electric waves ; altayr

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December 3,


November 30,
Still meeting some new faces and loving everyone he's meeting. Slowly adding to his bio and adding some developing quirks he's picking up on. Also slowly adding to his links as he ages. Ofc all his adult stuff he'll be growing into (for example, his human refs) and he's still a bb, so just using those things as refs. Probably gonna be hitting growth spurts throughout the next few months but I'll be updating that as it happens!

A more up to date ref on how he looks in forest is the bottom bio art. The one to the side is too young for him now but it's so stinking cute I don't want to update it just yet.. gonna keep it there until his horns get developed :cry:

October 27,
Becoming more social, reaching out to more people. Slowly learning more socially acceptable standards via these interactions but still super, supER touchy with everyone. If they allow it, of course, but has yet to actually meet anyone who's mean to him yet. Pure bb boi still.


Healthy, sound.






Altayr is always IN CHARACTER and his actions/thoughts/speech does not reflect my own opinions. Always assume he's 100% in character unless stated otherwise on the bio or through discord (obviously not IC when getting sets/etc!).

Also biography is subject to gain mature themes as he ages. Though I tend to always stray on the safe side of things and only hint to the more mature themes, but if I ever do go in-depth on anything I was always put a warning before the actual thing pops up. So for the most part, will be pretty PG on this bio unless stated otherwise!

RP is welcome through this bio or through discord: Laur#5933

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Original design by Pandora, design edited/re-morphed with the help of Aihnna.

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♥ !!

♥ !!

by sleepything
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;; ♥ !!

;; ♥ !!
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♥ !

♥ !

What an adorable design!

What an adorable design!
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THANK YOU all for the tracks,

THANK YOU all for the tracks, sorry for the bumps! Trying to slowly fill this all out ♥ So excited for this boy!
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Art by Qanat!!
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Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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And this bab

And this bab <3
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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such a pretty pup &hearts;

such a pretty pup ♥
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oh hell yes

oh hell yes
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Ahhhh! So excited for this

Ahhhh! So excited for this boy ♥

Icon by Aihnna! ♥
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/feels around her fast

/feels around her fast streams of air, surprised by the vigor/
Woah, so fast...
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Thank you everyone for the

Thank you everyone for the tracks!!

@Sora1996. A gleeful grin in return to the other young one, tail wagging. "Thanks!"" he replies, still in the same excited manner as before.

He's got too much energy LOL ♥
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very cute baby, Kodiak is not

very cute baby, Kodiak is not so active because of the sick eyes, but a little later, I hope they can have fun together!



By Lathyrus ♥

(: &hearts;


Sig: Aihnna

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dog! dog! dog! dog! dog! dog!

dog! dog! dog! dog! dog! dog!