[Biography of Sorrel]

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Monarch pelt - Long/Antelope antlers - Real deer mask

Name Sorrel; not her real name, but at this point she's probably forgotten it. Ginger.

Age Adult; almost 10 years IRL.
Gender Female
Birthday 29th of December 2009
Species Unknown; impala traits
Picto Upright antler
Size Around 16
Reference Designed by Hraeth! By Eyestrain, by Scythe
Rests x

Raspy, feminine, eager lilt

Intrepid - Sporadic - Flirty - Forgiving - Conniving - Melancholic - Rash - Warm - Polar - Muddle-headed - Independent - Paranoid - Passive - Obsessive - Saccharine - Insecure - Non-judgmental - Passionate - Lacks moral judgement

Starting to grow, and grow up, from her time outside of the forest.

Has lost the hyperactive frenzy she used to feel; now feels more calm mentally, but still projects misery at times. Still tends to be swept up into events easily. An intense being, full of feeling but also unable to manage it. Can become bottled up, which eventually creates a lack of control. Aware of it all; feels she is a harmful person. Able to keep calm more easily nowadays.

Craves excitement and drive, but might not seem excited. Carries a melancholic feeling with her.

Regularly lost in thought, sometimes babbles what might sound like nonsense. Comes across as daft sometimes.

Often blind to stereotypes; doesn't see social circles very clearly. Able to walk up to predators with confidence. Utterly human-like in a sense; doesn't act like a feral animal in most aspects, this included. This leaves her vulnerable more often than not

Edgy around fawns; usually adores them, but wary of her own behaviour around them. Afraid of hurting one.

Suffers from insomnia regularly; helps to sleep around others, but otherwise too anxious.

Somewhat religious; twisted. Cautious anger and fear but belief concerning some generalised idea of a deity watching the forest. Blames them for many problems in life.


To be rewritten; the Ginger keeps her past to herself besides the knowledge(told only to some) of her son, and his death. This was caused by -, not entirely accidentally, but also due to Sorrel's naivety. She believed from what she saw that the forest was entirely safe, for herself and her fawn, suspecting at the time that she'd died and was in some kind of afterlife with her dead son. Was instead treated to the sight of his body beneath the bridge after letting him roam around without her whenever he wanted. Things became more confusing to the doe upon discovering the idea of the Twin Gods, for what gods (of what heaven) would let such terrible creatures into their haven?

Promptly lost the plot with her life as things made less and less sense. No longer believed she was dead, but came to be haunted by her son later on. Believes herself to be the true cause of his death (and is partially right) but will probably never tell anyone this; it's easier to garner sympathy that way.

Eventually came to embrace her worries, meeting those who were the ones she initially feared, becoming able to ignore the less pleasant sides to others. Fawn-killers and aggressive males and dainty sisters and all of them, some like an echo of her past, phased the mother less and less until Sorrel was no longer much of a mother anymore, without her son as a hold on her homeland and steady head.

Grew accustomed to the forest over the years, but has never been entirely comfortable in it. Revelled in the opportunity to escape from it when she met Sonne. The wilderness beckoned to her, but it was no longer the same, having grown somewhat complacent. Slowly, her natural state became more realised, losing her antlers before her markings faded slightly. They travelled and discovered a lot, and over time it felt better and better. The past- and it's misery- left her, at least somewhat. But eventually it would be time to return again.

Possibly has a human form (or AU); I haven't really explored this but have some ideas (and her appearance) in mind. This would tie into her out-of-forest adventures.

The forest has not seen her grow physically, having arrived as a fully grown and matured doe. She has developed somewhat, with new features and colors and markings and all of that which wouldn't be found in her homeland. A rather plain doe arrived one day with a plain fawn, and would later leave the forest as a doe with a glowing fringe on her neck, tall ringed antlers, with a forehead decorated with a charm to keep the past well, well away. Appears to be closely related to an impala. A thin slice of a scar sits above her left eyebrow from fighting Velocity's creatures.

A neat stature that fits between the size of a mini and an average deer.
Often feels clumsy and large when around minis, but really has a nice frame; light fluff in areas, growing around her neck where her mane is. Thinner legs than usual, filled-out body while still remaining in an area between average and thin. Pale, lavender eyes give a ghostly appearance to her face at times. Neat and feminine.

Has a new ward was given to her from Verve in order to end her troubles with Yew. It works, and can also protect her from harm at times, but also has side effects; any characters that are dead, undead, ghostly or partially so will be hard to see, varying from a blurry image to near invisibility. Speech will be garbled. Having had it for years now, the ward is now acting as a personal security blanket- would probably be very nervous without it on her person.

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-is interested in playing

-is interested in playing Yewfawn-
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Just wanted to let you know

Just wanted to let you know there is another Sorrel deer on the community site as well.
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Didn't know that before :U

Didn't know that before :U Shouldn't cause too much trouble. What's the player?

^^ Do you have a new account, or a free one which you can play him/her on?
You can have Yew if you like. Feel free to deside the gender, personality and design, but i'd like it if you kept a few realistic touches to it, like maybe the mask or antlers or even pelt. He/she will have to stay with Sorrel as much as possible.
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I think it's okay. She

I think it's okay. She doesn't come on anymore. She used to be one of Emiva's friends.

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o_o They're identical,

o_o They're identical, wops
Keep an eye on pictograms xD
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There are a lot of realdeer

There are a lot of realdeer does in the forest. |D
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Update! Sorrel is now looking

Sorrel is now looking for Yew, but feel free to say hi.
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FFF Sorry! I'll have him in

FFF Sorry!
I'll have him in there tomorrow, ok?
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Little update~ Yew is dead

Little update~
Yew is dead :c

No longer that realistic xD
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Haha, your doe have the same

Haha, your doe have the same set that Solaya <3 They have to be in meeting (: Awesome char, btw <3

Avatar by Awentia, signature by Wildflowerdeer
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Really? I'm probably going to

Really? I'm probably going to change the pelt soon but she'll always have this variation. Thanks <3

Massive update!
Personality is done~ New art/design added!

Tracking this beautiful doe I

Tracking this beautiful doe I once drew fan art for. <3
I love her design so much. c:

Weird dubble post,

Weird dubble post, pfft.
Means dubble awesomeness. xD <3

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*Sneaks in too*

*Sneaks in too* <3
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Thank you both! Make that

Thank you both!
Make that three haha

edited with RUT
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Tracking >u>

Tracking >u>

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Track. Smiling
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ahhhh, so that's who that

ahhhh, so that's who that is:) ~!track
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Thank you guys! And yesss

Thank you guys!

And yesss haha. She was curious who Krystal was with. Still seeking out more males xD

29th of Sept - Wandered

29th of Sept - Wandered around a bit. Found Tieff and Bishop once again. Met Darcy and Obaké, and then Herla with (must discover name!).

Was it Gehirn? They sit around together quite a bit.

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I don't think so, but I may

I don't think so, but I may be wrong. They had the devout pelt~
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Oh! I know who you're talking

Oh! I know who you're talking about. He was hanging around Caden when he was with a few females - made him a bit uncomfortable - but I couldn't find him in the community:/

devout pelt + no mask + key

devout pelt + no mask + key antlers = Stockholm?
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Yes! That's him. Thanks guys

Yes! That's him. Thanks guys

Tracking! thank you for the

Tracking! thank you for the company. Crux will keep an eye out for this one in the future c:

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Thanks for the track! I'm

Thanks for the track!

I'm considering setting up a small event for Sorrel; probably a pic or two, some music, etc, for interaction. Would anyone be interested?
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I should definitely track

I should definitely track this I think <33
And for whenever I kick off the Feathercrest thing again B )
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Oooh thankyou

Oooh thankyou <3 I can't wait!

She is very beautiful.

She is very beautiful. ♥
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Well hello thurr

Well hello thurr <3
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Ohai! And thankyou

Ohai! And thankyou
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Hellohello <3 sorry for Seph's weird behaviour, he's a shy, twitchy thing. xD
Tracking. ^^
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Haha that's okay, she's very

Haha that's okay, she's very tolerant but a little confused as to what he is.
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Yes, he's certainly strange

Yes, he's certainly strange looking x)
He will just.. sit. And stare. xDD

EDIT: LOL those updates. And what an epic staring competition it was! 8D
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Yeah, she enjoyed it. A

Yeah, she enjoyed it. A change from the usual xD
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Thankyou! Just a heads-up;


Just a heads-up; i've been thinking about this for a while. I think Sorrel never really allowed herself to feel much over Yew's death. Nothing happened.

About time something did. If she acts aggressive anytime soon...well, that's why! You'll probably find her hidden in the crying idol for the next week or so. As usual, susceptible to cuddles, unless you're a stranger.
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Indeed! She's a big mope at

Indeed! She's a big mope at the moment. HUGS FIX EVERYTHING <333

Traaaack (:

Traaaack (:

|8 I'm not tracking this.

I'm not tracking this.
Why am I not.
Am now. Hah. Yes, I am.
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Awwww yeee

Awwww yeee <333

;u; Awh! I love her new

;u; Awh! I love her new picture. <3
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Tracking! <3
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I have a feeling I/Dag met

I have a feeling I/Dag met Sorrel once. I've been meaning to comment for a while and kept forgetting - track!
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Thank you all! And uhh maybe

Thank you all!

And uhh maybe Dag. I don't remember if we did? I'd love to if he comes back though

she's a doll~ -a very late

she's a doll~
-a very late track-
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sdsadasjhdas I keep missing

sdsadasjhdas I keep missing replies. Late thanks!