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Communities make me happy!

So, my first blog! Which can also count for a diary for Bell, since they're all the rage, right? (notrly)

And I actually have something to write- rather, type about! Topic, Abiogenesis.

I'm quite disappointed I'll miss the official winter Abio- I've gotta work that night ):, but I'm sure there will be tons of pictures on the forums. Besides, my computer lags something awful with all the pretty stags running around.

Also! I think it might be worth my time to explain Bell's deer habits, because I'm thinking they might annoy some deer :x

She finds it funny when certain stags take themselves so seriously, and will do her absolute best to destroy that small sense of importance. I.E., intruding on 'territory' (sawry Witcher, dear), and basically laughing her tail off when things get a little out of han- hoof.

Bell also loves to play leap frog, specifically with stags that are laying down, making angry faces at her, or fawns of any shape because they're short enough. Life's a game to her!

So, my first blog was more of a ramble about nothing in particular rather than a contributing letter to the newly formed community, but that's alright, no?

*rocks out to radio*
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Welcome to the community!

Welcome to the community! Eye
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Leap frog!!! *must try that*

Leap frog!!! *must try that*
Hello my name is Zules and the best way to contact me is at deviantart. My screenname is thezules.
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Bell doesn't annoy .

Bell doesn't annoy . Smiling