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At peace.

3/7: 0% -- Rooted where they fell.
Made what turned out to be a fatal mistake by trying to bite 'Abisme'.
Blinded by her smoke, coughed up a lung.
Found her again and was found by Honeythorn in turn.
Lured near the statues, experienced immediate repulsion and pain.
Chased by 'Biveme' and Everly as well.
Driven to fury--took off after UY upon spotting her.
Dogged by the previous four as well as Easca and Maddox.
Dropped in a patch of purple flowers with a soft 'oh'.

70% -- Temporarily chased off.
Tried ripping Skysight's...Skysight off.
Got interrupted by Ragnara, Maddox and Vikal (?). Sorry if that's the wrong oc!! Sad
Escaped, though not without taking even more injuries.
Irritated. Planning.
Not intending to wait long.

2/27: 50% -- Growing desperate.
Returned to the forest by following the group that found the amulet.
Met Sindile. Didn't love that.
Got devouted. Absolutely hated it.
Re-met Sindile. Sympathetic to his plight, though one soul was most inclined.

2/13: 100%.
Visited by Abilene. Continued to strike a deal.
Then visited by Hlin. Not thrilled, but had no time to move before she barreled into him and removed him from the forest.
Very lost and distracted, for the time being.

2/9: 55%. Regenerating swiftly. Healing from a puncture wound from UY.
In possession of a pair of crude hands where their forehooves were.
Turned into a rabbit by Ebony. Not bothered by the arrangement for various reasons.
Having a chat with Abilene. Struck a deal.
Aware of a lurking Gair and earlier, a Sadabh.
Spoke with Gair and their companion, Weasel. Curious.
Followed by Ashira and later, Irene.
Finding themself quite popular when dead.

the deer.
cannot forget that lesson lest we fall with lesions, all.

2/8: 0%. Regenerating where they fell.
Prompted by Greitai, Ragnara and Easca.
Downed by Ragnara with help from Sky-Sight and Greitai.
Watched by Carmine, Orome, Honeythorn, Taveer, Neli, Maddox, Xanos, Matthias and Vesper.

A good time to chat or mess with them without consequences.
Which Ragnara, UY, Abilene and Howlan took them up on.

2/1: 35%. Chased from hiding. Limited mobility.
Most heads have retreated.
Experiencing culture shock.
Confused, but thoughtful.
Approached later and asked a few questions. Gave answers.
Curious faces include Zemora, Xaver, Umay and Ashira.

you are all
and the starving can eat
even vultures.

1/31: 20%-- Grievously wounded.
Multiple bite wounds, impact wounds from hooves and tear wounds from antlers. Suffering from the effects of poison. Dizzy and disoriented.
Most faces have retreated, leaving only its main face.
Retreated into the forest to heal.
Likely to be forced out of hiding early due to the smell of blood.

Attackers included Sabbath, Maggot, Greitai, Starsets and Easca.
Other helpers included Minh.
Curious faces included Ephire, Umay, Zemora, Levi (and so many more that player didn't catch, sorry ;;!).

Positive: Umay, Zemora, Xaver, Ashira, Abilene, Irene.
??: UY, Sadabh, Sindile.
- : Maggot, Sabbath, Sky-sight, Honeythorn.
Problems: Easca, Greitai, Ragnara.

There are no important facts left to learn.
You have found all the facts.

  1. It says its name is Brother.

  2. It cannot be permanently killed--or so it seems.

  3. It retreats into the forest at low health and regenerates quickly when reaching 0%. The portal to the Reaches is located on the hill by the Ruins.

  4. It adapts quickly and comes back stronger.

  5. It can speak when 'dead' and will remain rooted in place.

  6. Its name is not Brother.

There are zero useful facts left to learn.
You have found all the facts that are currently possible to learn.

  1. It does not attack immediately, but is easily goaded.

  2. It is constantly in pain and lashes out, except when dead.

  3. It is strategic.

  4. Its goal is not to kill. It wants to escape the forest.

  5. It will do anything to achieve this goal.

  6. It can grant wishes when gifted objects from either Forest.

  7. It hates being watched and followed.

  8. It is spiteful and will lock on to a single target.

  9. Spells have useful effects like numbing pain, which can make it more coherent and easier to communicate with.

  10. However, the devout causes instant and massive damage, often forcing it to flee.

There are five facts which may be important later left to learn.

  1. Each of its heads is an individual being wound around each other within the body via will and magic.

Interaction and questions (in-character or not) are welcome here, in-forest, or over discord (wurm#2359).

Thrilling. Too bad I don't

Thrilling. Too bad I don't have any active characters atm.
ooc: Do you hear the dead?

Thanks for the fun >) And

Thanks for the fun >)
And seeing the facts unlock is super exciting!
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@Uitleger do you hear the


do you hear the dead?
whispers of history don't forget.
who am I to forget?

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Yes, please. Definitely need

Yes, please. Definitely need to follow and ask questions.


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definitely following.

definitely following.
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Thank you all for interacting

Thank you all for interacting with Brother so far! You've all been awesome.
You've discovered nearly all the important and useful facts--but there's still more to learn.
Please feel free to continue asking questions and/or RPing with them.
You or your characters might learn something interesting yet.

The next part of the plot will be up by this Friday (2/14).