Dillon, a Wandering soul. (Wip)

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Recent Happening-December
Confetti, falling from the sky. Not surprised, but Dillon hasn't seen that before. However, those giant stars scare the hell out of her, she fears they may end up decapitating her. Though, the forest is extremely peaceful right now. Actually had company tonight, which she enjoys.

Name//: Dillon
Species//: N/A
Gender//: Female/Doe
Age//: 19 Human years/2 Deer years
In-game set//: Beluga Pelt, Crying Mask, Gazelle Antlers

Physical description

• She is of Asian decent.

•Dillon has Heterochromia iridum, which is two different color eyes. One eye is a glowing ocean blue. While the other is hazel, with faint blue specks.

•Her pelt is made up of blues, grays, and whites.

• Has a very lean body type.

• Is mistaken for a male a lot.

• On her left foreleg is a marking of her Pictogram

•Has short black hair.

• Reserved
• Curious about the world around her
• Sarcastic
• Anxious
• Kind hearted
• Clingy to those she befriends.
• Awkward

Dillon isn't to keen on open spaces. While she is okay walking through them, laying down is a completely different situation. She will always lie beside a tree, preferably. (The only times she is found not laying by a tree is when she is occ.)

Has a hard time socializing with others. While she does want company, she gets to anxious about approaching others.

Relationships History Artwork Writings

*Please tell me if our deer have met so I can put them here.*
+Shika; Seems like a nice doe, though Dillon needs to get to know her more.



SAV track!

SAV track!

I do believe I saw your deer

I do believe I saw your deer yesterday :3
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Thank you for the track Sorry

Thank you for the track
Sorry for the late reply, kinda forgot about it.

I have seen Dillon around the

I have seen Dillon around the forest before so I should Stalk o I mean Track Eye this
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Why thank you.

Why thank you.
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My doe Shika would like them

My doe Shika would like them to be friends
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Looks interesting, track!

Looks interesting, track!
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Dillon would like that ^^

Dillon would like that ^^
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I am sure Gustiro has met

I am sure Gustiro has met this deer on and off a lot. For some reason I always miss tracking or just never found them on the community. Or I am just slow. XP
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I think they've seen each

I think they've seen each other few times, but didn't really interact.
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When I saw the Dillon, I

When I saw the Dillon, I always thought it's a male x)
Nice to meet you, Atuuru is very glad, that somebody played with her c:
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Track. <:

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Tracking this 8D

Tracking this 8D