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Something good happened today.

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This seems...vaguely

This seems...vaguely familiar...

/ tracks <3
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Thank you both

Thank you both Smiling
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I love this guy! Missed

I love this guy! Missed seeing his little entrys, hope he's well! <3

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Pretty <3
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It's so peaceful and

It's so peaceful and beautiful :3
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I love these things.

I love these things. <3
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Awww, so beautiful. I can

Awww, so beautiful. I can just repeat what the others said, I love it too. <33
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Hubalaboo! *nuzzles* I missed

Hubalaboo! *nuzzles* I missed your lovely writings, drawings and screenshots!
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Ahh thanks you guys

Ahh thanks you guys <3
I'm sorry for being just a lurker now. I feel like a shadow here, never really have the courage/time to say anything... Recently I've been ignored multiple times in-forest as well... Sad Perhaps it was just the fog.
VCG: Yes, he is well. Smiling And so are his plant friends.
Jennnn!! hi <3 *nuzzles*
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[pixel deer by Aldebaran]
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I miss you so much.

I miss you so much.
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Thanks Redkora uwah...

Thanks Redkora Laughing out loud

uwah... Aegle ;___; *nuzzle*
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Come back and stop by more

Come back and stop by more often or MSN me dear! c:
I always find myself worrying about you because your never on anymore. Its silly I know but GAH.
And of course Aegle misses Clavier.

Beautiful Picture by the way. C:
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I've missed you and your

I've missed you and your deer. <3
And I've always loved this guy... such a beautiful concept.