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ash in my bones, soot on my heart

October 21st

Retreated to her homeworld Vahrdesai and has faded into her desert ghost self for quite a few months after the breakup with Marcus. Most of the time was merely a soft whisper above the desert dunes.
Slowly managed to regain her human appearance again. Wandered through the ruins with a special location in mind. A long time ago has chosen this ancient temple as her canvas. Years went by and from time to time she carves her story into the stone walls. Another wall was covered with the unique pictograms she knew and would never forget. Today she wanted to erase Marcus from this wall and continue her story, when she noticed, she never even wrote him down. Her commitment issues were worse than she thought. Surprised by her own inability to commit and open up to Marcus, maybe she would have been a better girlfriend if she didn't have those issues. Feared that if she wrote him down, he would have been taken away from her again.
Touched the wall with one hand and began to sob. So many years went by, so many stories. When the sun had settled, she left the temple and took a stroll through the desert. Hours or days or weeks went by, the Desert Ghost couldn't tell, time was such a fickle thing for her. Found the portal to the endless forest, the exact portal she send away when she entered Vahrdesai months ago. Stepped through it and forced herself to move on.

May 3rd

A new chapter.

Had a heartfelt talk with Marcus today. Told him that she still loved him as her family but there weren’t any romantic feelings anymore. She felt for quite a while that their relationship turned more into friendship again and she knew he was feeling the same. The couple separated after years on good terms. Told their children about the decision and eventually Djinn packed her stuff and moved out of their home. Hugged the man tightly when she finally left what they‘ve build together for years.

September 22nd

Finally made her a new moodboard + new human appearance.

March 27th

Eight years ago entered the endless forest for the very first time. In order to celebrate this event, the woman organized a little treasure hunt for her children in their human world. Also left traces across the forest if any old friends and family members wanted to join.

Eventually visited the endless desert Vahrdesai in her huge basilisk form. Bathed in the sands for a while until she went on a little journey. Visited ancient ruins and watched new kingdoms from afar. There was no need to hide, the people there knew of the Desert Ghost. The embodiment of the desert, the heat and the sand, would never bother to involve themselves in politics or anything like that. The people in Vahrdesai knew, to the Desert Ghost they were just a fleeting moment since the entity would outlive them all. Still Djinn greeted them as if they were old friends, or did they simply resemble a relative from hundreds of years ago? The basilisk crumbled into sand and now she was one with the desert. A child taking their first steps, a life that just has ended, Djinn felt it all. The Desert Ghost listened to the ever-changing stories until it was time to return to her human life.

December 16th

Greatly enjoying family life. Her sons' unique characters and quirks fascinate the mother. Also takes her time to concentrate on each son individually according to their interests. Can't wait to spend christmas with her family.

September 6th

Has been visiting Tyria lately when the kiddos are asleep. Unsure whether she will ever expose her children to such a cruel world so for now visits the world alone. Returned to her little business and assigned some tasks to her workers. It somehow felt extremely good to be back in the desert and Djinn immediately went on the hunt for some artefacts she could sell in her antique shop in Marcus' world.

Returned to the forest and was more than happy to see Illrose again. Moved closer to the female and eventually Altayr joined them. Told Altayr that Illrose was family and immensely enjoyed the afternoon with her loved ones.

August 9th

Just living a quiet family life for once.

July 2nd

Brought her two sons Altayr and Enoch into the forest. Overjoyed but brutally protective of her new offspring.

pinterest finally made her a moodboard o/, gonna properly update her later (+ new faceclaim)
and please look at this amazing sleepy picture ;;

June 11th

Will soon finish her children and couldn't be more excited. Probably drives Marcus crazy with her preparations. Bought tons of neutral baby clothes and showed every single item to poor Marcus. When she's not busy crafting her children, roams the endless desert Vahrdesai and visits the ancient ruins of a long forgotten civilization. With the soon arrival of her newest children, can't stop thinking about her first biological daughters Prita and Daaé. Sadly assumes that they are dead and then when she's alone, the mother allows herself to cry and miss them. Carved their names into the ruins in her own language so they will never be forgotten.

// added a few quotes to relations.

May 8th

Is currently living her best life. Knows that her children will soon be ready to enter the world and leave Vahrdesai. Together with Marcus has been preparing for the children and bought all kinds of stuff for them. Drowns in baby clothes and other items and doesn't mind it one bit. Actually enjoys building furniture for them in their own little room. Finally seems to thrive after so many years of struggling with her mental health.

March 31st

Frequently visits her homeworld Vahrdesai to craft her children alongside Marcus. Sometimes visits the forest since her sand magic drains her energy and the doe tries to regain new strength. Excited and scared at the same time.


Returned home to Marcus and admitted what she had done and why. The Black Desert wanted children and she was willing to do anything to achieve that goal. Weeks passed and Djinn entered her homeworld Vahrdesai, the endless desert. Visited the ancient ruins and walked aimlessly for hours. Vahrdesai, the world where her blood relatives go when they die, a place where the souls wait for their next lives.

Suddenly found some souls that were closely related to her and decided to watch them closer. Realized that those were her unborn children from Marcus, the miscarriages she's lost without her knowledge. Returned to Marcus and told him what she saw and eventually convinced him to bring him there. Talked a lot with the man until they finally agreed. The Desert Ghost uses her sand magic to forge new bodies for her children with magical black sand.

March 2nd

Stayed the whole night on the ground, covered in vines and tortured by the hallucinations. Her body flinched every now and then when she suspected another hallucination but she quickly calmed down as soon as she realized it wasn't real. Extremely exhausted both mentally and physically when finally someone approached her. Couldn't believe that from all the forest residents Morikiah came to rescue her. At first told him to leave because she didn't want to drag him into her drama like she used to do. Somehow imagined that he lived his best life after their breakup and the Blackfire didn't want to ruin his perfect little world. After all she wanted him to be happy despite everything that has happened between them. Normally would have been more cautious and hide her feelings better but the doe was drowning in memories.

Eventually Morikiah got rid of the vines and together they went to the stream. Settled down in the stream, while Morikiah stayed on dry ground. Quietly watched how her blood changed the color of the water until a predator seemed to be on the hunt. Quickly stood up and joined Morikiah. Told him that she could care for herself now and he could join the hunt but he refused. The male left and returned with an elk pelt and put it over the doe, while telling her that he needed to check on a friend. Immediately thought that he talked about his mate (because she's 'paranoid', she actually doesn't know anything) so the Blackfire quietly returned to her den. Came across the pendant and picked it up, you never know when you need something like that.

Currently hypersensitive to sunlight and still flinches whenever some noise is close to her. Her wounds were still bleeding but the star-backed doe couldn't care much. Pulled her legs under her body and tried to suppress the shivering of her body. Eventually left the den again to search for the predator and found her dead body near the drinkplaats. Touched the dead body with her nose and noticed that she was heavily pregnant. Disgusted by the cruel act although she probably would have done the same to protect her loved ones. Left the scene shortly after.

March 1st

As usual the Black Desert left her den in the early morning and took a bath in the pond. After a good while she left the cool water and returned to her den. The place where her family should thrive was cold and empty, she hated it as much as she loved it. The doe's despair reached a new high when she realized a pregnant doe gave birth to three healthy children just a few feet away from the birth place of her first and only biological children. From then on she was desperate enough to ask for magical help.

So one day settled down next to a doe named Isra and talked about her fertility troubles. She didn't really care much about the fact that she barely knew the other female, the Blackfire desperately longed for something she couldn't quite put in words. Eventually Isra revealed that she could help Djinn with her fertility problem but only in return for something valuable. The Blackfire knew she shouldn't accept the deal but the thought of finally getting pregnant was too tempting. The black doe gave Isra her part of the trade: A shiny and probably expensive bracelet she once got from Cadaver. In return the Blackfire recieved a pendant she should wear at all times and her fertility would increase. Thanked the doe nonetheless and quickly left the scene. Djinn already wanted to enter the human world again when she felt the need to put on the pendant. As soon as she threw the pendant over her head, her eyesight decreased instantly and dark hallucinations seemed to hunt her. Immediately she ran as fast as she could in this state and tried to escape those figures. She crashed against several trees and after a desperate escape from the darkness, ended up tangled in thorn-ridden vines. The Blackfire collapsed to the ground, unable to move and trapped in this hallucinated nightmare as long as she is wearing the pendant.

February 5th

Currently avoiding Marcus so she doesn't have to talk about her fertility problem. So the woman left in the early morning hours and entered the endless forest where she rested at her den. Eventually noticed an all too familiar scent (Maekrix) nearby. Clearly remembered how she once was extremely protective of the young fawn and loved him to bits. Stood up and wanted to greet him but also scented Greitai next to him. The Black Desert once more had to deal with a wave of emotions, she wasn't prepared for and was already in a bad mental state to begin with. Felt angry and lost at the same time. Thought that Greitai would throw a fit if she approached or that the Raptor already 'ruined his opinion' about her in any way. (did I mention djinn is paranoid and greitai didn't even do anything beside breathing??) Instead of approaching Maekrix, the doe trotted to Red Hill but the all so familiar ground couldn't calm her down this time. Ran into the birch forest and threw herself against the trees. At one point a branch got stuck in her shoulder and the doe had to rip it out. Settled down right where she was.

January 25th

Another month passed and the Black Desert grows more and more frustrated. Her biggest wish to become a mother again is still out of reach for her. Developed a bitter and harsh attitude. Frequently punishes her own body for being the way it is and pushes her sides against sharp trees until they bleed.

December 12th

During the last few weeks worked quite hard in an alternate world Tyria. Helped refugees escape the war and helped with building new temporary homes. Often cared for little children who got lost during the commotion and brought them back to their parents. Frustrated because she knows how difficult it is for her to get pregnant but desperately wants to have children again.

November 11th

Rested near the stream until she caught the scent of Marcus. Slowly made her way to the male and saw him near Sloane's hill. Asked whether something was wrongbut the male didn't want to share his troubles but she knew what was wrong anyway. Lead him away from the hill and back to the stream where they settled down. Talked about Sloane and family in general. Eventually told him that he can't expect anything from Sloane if he just visits her every few months. Told him that she was sick of hiding in the human world and that she wanted to rebuild old bonds and fight for the little family that was left, especially after Henna's visit. The Blackfire seemed happy when Marcus agreed.

Suddenly the male left and brought back Umay. The star-backed doe awkwardly sniffed her former sister and tried her best to hide her excitement. The three settled down at the stream.

November 10th

Woke up in the birch forest feeling dizzy and disorientated. Eventually remembered the last thing she did yesterday was letting her anger out on innocent birch trees. Licked off the blood on her nose and left the messy scene.

November 9th

Tried to get pregnant for several months now without a positive result. Always kinda knew that she had fertility problems but never expected them to be so severe. Hasn't told anyone so far about her current 'relationship' or her biggest wish to become a mother again. Mainly because she feels like the forest doesn't want her to be happy again. Lately has been spending the majority of her time at the pond where she got to meet the Ocean Bull (Gisli). Quietly sits beside him in the deep water, grateful for any given company at this point. Eventually joined by Skelarrow and another stranger (Isra). The Blackfire will soon be desperate enough to ask for help..

Time passed and the doe found herself alone again. Eventually thought about family and those she considered close. With little hope in her heart she settled down near the playground, where she cought the scent of a certain family. Unaware of any new additions to the family, however. Eventually got approached by Greitai, who quickly told her to leave the family alone. Asked the raptor doe why she didn’t let the others decide who they want to meet or not. The female however threw some insults at her and told her to keep her distance. The Blackfire addressed Greitai’s fears and that she could understand those while still trying to ignore any following insults towards her. The star-backed doe didn’t mind the Raptor’s protective nature, no matter how ‘aggressive’ it was. Afterall she was right concerning a few points. Leviathann joined the two and Djinn was grateful that the Serpent just listened but didn’t say a word. Once more she was grateful for her sister’s nature. Continued to speak with Greitai though it didn’t get any better. While Djinn could understand the other female’s view, the Blackfire just wanted to be involved. After a few more insults the doe thought it was best to leave. A few last bitter words escaped her mouth:

"Tell them what you want. Tell them what you want them to believe. Close their minds, Greitai. Fill them with your fear."

Nudged Levi’s side and together they left to settle down at the crying idol. Briefly filled her sister in and they talked for a little while. For the first time in weeks showed her soft side when she spoke to Levi. Told her how the situation broke her heart but realized how stupid that sounded when the other family doesn't even know she exists and the Black Desert quickly closed her heart again and shook off those darn emotions.

"I don't want to cause trouble to their family. Maybe I should just leave them be... They survived without me, I'm sure they will continue to do so."

Stayed at the stream a little longer until she made a decision. Decided to keep away from that family from now on. Felt she had no right to intrude their peace. Djinn had nothing to offer afterall. Erased whatever little hope was ever there and left the stream rather detached. While Leviathann went to visit a friend, Djinn settled down near Levi's former company (Lacie) and the Ocean Bull (Gisli) joined eventually. Settled down next to him, though just stared blankly into the distance.

November 7th

Lightning struck the remains of Djinn and the nearby tree. When the light faded, the Blackfire suddenly stood there and the pile of ashes and black sand covered the tree. The tree immediately turned completely black and formed a den under its roots. The doe settled down at the entrance and currently fights against the dizziness.

Hatchet+, Tiki+, Keshani+

//just adding more stuff don't mind me


"hidden from sight"
The Black Desert








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test comment 1

test comment 1
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test comment 2
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"You are welcome~" She is a

"You are welcome~"

She is a nice fawn, Dajhi liked Djinn almost instantly
Also, lovely css ♥
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"Nnh~.. soft fur keeps little

"Nnh~.. soft fur keeps little Djinn warm..♥"

Thank you <3
A few minutes ago she got attacked by a stranger so she is really happy that she met lovely Dajhi.
She cheered her up <3
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*cuddles* Dajhi reacted when


Dajhi reacted when she saw Djinn scared of those deer, and she enjoys keeping her safe and warm :3
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I think Dajhi has gained a

I think Dajhi has gained a little stalker from now on Eye
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Hey. <3
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hello ! -waves-

hello ! -waves- <3
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What a wonderful Css !! And

What a wonderful Css !! And "Hello" !
Avatar @ Sluggs Siggy @ Amazegenalo
Bouncing Fly by Mary13
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thank you and hey hey flyleaf

thank you and hey hey flyleaf Eye <3

Ah, so this is the cute fawn

Ah, so this is the cute fawn that's sat with Kody before 8D
Stalking this c:
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yes that was Djinn

yes that was Djinn <3
Hope you didn't mind when she searches Kody's company again Eye

I would never mind c: Both

I would never mind c:
Both me and Kody love her company <3
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aww thank you |D edit:

aww thank you |D

edit: changed pictogram to THIS
I remembered the password again -yay-

What a cutie!

What a cutie!
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thank youuu ;D Same goes for

thank youuu ;D
Same goes for Kusakage =)

Playmate! That's adorable XD

Playmate! That's adorable XD Kusa will like that a lot.
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Glad that she likes it. She

Glad that she likes it. She is such a sweet thing. C:
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oh!! I thought it was her at

oh!! I thought it was her at first, but then I came here to check (since Dajhi's picto are showing in front of Djinn's in map D:)

Dajhi was paying attention to a doe who was trying to come close to Otis, although Otis didn't recognize her ): Then new picto Djinn appeared! Laughing out loud
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Oh my.. xS I thought "why is

Oh my.. xS
I thought "why is she running away from Djinn?" and then .."oh she doesn't know about the new picto D|" but Dajhi recognized her quick <3
It is really lovely to see how protective she is towards little Djinn ;D
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she is rofl Dajhi is pregnant

she is rofl
Dajhi is pregnant and very defensive towards males. Although she prefer to stay away from them, she will always protect Djinn being even aggressive with them sometimes (bad Dajhi, no biscuit for her)
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bawwww <3
"Dajhiii? Why does your friend looks like a doe?" The young doe asked and looked confused at the stag.

lol I guess Dajhi doesn't like the devout pelt? x]
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"oh his antlers fell off, it

"oh his antlers fell off, it happens to certain stags in this forest, its normal, little one" She answered with a smile.

OMG YES she hates the devout... but because it lags me so much at the point of freezing my game, so I had to make that as an excuse xD
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what a perfect excuse |D I

what a perfect excuse |D
I hate it when other devout spam. The sound is so annoying >___<. I only like to wear it as a permanent devout Eye
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The sound is annoying... some

The sound is annoying... some times it even remixes due to my lag haha, but as a perma devout I'd use it on my deer with no problem, I think its so pretty ^-^
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yes it is

yes it is <3
Seems like Dajhi is practicing for her own fawn. She will be a lovely mother 8D
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Ah yes, its always good, for

Ah yes, its always good, for me to practice, and for her to develop her mother feelings, like she always wanted. She improved a lot btw.

But you know, if you and Djinn likes the idea, there is always space for another fawn to take care off ^^
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jsdhfjsh.. x] that would be

jsdhfjsh.. x]

that would be really nice <3

edit: my internet had a dead so there a two Djinns |D
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its ok! I thought she was

its ok! I thought she was disconnected Smiling
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I have to go now :| see you

I have to go now :| see you next time <3
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oh sorry, I went for a coffee

oh sorry, I went for a coffee xD

see you around <3
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Hey there. ^_^ Zach's

Hey there. ^_^
Zach's enjoying your company.
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hey ho

hey ho <3
Thank you for keeping her company |D
She really likes Zach

Sorry about the constant

Sorry about the constant disappearing/appearing today D:
My connection and pictos are acting up B|
Hope it doesn't bother you that he keeps vanishing <3
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pfft of course not same

pfft of course not Eye
same happened to me this morning >___<

Phew 8D Awww, my pictos are

Phew 8D
Awww, my pictos are still...messed up. The deer that we're with has a clone to me somewhere else in the forest. MyTEFfails. B(
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xD that sounds weird maybe

that sounds weird maybe restart? |D

I would but my pictos are

I would but my pictos are having problems spreading too. Chances are that I might not get back in D:
I'll probably end up having to later though XD
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I hate it when the pictos

I hate it when the pictos doesn't want to spread D:
If you don't know someone because the pictos are glitching feel free to ask |D

Yeah, it's annoying B| I had

Yeah, it's annoying B|
I had to put up with 3 weeks or around that of my pictos not spreading not that long ago. I just hope it's not going back to that :c
Aww, thanks. I don't actually know who the deer is that we're with, they also don't show on the map for me. ;;
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Noooo that would be horrible

Noooo that would be horrible if that happens again D| I hope everything will be okay again.

And the doe next to us would be Sanyu =)

I think I'd want to slap my

I think I'd want to slap my connection if it happened again B|

Ohhh. Thanks c:
At least her picto isn't actually glitched apart from the clone that's running around B)
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yes slap it >.

yes slap it >.<

And yeah that's weird on the map her picto is in the south oO

Ohyeah, that's also where her

Ohyeah, that's also where her clone was |D
Maybe TEF is just having one of those glitchy days~
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pfft probably -___- nice

pfft probably -___-

nice signature btw <3

Thanks, though it wasn't

Thanks, though it wasn't actually me who drew it though c:
It was drawn by the awesome Nirwana. |D
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pfft I like her already she

pfft I like her already she comes from Germany |D



I'm tracking this.

I'm tracking this.
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thank you

thank you <3