and decided to near. She politely bowed to all of them and said: "H-hello, h-honorable stags and fawn... My name is-is V-Violet..." She was very shy. Violet stood there, ears lowered and legs shaking a bit.
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Totally bumping. *shame

Totally bumping. *shame face*
I updated!
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ICKYDOG HI Dang I miss

Dang I miss talking to you.

But I need to remind myself or Pho to give Roe a proper thank you for helping him heal.She is such a cutie <3

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lol! Thanks! and I KNOW!! I

lol! Thanks!
and I KNOW!! I haven't been RPing that much lately!
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Tell me if Im wrong but I

Tell me if Im wrong but I think that this doe helped me yesterday to get brown pelt, and I gave her the same pelt later.
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Sure did!!! roe likes trying

Sure did!!! roe likes trying on new pelts from time to time! She quite liked your deer!
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My deer is very difficult to

My deer is very difficult to understand, but on his way he liked her too (:
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I'm bumping this because I

I'm bumping this because I updated A LOT!!!
And because I can. Laughing out loud
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*Iphea saunters through this

*Iphea saunters through this biography, marking all its CSS*


*sneaks off*
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Is that Iphea I smell?

Is that Iphea I smell? "Mmmmmm . . ." *shivers with delight*
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Updated! Roe is a little

Updated! Roe is a little under the weather. Tired.
I don't even know . . . /shot
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Thank you! ksdfjhgsfdkj

Thank you! ksdfjhgsfdkj
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Bumping for an update and fun

Bumping for an update and fun announcement.
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Tracking <3

EDIT: OH, and grats on the fawn you two! ♥
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Our fawn will be epic . . .

Our fawn will be epic . . .
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Tracking! &hearts;

Tracking! ♥


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I know, right???

I know, right???
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I'm so sorry this took so

I'm so sorry this took so long ;; [ This is the full-sized version here ].
And here's one I resized that's more.. suitable for a bio xD;

Feel free to resize it as you wish, or I can change the dimensions for you if you want. ^^ Enjoy! <3

EDIT: posted this last night, not sure if you saw it ;; <3
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OMFG XEMI!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!!!!

I LOVE THIS SO FREAKING MUCH!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!!!!
Roe looks so amazing OMG! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!Exclaim!!
Her tail!!! And her EARS!Exclaim!!
*spazes, runs in circles, rapes Xemi*
Thank you soooooooo much!
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LOL ;; -just got

LOL ;; -just got e-raped-
You're very welcome :') I'm glad you like it <3 I always worry about doing characters justice. xD
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You did her beautifully.

You did her beautifully. She's absolutely perfect! And if you didn't notice, it's already in her bio!
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I'm glad

I'm glad <333 and yes I did :'D gah, thank you, and thank you for all the art you've done for me too which has been fantastic. ♥ I think it looks nice there. ^^