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Set:Real deer mask and pelt, small doe antlers or small blueish gray spiky antler things
Picto:see above.
How to remember it?: It looks like two pancakes in a bowl, with a knife/fork leaning against them. Smiling

Personality: Sorrel is very easygoing, and can be lazy at times. However, in the blink of an eye she can become hyper, and become really crazy and spontaneous. Sorrel is very friedly, and is not shy at all when joining a herd or lone deer.

Most used Emote: Rolling on the floor laughing. I use it all the time, so dont be offended if I laugh at you. Im laughing WITH you, not AT you. (unless you do somethin funny)Smiling

Family: sister-Jadine, brother-Knight
Mate:also none
Friends: Basically, anyone Sorrel has played with is her buddy(at least in her eyes).

Likes: Spell-spamming, Fawns(as long as they dont annoy her), Other deer, Dance Parties, The birch forest, shape shifting, flowers, weather in te forest, the twin gods, and a bunch of other random stuff.

Dislikes: Annoying deer/fawns, the Ename Ruins(though she will hang out there willingly), LAG, glitches, sleeping deer(she wants to play, but they're sleeping!), deer who snub her and won't let her join a group, and some other stuff I forget at the moment.
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I think it looks like of

I think it looks like of like a little boat Eye


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OMG it does . I didnt even

OMG it does .

I didnt even notice it lol
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you will always be that

you will always be that peskey little faun that follows me around ^^ can we be sisters! ^^
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Lol being pesky is

Lol being pesky is fun!

whenever I see you I'll bug ya Smiling
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yep we can be sisters

yep we can be sisters Smiling
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yay! Sorrel gets an older

Sorrel gets an older sister to annoy the crap out of!
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FAAAWN SUP Those are beluga



Those are beluga antlers, by the way. ;3

- - -

The Gentleman
The Rebel
The Immortal
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OMG HI! Lol beluga


Lol beluga antlers?
they Do not look like it......I shall continue to call them smallish spiky blue-gray antlers Laughing out loud
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SORREL!!!I forgot about

SORREL!!!I forgot about you... XD *hugs* Wanna be Knights Sister?


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M'Kay Yay! Sorrel has


Yay! Sorrel has another sibling
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: D! Im sad... I quit

: D! Im sad... I quit WQ!...